Saturday, January 30, 2021

UFO, ACoC or Space Junk?


Wes Snyder wasn't expecting to see a UFO when he developed film shot on North Carolina's Outer Banks, but that's what the well known coastal photographer appears to have found.

“I spent a night at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse shooting time lapse photos in order to create an upcoming video. While I was looking through my footage I realized there was something in the video that I could not explain,” wrote Snyder on Facebook. “It’s much larger than your typical plane appears, and it’s moving way faster than clouds.”

While some believe the mysterious object is a space alien craft, others including Snyder think it's probably a piece of space junk, perhaps a satellite. However, there's a third possibility. According to an anonymous whistleblower within the Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC), the unidentified aerial phenomenon is part of the off-world Canadian denomination

"It looks and acts like an alien spaceship or a piece of space junk, but it's just the Diocese of Toronto burning up as it hits earth atmosphere. ACoC left earth a long time ago, sometimes bits of it fall back down and burn up."

In related news, UFO entrepeneur Robert Bigelow has claimed that aliens are "right under people's noses." 

Here at the Compound we'd agree, but what is the Hatteras object? A UFO, space junk or the Diocese of Toronto? You, the reader, be the judge.

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LL said...

It could be one off-shoot of WANC, searching for the lost communion.

Kid said...

DC is infested with aliens as are most other countries governments.

Undergroundpewster said...

I doesn't look like space junk... too dim. I think it is a discharge of that infamous blue ice. Or it could be a puff of cigar smoke from a cigar shaped UFO.

LL said...

Yes, but did the blue ice come from an alien spacecraft?

LSP said...

Mr. LL. Have you noticed Justsin Welby's facemask is a lighter shade of blue? I'm not alleging or implying anything, just putting it out there.

And yes, there's WANC. Parts of it do fall down to earth and burn up on reentry, see the Diocese of Toronto.

LSP said...

Kid, totally with you. Good thing there's an armed fence around them, eh?

LSP said...

Pewster, Blue Ice!

Yes, it rocked... maybe we need to revisit that phase. Hmmmm.