Friday, September 21, 2018

Won't Back Down

Remember the way China charges loads of money on US firms importing to China and we don't? China protects its economy with tariffs, unlike us, so all our industry went to China.

What did that leave us? Everyone living on welfare and loving the decaying slum of our inner city hellholes, while the tasseled loafer brigade laughed all the way to the bank and the nearest NWO approved country club.

Trump said he'd reverse this iniquity and all the people who'd been asset-stripped to hell and back voted in favor. The crew of elitists getting rich off the stripping didn't see it coming, they thought the working men and women they'd shafted were too stupid to get it. Big mistake.

Trump's working to reverse the equation and re-industrialize America, i.e. get us back to actually making things so ordinary people can make a living. That means putting an end to our trading partners' unfair advantage.

Our factories got shipped out of here. Wall Street made a fortune. The private equity made a fortune. Right now President Trump’s focus is on stopping it.

Read the whole thing here and rock on MAGA.

And don't back down,



LL said...

The Democrats would prefer that President Trump back down. So do the RINO's.

Not going to happen.

Build the Wall
Lock Her up.

drjim said...

Go, Big Guy, GO!!!


LSP said...

Don't get me wrong, LL, I like a good club as much as the next man. But I don't think we should kow tow to the interests of the tasseled loafer satraps of the NWO and their RINO DEM pals.

Lock her up.

LSP said...

That's gotta be the case, drjim. Did you notice the closing infographic? Helpful, I think.

Adrienne said...

Well - thanks to you I read the ZH article and just about all of the comments and I feel no better informed then before.

But when I read places like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot are threatening "higher prices", I just shrug. Does that mean that the $1.67 T-shirt at Wally World will sky rocket to $2.99?

I remember way back when everyone was saying we're entering the information age. My first thought was,"You can't eat information, drive it around the block, or mow the lawn with it."

I'm in favor of the USofA becoming a producing nation rather than a consumer nation anyways - particularly since having a huge trailer full of crap hauled away. My barn is darn near empty.

OT, but did you see the crowd at Trump's Missouri rally? Amazing! Check his Twitter feed.

Old NFO said...

We've backed down too often, and now have a swamp to show for it. It's time for the silent majority to step up!

LSP said...

I like the concept, Adrienne, bring back industry and jobs to the US. That'll make us all better off, unless you're making millions off of asset-stripping. Who knows, if Trump wins, some people might have to sell one of their several homes in the Hamptons, Martha's Vineyard and Aspen. Yes please.

Speaking of which, Walmart, in their INIQUITY have stopped selling 3 packs of NY Strips at $15. Now, instead of a "threeper" it's a "twofor" at the same price. Not very happy about that.

And you make a good point -- what's the end goal of all the production and wealth? A barn full of thigs that weigh you down? Hmmmm. We obviously need some kind of rest in that regard. Still, bringing back jobs and the industries that make them has to be good.

Unless you're a leftist, in which case it's bad and Nazi.

Must check that rally!

LSP said...

*reset not *rest

Adrienne said...

Oh - dear Lord! You BUY MEAT at Wallyworld??????????? Don't! (although a member of our North Idaho Foodie Group on Facecrap admitted to buying some steaks there and said they weren't bad. We're a very, very civil group so no one ripped him a new one.

One other thing I'm getting rid of is our fancy gas grill and reverting back to charcoal using my old gas grill that I've been using as a smoker. Primitive!