Sunday, May 1, 2022

Chevalier, Mult Estes Guariz


May Day, workers of the world unite. And with that can you hear the voices of Charles Martel, Raymond, Godfrey, Tancred, and Robert? We're taught, today, to scorn the first Crusade, how evil of them to fight for the Cross and the Faith. The same people, who by the way hate Christianity, urge us to fight for Democracy.

Point being, you fight for what you most believe in and what is that; friends, family, unit? Yes indeed, but beyond that what? What idea or cause would you go to war for. And this is an issue, not least for the West which has ditched objective value and truth for opinion, read power.

So here we are, about to give Ukraine $33 BILLION to defeat the Russian Orcs in the name of the freedom to have trans bathrooms. Ahem, get even richer than we already are.

You'll be amazed to know that Russia's military budget is some $20 billion.




RHT447 said...

"Ahem, get even richer than we already are."


LSP said...

Nice links, RHT, and you'll forgive me for inventing a post to showcase a Crusade song :)