Monday, May 16, 2022

TERF Wars! Trouble in Rainbow Paradise


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It appears there's trouble in the UK rainbow paradise, a TERF war! Here's a guest post by our British correspondent to put you in the picture:

The latest round of the TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) War took place in Manchester this Sunday. A rally for womens' rights at Suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst’s (1858-1928) statue in Manchester was confronted, not just by the Gender-confused coloured hair Trans brigade (TRAs), but also by the sinister deployment of uniformed Antifa activists from the ‘Anarchist Federation’, an avowed Anarcho-Communist organisation.

The TRAs and their Antifa fan boys occupied the site of the statue to prevent the Womens' rally. But the women with considerably more people supporting them, used common sense, and rallied opposite the enraged TRAs and their Antifa Poundland Ninja guard.

Behold Trans Lao Tse

The women were there to celebrate their hard-won rights. Whereas the TRAs and Antifa were apoplectic that independently minded women would dare give speeches, perform poetry (they are getting better), dress up in dinosaur costumes (Ed., ahem), wantonly dance, sing humorous songs and generally have a laugh. Mostly at the expense of the Trans movement. So what's it all about?

In the UK this is an important front-line in the culture war. It's predicated on a simple disagreement: Is sex an immutable biological characteristic observable from birth, or just a biological construct that can be chosen by an individual? For the TERFs a woman is an adult human female. For the TRAs a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman. Thus it cuts to the heart of the post-Modernist agenda. Is reality tangible, measurable and definable, or is reality an infinitely adaptable linguistic construct that defies measurement and definition.

Well Yes. Yes it Does

For the TERFs evidence is fact-based, demonstrable, and measurable. For the TRAs evidence is theoretically informed, arises from experiential opinion and focuses upon manipulation of the narrative. Emphasis on narrative, for example:

When TERFs say that biological men should not be housed in womens' prison, TRAs claim that they are endangering Transwomen’s safety. When TERFs objects to uninformed, vulnerable, and young biological Women being subject to mastectomies’ and pumped full of hormones because they are suffering from gender dysphoria, the TRAs denounce the TERFs as engaging in conversion therapy. When TERFs want Rape shelters to be Women only, TRAs denounce the TERFs as Transphobic and single-sex Rape shelters as lacking diversity. When TERFs say a woman is a biological category, the TRAs call them fascists. 

TRA Buffoon Meet LGBT+ Mountebank

It was because of labeling opponents as fascist that Antifa were in attendance at the TERF War Battle of Manchester. When a woman with a Suffragette flag approached the statue, Antifa attacked her. How stunning and brave.

The Greater Manchester Police – officially the most LGBT+ Police force in the UK - rather than arrest the man who assaulted her chose to have an ‘advisory’ word with the woman who had the temerity to fly the Suffragette flag in front of a statue of Britain’s leading Suffragette. Neatly demonstrating the institutional capture of the Greater Manchester Police by the TRA ideology. However, TERFs can meme:


Needless to say the Antifa Anarchists were far from amused, especially when even JK Rowling poured scorn on them. Here's a video:

So if managing the narrative is central to winning the argument the Battle of Manchester was a victory for the TERFs, who went down the pub and celebrated defeating Manchester’s Antifa Ninjas without even really trying. Now, Sun Tzu could write a book about that. 


Stay tuned for more on this internicene conflict fueled by rage, hormones, puberty blockers, gender dysphoria, Anarcho-Larpers (didn't see you in the squats, son) and radical gender politics. And to be fair, I support the TERFS on this one, but that's just me.

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Wild, wild west said...

Everybody was dung poo fighting.

Kid said...

Not this thing in particular, but who goes out to a protest. Hopping around with signs and expending energy on a totally useless exercise.

Makes the elite happy as they watch the commoners hopping around with signs and expending energy on a totally useless exercise.

RHT447 said...

Love the haunted/hunted look in the eyes behind the masks.

LL said...

I didn't see any vagina costumes at the rally. What's going on?

Dad of Six said...

Your Ace Correspondent is most informative. I hope the tide is turning.

Old NFO said...

Interesting kerfuffle... And yes, own goal on the Pantifa...

LSP said...

Nearly choked on m'claret, Wild!

LSP said...

I have to agree, Kid. Mostly stupid posturing and sometimes worse.

LSP said...

It's that Dollar Store ninja Taoism, RHT.

LSP said...

I know, LL. The UK's gotta up it's game.

LSP said...

He did well, DOS. And here's hoping.

LSP said...

Heh, NFO, "pantifa"... I mean really, for goodness sake idiots.