Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Mariupol Surrender

After a weeks long last ditch holdout in the Azovstal Bunker, an 11 square km steel plant in Ukraine's Mariupol, members of the AZOV regiment and ancillary forces finally had enough. Starved of ammunition, food, water, medicine and under continuous bombardment they started to surrender.

Yesterday saw some 250 able bodied soldiers and 50 severely wounded hand themselves over to the Russian/Allied forces, who sent them on their way to hospital and "filtration" centers." Here's a video of one batch surrendering:


AZOV, which started off life as a paramilitary militia during the 2014 Maidan, grew into a fully fledged fighting force and was eventually incorporated into the Ukrainian Army within the command structure of Zelensky's secret police, the SBU. Not dissimilar, when you think of it, to the SS.

Similarity notwithstanding, AZOV and associated Ukrainian units draw heavily on the symbols and ideology of Hitler's doomed Reich and, reportedly, more than a few of their methods. Good luck with filtration, boys.

There were evidently around 14,000 Ukrainian troops deployed to defend Mariupol against the RF. Over the course of the battle this dwindled to perhaps 8,000 at the time of encirclement and finally to something like 2,500 in Der Bunker. These are now surrendering and I don't blame them, not for a second.

According to RF sources the surrender continues en masse tonight, with AZOV crawling out of the cracks and tunnels of the shattered steel plant "like cockroaches."

So there you have it. Two questions for all you experts out there. First, Russia and its Lugansk, Donetsk proxies went into this war outnumbered, not least in Mariupol. Why? Second, how come literal armed Nazi Frei Korps style Nazis are running around in Ukraine and we're supporting them. Why?

I suggest 1: Because Russian intel severely messed up, projecting a Crimean solution (where most of the UKR forces/police went over to the RF) onto an very different context and 2: Because Ukrainian nationalism was never denazified, far from it, and hey, the enemy of our enemy is our friend despite all the rainbow trans garbage agitprop.

The latter, curiously, has persuaded hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of leftists to enthusiastically support the MIC (Military Industrial Complex). Well done, PsyOps. And whereat Poland?

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Anonymous said...

The spin on this! I've seen nothing where media actually admit they surrendered, it's all they completed the missing and they evacuated.
With the videos coming out of Ukrainian forces griping about command leaving them to die, lack of equipment, weapons, and ammunition, along with reports the territorial defense are being sent to the front I've got to wonder if it's on the verge of complete collapse. This might just be an attempt at a PR win to save flagging moral.

LSP said...

It's just bizarre, Anon.

The best bit was Zelensky addressing the nation, telling them that the AZOV heroes had been evacuated by UKR.


RF Telegram's predicting an Ost Front collapse. Let's see.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I still don't see where we have a dog in this fight. Our crooks, yes. Our country, no.

LSP said...

I'm with you, WSF. How does Russia controlling E Ukraine present an existential threat to the US? Maybe an existential threat to our ruling crooks who've turned that country into their private printing pre$$.

Dad of Six said...

I agree with WSF, not one US military person there.

One wonders if the end is near why we are frittering away 40B to this corrupt bunch of grifters to secure their border while ours is wide open. I guess it is more money for our elitists in the Swamp via laundering. None for more police, baby formula or a fried cherry pie for Blue.

RHT447 said...

Sorta off topic, but the title made me think of this blog. Much good info to be found in the quips--


Wild, wild west said...

Abandoning the east end of that money pit would result in The Big Guy's tribute being reduced from 10% down to a mere 9%. "the horror, the horror"

LSP said...

It's weird, DOS, the Ukraine's really, clearly, obviously, no doubt about it winning and that's why we have to send them all this money, which we've printed out of thin air. Maybe, with our air money, they'll defeat the orcs. And that's why AZOV is surrendering.

Well, I guess we'll see.

LSP said...

Good call, RHT: "The problem is poor philosophy."

100% agree.

Part of that translates to Do. Not. Give. Up. Azov notwithstanding :)

LSP said...

Wild, I think you might have nailed it.