Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Sorry Commies, You Lose

Yesterday was Labor Day and the fish were staging a "go-slow" in solidarity with their Marxist comrades, the Dove. But one battle lost doesn't mean a war over, far from it.

Today we turned the tables on aquatic bolshevism, luring the scaly soviets out of their revolutionary committees with live worms, spinners and topwater lures.

That's right, a Heddon Tiny Torpedo which the voracious little bass couldn't resist. It'd been a while since I used one and they demand a bit of patience, the temptation being to try and set the hook as soon as the fish strikes. Big mistake, you'll snatch the lure out of the piscine communist's mouth.

Instead, let the aggressive revolutionary surge onto the lure, take it down into the proletarian depths, apply pressure and then reel the little commie in. Easy to say, hard to do because it goes against the quick and sudden hookset mentality that goes with a subsurface strike.

Still, I got in the way of it, casting off, letting the lure rest and then twitching it in to various rhythms. Speaking of which, fishing wisdom recommends you do your best to keep the lure as stationary as possible as you twitch it about. This apparently enrages the predatory nihilist bass who then launch themselves at their bourgeois oppressor.

Well it takes a lot of patience, so I emulated the method while changing it up with more aggressive retrieves and caught a lot of fish. They weren't huge but a fish is a fish and even a small bass striking topwater's a lot of fun. Great result.

Market-driven capitalism restored and the Red Menace put back in its box, I blessed a herd of horses and a barn. Then headed back to the Compound.

God bless,



Brig said...

fish'n for blessings, sounds like a good day!

drjim said...

I have a Heddon Tiny Torpedo in my tackle box! I was going to give that stuff away, and then I looked up some of my 1950's/1960's lures on eBay and dropped my coffee!

I'm glad I kept them. I gave away my saltwater tackle, but have all my childhood freshwater tackle.

Time to buy a new freshwater rod and reel, Parson?

LL said...

You defeated the subsurface proletariat. Excellent work, comrade.

Now if you could only figure out how to put Hillary in the White House, all would be well with the world.

LSP said...

It was, Brig!

LSP said...

I think you should, drjim, hours of enjoyment. Speaking of which, I've had big success over the years with the tiny torp and yesterday reminded me of it. There's something especially neat about the bass surging up on the thing, especially when they're large and full of fight, or even if they're small.

Maybe I need to learn to fly fish. Hmmmm.

LSP said...

Comrade LL, the revolution is well underway and Chairperson Hillary will soon rise to zir rightful place in the Person of Color House!

LindaG said...

Glad you got out and caught some fun, Parson! Time for a fish fry soon!

LSP said...

It most definitely is, Linda! Speaking of which, I've got some striper in the freezer...