Friday, May 31, 2019

Another Day At The Compound

The day started off ferociously stormy, with high wind, driving rain and thunder clouds rolling in from the south. A good opportunity to set up on the porch, say Morning Prayer and behold the fury of the elements. 

Then the climate changed, the turbulence in the heavens was stilled, the sun came out, and it became ferociously hot. Time to set up on the back porch for Evening Prayer. Such is Ascensiontide.

MAGA Troopers And A Fiddy

Prayer no sooner said than a couple of kids rode into the Compound's car park. They were checking out an appallingly chromed up One Fiddy that's been inexplicably parked on the gravel for the last two weeks.

Being an amiable LSP, I didn't activate AI controlled perimeter miniguns or call the MPs. No, I strolled over, congratulated the boys on their horses, which were in excellent order, and asked if they knew about the mysteriously chromed One Fiddy. 

Rodeo Rocks

It belonged to them, apparently, and still doesn't work despite a certain lack of attention on the part of the person who placed it in the DLC (Dallas Light Cavalry) vehicle park. Well, the Fiddy might not work but the horses did, and off they rode into the arbored boulevards of the rural Texan haven that is this town.


I tell you, I've got a lot of time for these youngsters and, in case you didn't know, there's a long tradition of black cowboys in this neck of the woods. And I don't want to be controversial, but if there was more of it, Texas, to say nothing of America, would be a better place than it is already.

Ride on,


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Democrat Party Run By Satan

Is the Democrat Party possessed and directed by Satan? Duck Commander star Phil Robertson certainly thinks so, telling Brietbart News Daily that the party of failed Candidate Hillary Clinton was run by the "Evil One."

Here at the Compound we believe the Duck Commander's right, consider the evidence.

The Democrat Party is the Party of Lies. For example, claiming that an American ambassador was killed in Benghazi because of a video, or that President Trump is a Kremlin spy. Who is the Father of Lies? Satan.

The Democrat Party is the Party of Abortion, right up to the point of birth and even beyond. Satan, a murderer from the beginning, loves infant sacrifice, see Moloch.

The Democrat Party is the Party of Transsexualism. The demon Baphomet is notoriously trans. The Democrat Party is the Party of Death. Infanticide aside, how big is the Clinton body count? 

The Democrat Party is the Party of Ritual Occult Magic. Remember Spirit Cooking? Sure you do, and the response? An ennui filled "so what?"

And on. No wonder, then, that Satanists and Witches love the Democrats and regularly curse and hex our President. And, as the demons are consumed with insane hatred, so too are the Democrats who shriek, howl, rage and gnash their teeth in a frenzy of hate.

You see, like the infernal legion itself, the Democrats aren't in power. Let's keep it that way and in the meanwhile, watch on as Satan discards its flailing toys.

Your Friend,


Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day

It's been a good day of grilling, visiting nearby compounds, eating delicious ribs, telling Army tales for the benefit of the Cadet, and castigating the left for the comsymp shill dupes of the Illuminati globalist elite that they are.

To say nothing of remembering and praying for the fallen. I'd say this Proclamation puts it well:

"Whether on the battlefields of Bunker Hill, on the beaches of Normandy, in the jungles of Vietnam, or in the mountains and deserts of the Middle East, brave Americans of every generation have given their last full measure of devotion in defense of our country, our liberty, and our founding ideals. On Memorial Day, we humbly honor these incredible patriots and firmly renew our abiding commitment to uphold the principles for which they laid down their lives.

"As a free people, we have a sacred duty to remember the courageous warriors who have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that our great country would endure. It is our responsibility to strive to ensure that their noble acts of dedication to our country and the cause of freedom were not in vain and to comfort the families they have left behind, who bear the heartbreak of their loss. 

"We must ensure that the light of our Republic, and all for which these most honorable Americans willingly died, continues to shine forth brightly into the world. As President Lincoln said in 1863 during the dedication of the Gettysburg National Military Cemetery: 'It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.'"

May they rest in peace.

God bless,


Sunday, May 26, 2019

What is Truth?

What is truth, asked the unfortunate Pilate. Prompted by LL's engaging Sunday sermon, I returned to the Angelic Doctor to find out.

Aquinas describes truth in three ways, ontological, moral and logical. You can get a helpful snapshot here, but let's reflect briefly on the logical definition, truth is conformity of mind to thing. When you see an object for what it is, you see it correctly.

Yes it's true, Putin is awesome

For example, your mind  tells you that the US President is a Kremlin spy and that Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin, is head of Spectre and Chaos. And all because the NYT, WaPo, Rachel Maddow, CNN and your pet unicorn told you so. 

