Thursday, May 26, 2022



I'll just let this repost stand as it is except to say that when I was a very junior LSP I asked a WWII vet "what was it like" when they surrendered. We were in a Morris Minor on the way to Oxford where he taught and I possibly pre-school learned. He replied, "They were incredibly disciplined, even in defeat." That's stuck with me over some 50 years.

Again, a babysitter from Germany in Texas (!) 1972, who had been in Berlin around the end. "What was it like?" She replied, "The Fuhrer would speak to us in the underground from speakers, 'Fight! We will win!'" Maybe it was Goebbels instead of the Fuhrer, and we know how his family ended. Again, an old, hoary and civilized diplomat, "I heard Hitler many times and never thought him anything other than absurd."

Make of this what you will, and if you want something uplifting check out Love The One You're With by the unwashed CSNY.




RHT447 said...

When I was stationed on the outskirts of Nürnberg during the mid 70's, I made a point of going to Zeppelin Field (Zeppelinfeld) and standing on the podium where Hitler stood. I was reminded of the poem "Ozymandias".

I find these uplifting--

LSP said...

I've always wanted to go there, RHT, and stand on that podium.

I love the last link best :)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

When I was stationed in Hanau 1964-1966 all but one German vet claimed to have only fought Russians.

Wild, wild west said...

Colonel look a little like Harry Dean Stanton, wot?