Saturday, January 2, 2021

What's Up?


What's up? In England everyone's in some kind of weird lockdown, in Canada people are getting arrested in their homes for having six people over, but in Texas the lights are on. So that's all good, unless you're in England or Canada.


New Year's day was fun, and we all went to Gloria's for south of the border food on a Guatemalan tip. That meant chicken flautas and an great plate of nachos, tasty. 

An old pal called in from England later and we talked away on Ma LSP's back deck. "Come to Texas, fella," I urged, and hopefully that'll be possible when and if the English are ever allowed to leave their country again.


But today was down to business, with a trip to Home Depot to get some wood to fix a parental fence. I thought, foolishly, that there'd be premade panels which you could buy as a kind of turn key solution. 


That didn't seem to be the case unless you went down a pricey, labyrinthine, delivery and installation order. So, I guesstimated and we bought some wood. Lo and behold, the guesstimate worked and several nails later the fence was fixed. Result, unlike, say, the Anglican Non-Communion.

Dog on a Moslem Rug

Speaking of, Mass in Dallas with the team tomorrow and then back to the country. And so, gentle and not so gentle readers, the adventure unfolds.




Ed Bonderenka said...

My state refuses to let me dine out.
That doesn't stop me or the diners that let me eat there.
But I just bought 1000 rounds of .223.
And it's not for target practice.
It's in reserve.

Kid said...

May your wood be treated and straight and may it never again need repair.

LSP said...

100 rounds, Ed? Smart. I'm going shotgun for "keeping my aim in" -- plenty of 20 & 12 on the shelves of the local Walmart. So far.

LSP said...

Kid, I was kind of surprised this badly planned project turned out as well as it did. Nice.