Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Bless The Ranch


"Can you bless the ranch?" What a good question, and I was glad to. It was good to be around horses again and some of them got blessed too. But not all, because the 50 strong herd was "out and about."

So were the chickens, living it up in the barn. Mission accomplished, I headed back to the Compound via semi-flooded dirt and gravel roads, glad of a truck but mindful of an upgrade to 4x4.

All in good time, but first things first, grill up some burgers because the climate had changed, again. And that's the story of that. I file this exciting tale under "Country Life in Texas."

God bless,



Dad of Six said...

Look at the green grass!

Alas, ours is covered with 4" of snow right now. Glad you are over the foggy days in Texas, Padre.

LL said...

I've lamented that I paid too much weather tax LSP. My fault and generous nature. Global warming was rolled back and we're now cooling under a very thick blanket of snow (snow is racist - because it's white) (there is yellow snow and it's not as racist -- often referred to as a democrat snow cone).

I'm surprised that you didn't jump on a horse, but I'm glad that you didn't.

LSP said...

Thanks, DOS. We've had snow, fog, rain and sun. All in the space of a week or two. Why? Because the climate CHANGED.

Obviously have to pay far more tax.

LSP said...

I was sorely tempted, LL... but my rarely seen wiser nature held me back.

But hey, look on the bright side. Sure, you paid too much tax and now you're snowed in. Benefit? Full steam ahead with RED MIST.

The world waits.