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Friday, August 28, 2020

Kent State 2.0

All of us have defining moments in life, momentous events that shape our vision of reality, for good or ill. For some, and for example, it was World War II, for others it was Vietnam or one of the wars that followed, and we're still fighting. For others again it was Woodstock and the civil rights movement.

Let's cut to the chase. Today's Left are trying to emulate and relive the antics of their forebears. They want another Kent State. They want the forces of law and order to shoot them so they can say abolish the law because it's against the law. Yes, Satan is incoherent, but here's the thing. 

There is no grassroots proletarian revolution, there hardly ever was. There is a movement of privileged, corporate sponsored radicals who, for whatever reason, wish to destroy everything. In other words, this uprising like its Marxist forerunners is nihilist astroturf, it cares nothing for working people.

In the meanwhile, our LE has shown superhuman restraint by not opening up and solving this nasty little gordian knot in the very few minutes it'd take. 

Can you imagine, punters, all those undercover feds "friends" suddenly not being so friendly. I know, bizarre. Good luck BLM/ANTIFA. 

Crush the NWO serpent underheel,

Your Friend,


Thursday, October 17, 2019

Tree Top Flyer Best Version Ever

Because this shallow mind blog's all about CSNY, here's what we at the Compound think is the best version of Mr. Stills' Tree Top Flyer. Perhaps there's better, if so, send it on.

C Troop 6-6 Cavalry? Respect.


Sunday, August 18, 2019

A Curious Tale To Mark The Anniversary Of Woodstock

Here's a short and curious tale to mark the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the greatest hippy gathering the world has ever known.

It was a hot night in Dallas and the whisky flowed freely on my friend's back porch as we talked of guns, religion, Sergeant Majors, wars and hippies. 

Then the conversation turned personal. TH fixed me in the eye, he'd been a combat diver in Vietnam, a kind of proto SEAL.

"I'd just returned from a mission, it'd been," he paused, "difficult. And got orders to go on leave, so off I went without changing uniform. Out of the jungle and onto the plane.

"Landed in LA, and went outside to get a cab. It was right after Woodstock, and there was this hippy woman, staring, I must have looked a mess. She jabs her finger and calls me a 'baby killer.' What? I couldn't take that at all so I knocked her out, bang. 

"A cop comes over, he'd seen it, and asks, 'Do you want me to book her for assault?' I thought for a moment, no, let it be."

Here endeth the Lesson.

Rest in peace, TH.


Friday, May 24, 2019

Musical Interlude

note incredibly annoying Dylan wannabe at the end

Here at the Compound we're pleased to announce that Theresa TRAITOR May has resigned. We're only making plans for... NIGEL, and 45's announced Declass.

Rock on,


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Hippies, Cause Or Symptom

Why are we in the mess we're in today, and it is a mess. A super athlete bloke is hailed as woman of the year. We're told that a country without borders is patriotic, that abortion's healthcare and the more you're taxed the richer you will be.

For that matter, we're supposed to believe that it's somehow OK for a duly elected president to live under a 2 year+ investigation for "Russian Collusion" without a shred of evidence, and all at taxpayer expense. Well, don't say Deep State and they never thought she'd lose.

But regardless, throw a dart at the board and get a nasty story. From Syria to Abolish ICE to trans bathrooms as the new sacrament of civil liberty, the whole edifice of Western Civ seems to be going down the pan. Whose fault is it? Hippies?

Some say yes, the hippies are responsible. They're thieves, liars and mountebanks, just look what they did to Joni! And, at the drop of a dreadlock they'll rip off your sailboat and trash your land.

Still, are hippies the cause, the symptom or both?

Your call,


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Go On, Shoot Some Guns

To celebrate America's new dawn we loaded up the pickup with guns and headed out to the country. A few minutes later we were on a friend's farm, lining up against a burn pile with a .38 Special, a Glock 21 and an AR15.

Do you remember Hillary? She wanted to ban these guns but failed and fell into a pyschotic drunken rage, tearing at Mook and Podesta as the vote came down past midnight. Boom,  Witch, you lose. A doctor had to administer sedatives, just to calm her down.

The guns performed flawlessly in the searing heat of an autmnal Texan Fall. Take that, 5th Columnist water bottle, take that big time. Same applies to you, Jerrycan, and you too derelict license plate. 

Driving through this town's dystopic outlet mall after the shoot  you couldn't help but notice the legend, Guilt Free Shopping. Maybe that's because all the shops are shut, as in, gone bust. In Trump's America that's going to change, we hope.

After that it was fried pie and what can I say? Life is good.

Gun rights,


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Little Fur

My sister inherited a coat, Big Fur. She had it tailored down. Now it's Little Fur.

Don't confuse Big Fur and its smaller descendant with anything that went on at a pop concert in California.

That is all.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hippies. Such Thieves

Maybe you think Hippies are harmless tricksters. You know, no-one-cares, long-haired-layabouts. Yeah, well, keep thinking that.

Until they steal your sail boat.


Such thieves.