Friday, January 29, 2021

At The End of The Day


Here we are at the end of another clement day in rural Texas, and what did the day bring? Good weather, which is weird because the state's attacking DC for trying on its green new deal job killer gambit. And not only that, our AG's going after retail brokerage hucksters like Robinhood, which may or may not survive the weekend.

Speaking of which, Gamestop shares are holding at a sturdy $325 after hours, AMC and Blockbuster continue up and the great popularist Bull Raid into the nation's kleptocracy continues. Dr. Swankenstein, our financial consultant in Minneapolis, prophecies:

It's only been 24 hours, but I predict that the event will be called GameStopGate, and that it was an attack by domestic terrorists with ties to white supremacy.

And quicker than you can say Harriet Tubman cannibalized Andrew Jackson, out came this, from the appropriately named and pathetic Vice:

What?!? Can't be having all all those serfs making money at the expense of their private jet, yacht owning, billionaire socialist betters, that'd be racist. And Nazi. And racist again. So arrest them for the sheer temerity, the brazen audacity, the literal gall and sedition of taking money from the ultra rich. Can't be having that in our brave new socialist utopia. Oh no.

Let's see how this plays out. Will the most popular president in American history ban retail trading for its transphobic racism? Will Robinhood implode and bring another Lehman moment, in which banksters get bailed out by you, the dirt people? Or will Hedge Funds and their famously rich clients who aren't in Congress and the Senate get a right and well deserved whipping. I hope the latter outcome's in play, but let's see.

In the meanwhile, will $GME go to 1000 and become EPIC ALPHA? As it is, 325 ain't bad at all and looks set to blow up several enemy positions. The enemy being the transnational, keleptocrat elite, call them oligarchs if you like, who've been waxing large at the expense of the people. 

That they hide their evil under the guise of rainbow tolerance and transsexual toilets only compounds their egregious sin. On the Left, AOC gets it, and so does Tulsi, Bernie's silent in one of his several socialist mansions. The rank and file? Not so much, they're shilling for Hedge Funds and don't see it, eyes wide shut.

That is all,



LL said...

I always thought that Eyes Wide Shut represented the very essence of the New World Order - impossibly progressive.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I don't understand any of it but if the elites are getting hurt at their own game, bravo!

LSP said...

LL, I think that movie was somehow a little before its time. Then again, this evil tree didn't grow tall overnight.

LSP said...

WSF, to the tune of 70 BILLION and climbing. Let's see how this plays out. Wild and crazy ride. And I'm just a spectator.