Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Sainte Jeanne d'Arc — Cantate à l'Étendard


Was Joan a witch or a hero saint? I'm inclined towards the latter, though wiser minds than mine question the visions. Regardless, Cantate a l'Etendard.


Dad of Six said...

Them French know how to do organ, don't they?

Had the pleasure of singing in a choir Paul Paray's "Mass for the Fifth Centenary of the Death of Joan of Arc" in church several years ago. A lovely piece of music.

JC said...

Joan d'Arc was, by definition, a witch. Passing herself off as a man was sufficient to identify her as a witch. Pretending to be a witch, betting her eternal soul on it? That takes balls. Ovaries. St Joan d'Arc, give me courage.

JC said...

There is a legend in France. Joan was to be raped before her burning, as it was just not done to execute a virgin. 6 executioners said 'no' and lost their heads. The next, according to the story, was welcomed with open arms. 'Please take me, as will the Lord'. Story goes on that he threw himself into the fire, and died with her. I don't understand the French.

Old NFO said...

History is STILL out on her, depending on whom you talk to.

LSP said...

I know, NFO, it's a curious thing.

LSP said...


Some say she was indeed a witch. And yes, they're an enigma.

LSP said...

Oh my, DOS, what a beautiful Mass! I'm a fan.

I hope the liturgy matched the music :)

Beans said...

Saint. God spoke to her and allowed her to do non-woman things. So a saint. Pre-Gay Vatican said saint. So she is a saint.

Just because she is a saint doesn't mean she didn't bedevil the English and other French.


And unlike the illustrations, most likely she was built like a brick poop-house, big, strong, notso feminine. A real farm girl in the way the Soviet mortar girls were manly girls. Able to squeeze a horse so hard between her thighs that the horse, supposedly, had trouble breathing.

LSP said...

Reverend Beans, compelling! I like the second movement in your powerful dialectic. Viz. "Pre-Gay Vatican said saint. So she is a saint." It's almost a syllogism and a worthy one at that. But the cumulative argument's good too. So I'll take it, Saint.

Now, was she built like a Sov mortar girl on the Dnieper? Earthly logic says yes, but I'd argue for ethereal beauty allied with supernatural strength. But I hear the comeback, "The beauty's inward and spiritual, have you no understanding of sacramental grace, LSP?"