Thursday, September 20, 2018

Lighten Up LSP!

Hey, lighten up LSP, said one of the very few people who bother to read this inconsequential kebob stand on the information super highway. I took their advice and went fishing.

Would they bite? Good question. With that in mind I challenged the piscine adversary with topwater lures. Cast, wait, twitch, retrieve. If you're good at it you'll break into the predatory rhythm of the Bass  and catch bucket loads, but I'm impatient.

Still, one voracious Bass couldn't resist the clicking, rattling, twitching, shining lure and surged onto the enemy like a Russian submarine going down the Potomac. BOOM! Great result.

A few more strikes and clouds started rolling in because, despite the best efforts of the Anglican Communion, the climate had changed and it started to rain. 

Random Helpful Infographic

It was time for Mass too, and that's exactly what happened.

Mind how you go,



Jim said...

Fishing is a good way to recharge. I believe sending a few rounds downrange works well too.

LSP said...

Jim, I totally agree. Must get out and shoot, been awhile...

Brig said...

Fishing is good for the soul.
Did you get the little package? It was one of Dad's favorites!

LindaG said...

Nothing like a good fish and God created beauty to while away some time. :)

LSP said...

Brig, that's so kind!

I'll get it when I go to Dallas next week.

Fish (and ride) on.

LSP said...

Linda, you're absolutely right.