Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sunday - Eurovision


Zu Befehl

I hope you all had a beautiful and uplifting worship experience this morning and I have to say, it was good here in a country mission way. Is that the best way? Not necessarily, it's one way, no rule. But uplift in mind, did you watch the Eurovision Song Contest? 

Of course the Ukraine won, with the astounding Kalush Orchestra. Here's their catchy tune Stefania, official video no less:

Note Banderist Flute Break Don't Say Volyn

And heere they are live, calling for the relief of AZOV in Der Mariupol Bunker, and the crowd goes wild! Wow:

as everyone knows, the eurovision song contest is about organizing military operations to pull a bunch of psychopathic war criminals out of a bunker. Why didn't they just cover Erika? Not dancy enough perhaps. That in mind, let it not be said that Russians lack a sense of humor.

Make of this pop post what you will. And note, the US does not, emphatically does not arm, train and support ISIS in Syria. And if we do so what, traitor.




Wild, wild west said...

Rev, if that was the winner, please don't make us hear what the losers sounded like.

LL said...

It's a real toe tapper, but I won't be adding it to my playlist.

LSP said...

It's right desperate, Wild.

LSP said...

I have to agree, LL. Dance music has a lot to answer for, imo.

Paul M said...

Oy! Ukrainian rap mixed with Jethro Tull flute (sort of) and a bunch of other genre's. This was the winner? A long way off from Secret Garden's "Nocturne". I am wondering where I could get one of those pink Cossack hats, go good with my rainbow Crocs.

Virtue signalers, lowering the bar at every step.

LSP said...

Paul, I think it's a kind of degenerate Euro House. See pink rave hat.

But sorry, Kalush Orchestra, Der Bunker is surrendering. Oh well, no Eurovision in Mariupol.