Friday, September 7, 2018

Thank God For Rain

It rained yesterday evening. Seriously, no kidding, it rained. Clouds rolled in, lightning flashed, thunder rolled and water fell from the sky.

It was like a gift from heaven. No, it was a gift from heaven and I stood on the porch enjoying the sheer, cooling, clarifying beauty of the thing.

Perhaps you think that's some kind of exaggeration. So what, you mutter darkly from the bay window of a water soaked pub on Aberystwyth Pier, it rained, like we're supposed to care.

Not so fast. When the ground's cracking and every day's a triple digit furnace, rain means a lot. No fooling and you have to ask how people managed back before air conditioning. The answer is, they mostly didn't. Texan towns only got big after the advent of HVAC.

Still, those that pioneered the state were tough, no doubt about it. Right out there on the frontier in the relentless heat and the sleeping porch. Respect.

With all of this in mind I stood firm, like Ahab, as the rain crashed down and thanked the Almighty for His mercy.

Trust the plan,



Adrienne said...

We're 30% on track for rain tonight. Dear God, please and thank you. Also, starting tomorrow it will be all 60° - mid 70°'s. Yay!

LL said...

How did Blue Raincloud react?

drjim said...

Beautiful words, Parson.

We need rain here, and we really need a big snow-pack this year.

Old NFO said...

Amen to that! We've gotten about 2 inches, and the heat broke! Temps down in the 80s!!!

LSP said...

Adrienne, that's music to my ears!

LSP said...

Blue took it pretty much in stride, LL. Of course he's been predicting it all along saying "lower temperatures, rain and excessive weather turbulence are a part of anthropocentric global warming." I stare him right back in the eye and ask, "So, dog, you're saying it's colder because it's hotter?"

He pretends innocence and looks wistfully at the box of K9 snacks on top of the fridge.

LSP said...

Hope you get it, drjim. Please send snow.

LSP said...

2", 80s?

Sheer bliss, NFO!

Beans said...

How did they handle it? They slept outside on the sleeping porches. Those wide covered porches weren't just to shade the inside of the house, they were for sleeping on in hot weather. Upscale homes had window-doors large enough to drag out whole beds.

You see the same throughout the Midwest. Something the books and movies always get wrong.

LSP said...

Well said, Beans. My place had/has a sleeping porch. I haven't used it because we have air but still, there it is and useful if the machines give out, which they will some day.