Saturday, September 15, 2018

Hippies, Cause Or Symptom

Why are we in the mess we're in today, and it is a mess. A super athlete bloke is hailed as woman of the year. We're told that a country without borders is patriotic, that abortion's healthcare and the more you're taxed the richer you will be.

For that matter, we're supposed to believe that it's somehow OK for a duly elected president to live under a 2 year+ investigation for "Russian Collusion" without a shred of evidence, and all at taxpayer expense. Well, don't say Deep State and they never thought she'd lose.

But regardless, throw a dart at the board and get a nasty story. From Syria to Abolish ICE to trans bathrooms as the new sacrament of civil liberty, the whole edifice of Western Civ seems to be going down the pan. Whose fault is it? Hippies?

Some say yes, the hippies are responsible. They're thieves, liars and mountebanks, just look what they did to Joni! And, at the drop of a dreadlock they'll rip off your sailboat and trash your land.

Still, are hippies the cause, the symptom or both?

Your call,



gL said...

Thank you for that lovely viddy LSP, very nice and only a bit ponderous, as The Dead is wont to be. But, as I've said privately, and I'll say it again in public, I interpret that horrible era, the Sixties, as a direct precedent, a direct influence, to all the misery and confusion we suffer today. The era was just a fucking disaster, and its terrible influence resonates today. Is it too much to assume that it is ENTIRELY responsible for any and all of the mess we're in now, acting, as it does, as a sort of genesis, with a direct line drawn to current circumstances?

From that satanic devil George Wallace, the spiritual precursor to our often poor excuse for a President, to every scum-sucking hippie that started the otherwise "progressive" Left down the path to its current state of loathesome mediocrity, and everything in between, it was an era I'll condemn to my last breath.

LL said...

I don't like hippies.

Then again, I never did.

People asked me why I didn't grow my hair long and refuse to bathe. (seriously, they did). I explained, "I'm rebelling". They said, "make love not war", and I went the other way, making war.

I'm afraid that I'm an anti-hippie.

gL said...

A rebel rebelling against the "rebellious," once again we're in agreement. This could be the start of something. I also like to think this could be done in the art world, rife with its massive contrivances. Make "war" that is, on the complacent entrenched Academy.

LSP said...

*genesis, GL? Didn't know you were a fan.

Note the drummer in the Dead vid -- button down, starched, clean, serious.

He's keeping the band together. And guess what, he didn't DO ACID.

Just an observation.

LSP said...

LL, I have to agree.

They thieve.
They don't wash.
They trash your land.
They're pagans
They messed with Joni, who was a devil witch
They get loaded on cheap red wine and ruin historic monuments

The list goes on. But I like a blast of the Dead from time to time.

LSP said...

Sort out that "art" GL -- holding you to it.

maybe with this?

Note chainsaw sculpture.

gL said...

Ye gads

LSP said...

Thought you'd like it.