Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Dorset Ooser


The news cycle moves fast, but some may remember the horned DC protester popularly known as "Jamiroquai." Is the horned anarchist the latest example of the ancient pagan cult of the Dorset Ooser, alive and kicking in the US? Alan Delgarde reports from the UK:

The horned headdress of a protestor at the heart of the riots and invasion of the  US Capitol building  in Washington on 6th January may have been inspired by an ancient  ritual mask known as the 'Dorset Ooser.'  

The horned protester has been named in news reports as Jake Angeli  who goes by the on-line moniker 'QAnon Shaman.' He stood out among demonstrators  at the centre of the invasion of the US Capitol on 6th January  and features on photos which have circulated around the world. His distinctive headgear resembles the image of the Dorset Ooser, still used in  in mid-winter and mid-summer re-enactments and  ceremonies today. 


A replica of the horned headgear is preserved at Dorset County Musuem in Dorset. It is a copy of the originals of the mid-winter mask once used at Melbury Osmund and also at Shillingstone where, by the 19th century, it had become known as 'the Christmas Bull'.

The donning of horns, weird masks and strange  animal costumes is a widespread tradition and, in various forms, is recognised as a European wide-folk custom practised in rural areas since ancient times. The custom was  condemned by the early Church and later associated with the figure of the devil. 

In Archbishop Theodore of Canterbury's (668-690 AD) Liber Poenitentialis (Penitential Book) wearing animal heads was condemned as 'devilish.' 

"(He) goes about as a stag or a bull; that is, making himself into a wild animal and dressing in the skin of a herd animal, and putting on the heads of beasts; those who in such wise transform themselves into the appearance of a wild animal, penance for three years because this is devilish."

It is striking how this headgear worn by the 21st century protester so closely resembles the seasonal folk costume worn for centuries in  disorderly folk customs in ancient Britain and Europe, and is now sported  at exactly the same point in the winter calendar in the Capitol of the United States.


Is the QAnon Shaman an example of a faked up Fed mimicking Old World archetypal folk customs emerging in the New World or just another Anarcho-Marxist crisis actor out for cheap thrills and kicks, or both?

As always, you the reader be the judge.

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Well Seasoned Fool said...

"actor out for cheap thrills and kicks, or both?"

Seldom mentioned but part of demonstrating is sexual. Back in the day marching around shouting, "Hell no, we won't go!" and other slogans for a few hours would lead to more intimate interactions later, usually, but not always, in private.

drjim said...

Yes, lots of "sexual energy" floating around in the '60s. I missed out on all of it, but that's a story for another day....

I thought the guy was trying for a "Native American" bent, or he'd just come from cosplay thing with other "furries".

Whatever it was, he's not part of MY tribe, and I doubt if we'd let him in.....

LL said...

There's a lot of mental illness in evidence these days.

Kid said...

This fellow was hired by the dems (Satan worshippers) to become one of the central images for the Capitol "riots". Satan worshippers always like to provide clues to their tru identity and so the Dorset headdress was selected for this recent casting of BS upon the world at large.

You may be interested to know that Nancy Pelosi has a replica of this horned coyote ensemble which she wears naked at night to attract beastial lovers. She has an entire walk in freezer of ice creams to reward any taker(s) with after the festivities are complete and recently has advertised same as the number of suitors has been decreasing by large numbers over the years. The homeless in San Francisco generally aren't even interested these days.

Mike_C said...

I don't know about the headdress, but the tattoos are Nordic. Either this guy wandered around trying to find an identity, passed through some Asatru (or other Heathen European) group, and eventually ended up with Antifa, or he was always with Antifa-like forces and is LARPing to bring negative attention to nativist European groups.

Chest/abdomen tattoos are: Valknut, Yggdrasil, Mjölnir. Valknut is listed as a "hate symbol" by the ADL. While it IS true that various white supremacist groups have tried to co-opt the symbols, my feeling is that 90%+ of the intellectual backing behind the malignant leftists have particular hate for Germanics (of which Nordics are a branch) and will look for any chance to smear them.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you lot famously LARP as Indians once before?

Ed Bonderenka said...

I thought you meant the Dorsey Loser.

LSP said...

I hadn't thought of that, WSF. Good call.

LSP said...

drjim, I think he was going for the Indian look too, but it's interesting to see the same thing going on in primitive Britain. Note, too, the confluence of "Ooser" and "Loser."


LSP said...

LL, it's getting to be like Hell with the lid off, to coin a phrase.

LSP said...

Whoa, Kid!

Now I have this horrible image... of Nancy...

Let them eat ice cream.

LSP said...

Good tattoo i.d., Mike.

People were calling pedo symbol etc but I wasn't convinced. Didn't look right, unlike Valknut, Yggdrasil, Mjölnir.

I call actor (he is one, apparently) with fake Nordic tatts to discredit anyone to the right of Marcuse, Chomsky or Pelosi (what, Pelosi?!?).

Regardless, the whole thing stinks. Let's see if his charges quietly go away.

LSP said...

Anon, that is an excellent point.

Wild, wild west said...

Apparently the QAnon Shaman has deigned to be interviewed for the elucidation of the oppressed masses:

I don't know what he's smokin' but it ain't doing him no good.

LSP said...

Thanks for the link, WWW.

And think, they're all out there, DRIVING CARS.