Truth can be terrifying

Great, only problem being that your ridiculous, childish, risible theory doesn't have any evidence to back it up. It's all in your mind, which is laughably out of synch with reality, and notoriously out of conformity with the thing at hand. It's not true.

Please let this be true

Then, waking up from your emotive but tragically false dreamstate, you see Hillary and realize that the Killer Krone of Benghazi needs to be locked up along with all the other Illuminati, NWO, transnational globalist elite clowns.

Truly pathetic

Congratulations, you've arrived at the truth. Discerning that which is, your mind's in conformity to the thing, the awful thing that is the dismally failed Candidate Clinton.

A Winner and a Loser. Truth

In related news, the BREXIT party's smashed it's uniparty rivals in the European elections, and Marine Le Pen's defeated hated Rothschild puppet, Macron, in France. Salvini's won Italy and Tarcynski Poland, Germany's gone predictably and pathetically green. 

Le Pen truly beats hated Illuminati shill Macron

Is Europe waking up? That remains to be seen.



Sabo Sunday

Sorry, I love Sabo a lot. That's just the way it is.

But how could you not? Check out Juicy.

And look at this fine Beto!

Her Majesty the Killer Krone. Remember Benghazi?

Your friend,


Saturday, May 25, 2019

Are UFOs A Threat To National Security?

"Holy s___, what is that?" exclaimed one shocked Navy pilot as a UFO darted across his field of view. But this wasn't an isolated report.

"It's white. It has no wings. It has no rotors."

"It didn't fly like an aircraft. It was so unpredictable—high g, rapid velocity, rapid acceleration." 

"I didn't see a trail."

"It was going 70-plus knots underwater."

These are excerpts from newly declassified military reports, in which top elite airpersons describe their otherworldly encounters with mysterious craft and the beings that pilot them.

Here at the Compound we have to ask, are these Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP) on or off world? You, the reader, be the judge.

Lambeth declined to comment,


Friday, May 24, 2019

Musical Interlude

note incredibly annoying Dylan wannabe at the end

Here at the Compound we're pleased to announce that Theresa TRAITOR May has resigned. We're only making plans for... NIGEL, and 45's announced Declass.

Rock on,


Proper Little Blast Off

It seemed right to go for a shoot today, so that's what we did. Loaded a 12 and a 20 into the rig along with a .22 plinker, and headed to the range via the Walmart ammo depot.

A Plinker

The kid hadn't shot in a year and wondered if he'd hit anything. My apothatic advice was, "Put the bead on the clay and shoot." Which he did and successfully smoked the clays like they were going out of fashion.

A Gun

Take that, misnomered "White Flyer." And again, the easy to shoot CZ SxS 20 was the gun of choice over the clunky 12. Still, pump action's fun enough, if only for being illegal in once great nations because criminals obey gun laws.

A Boy

A couple of value packs of 12 and 20 later and two boxes of clays sent to skeet heaven, we fell back to some plinking and shot plates, shotgun shells and assorted range debris 'til it was time to head home.

A Grill

And that was that, big shotgunnery fun. In other news, Theresa May's abdicated like the low-level, failed, Eurocrat, elite, NWO globalist she is, and Trump's pulled the Declass trigger. Let the dice fall.

Your Pal,


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

MEPS Passed

The kid got back from MEPS and passed. Well done. He swears in next week and should ship out mid-June. I tell you, it's a big relief.

Probyn. Typical Irregular Cav

Of course this represents a pretty severe demotion from Cadet, DLC, to Private, USA. But humility's no bad thing, serve to lead, what?

In the meanwhile, respect to the young 'un. Don't give up is my advice.

Go Army,


Why Are We Waiting?

For Theresa Traitor May to resign before being lynched by mobs of angry steel workers? Good question. Obeying Brussels' carbon credit gambling schemes is clearly more important than the livelihood of British workers. Let's see how the Brexit Party polls tomorrow.

For Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Brennan, Strzork and all the other coup conspirators to be locked up alongside Hillary? Who knows, perhaps the President has a timetable. In the meanwhile, outraged Dems are gnashing their teeth and grandstanding on an impeach-Trump-subpoena-everything-that-moves platform. Because Russian Collusion. Really? Good luck with that.

For full or partial UFO disclosure? Some say that's on the cards as the Navy, for one, seems to be taking Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP) more seriously, and who can blame them. Probably makes sense to investigate weird craft buzzing Carrier Groups.

Is the famous tic-tac UAP Chinese hi-tech from the future, indicating ChiCom victory in the looming trade war or is it one of our own or something else altogether? This remains to be seen. In the meanwhile we wait for the Army to release a putative soldier from MEPS.



Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Storm Grill Army

Keen-eyed readers of this deep thinking mind blog will know that my eldest son, popularly known as "the Cadet", made the smart decision to join the US Army instead of a Scandinavian death metal band, in Canada. 

Don't get me wrong, both are good, but the Army probably makes more sense. So what's the score?

Typical Climate Change

Longish story short. The Cadet bravely ventured forth to a Dallas recruiter, got his packet made up, took a language aptitude test (D-Lab) at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) downtown and... the Army discovered he had to complete some extra paperwork before he could do his physical. 

Annoying but not a huge deal, so we fell back to the Compound and enjoyed the countryside and its storms. Yes, hail storms and the kind of climate change that says tornado, take cover. We took the opportunity to stand on the porch and watch it come down. Exciting, in an Ahab brave the elements kind of way.

Metrosprawl Compound Grill Scene. Note Mary Shrine

Then, papers complete, headed to the Metrosprawl to grill, celebrate a nineteenth birthday, and launch the kid at MEPS again. I dropped him off at the recruiters' this afternoon and they drove him to his date with destiny, but not before we spent all of yesterday getting his ears cleaned. 

What?!? You say in that shocked tone of voice. Yes, ears cleaned, that's because the quacks at MEPS turn people away if they have too much wax in their ears. 

Have to see all of the ear drum, you see, and if they don't the unfortunately waxy child has to leave MEPS, see an an Army sanctioned ear shaman for a 5 minute ear scrape that could've been done at MEPS, and then return to MEPS, mission complete.

Does that reek to you of low-level, bit part skulduggery? It does to me, and imagine how much money someone's raking in from all those ear wax referrals. It'd soon mount up to a nifty shamanic faux mansion somewhere in Plano.

Regardless, the boy's now in the caring hands of Uncle Sam and, all things equal, should pass his physical tomorrow. If so, in a couple of weeks off to Basic, and I respect that. 

Good call, kid, and his plan's simple if not easy. Go Signals, get a degree, get a commission, get a sword, and then set up on some compound, grill, and play Scandinavian death metal.

Good luck with all of that, Cadet, and with MEPS tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

Oh what a carry on!


Sunday, May 19, 2019


Here at the Compound we hope you enjoy this infographic as much as we do. Did the dog enjoy his daring raid on the burger patties? Yes, that goes without saying, and we didn't scorn the result of the grill either.

Perfect Manassas burgers, seared on the outside, medium rare in the midst. Life-giving, and that's putting it mildly.



Saturday, May 18, 2019

Civil War

Everyone's asking the question, are we heading for civil war? And you can see why, the country's aggressively polarized, partly thanks to the descendants of the 19th century radicals, today's cultural Marxists who press hard to destroy the societal values of the West.

"We will make the West so corrupt it stinks," declaimed Munzenberg, and the long march through the institutions has done just that. Religion, family, once-given codes of right and wrong, ethics, have been eroded and attacked to the point at which we now think that a mother killing her child in the womb is somehow normal, or that a chemically altered man is a woman.

Past generations would have been appalled and were. They overthrew the 1919 Marxist rebellion in Hungary, not least because Catholics objected to Lukacs' radical sex-ed. Likewise Spain, which didn't want to be ruled by a murderous crew of god-hating Anarcho-Marxists. 

Russia herself, epicenter of the revolution, finally had enough and kicked their red rulers out of power, now they're building 1000 and more churches a year. Action led to reaction, which brings us to now.

People are starting to wake up and say no; trans bathroom privileges, catering to 0.6% of the population at best, aren't the "greatest civil rights issue of our time," thank you, Biden. 

And neither are hundreds of thousands of immigrants somehow helpful to the American working class. Abortion at the point of birth isn't healthcare, more like murdercare, and people get it.

This leads to fightback. On the one hand, revolutionary nihilists working to destroy a culture they despise and hate, and on the other, people who believe in the values and ethics of Western civilization. Like, mothers, don't kill your babies.

So conflict's inevitable and we're seeing it now, but civil war? A shooting war between right and left, between trads and revolutionaries? 

The rhetoric's there, for sure, so are diametrically opposed ideologies and all the fervor therein. But actual fighting? Good question and who'd do it, Antifa v. Proud Boys? Hardly. A grass roots leftist ghetto rebellion? Try not to laugh. But what about this.

USGOV runs out of money because it's TRILLIONS of dollars in debt and then, lo and behold, it can't pay the Army. What happens then. 

See 5th Century Rome.

Your Buddy,