Thursday, October 17, 2019

Tree Top Flyer Best Version Ever

Because this shallow mind blog's all about CSNY, here's what we at the Compound think is the best version of Mr. Stills' Tree Top Flyer. Perhaps there's better, if so, send it on.

C Troop 6-6 Cavalry? Respect.



Adrienne said...

Title and song immediately brought up memories of TTA (Trans Texas Airlines) lovingly called Tree Topper Airline. Took many a (drunken) flight to New Orleans in a "tree topper."

Cool song...

LL said...

It's one heck of a way to make a living. Flying over water that low makes me flash back to when they threw me out. I got wet for a living. What more can I say? Gory-gory, what a hell of a way to die?

This is for the cadet who wants to go airborne -

I'm not saying that it's a bad way to draw government pay. They used to drop me over the ocean, and that's a completely different experience, especially at night.

Kid said...

Enjoyed the video and audio don't ya know. Barrel roll in the Helo eh.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I remember my Uncle (RIP) talking about that back in the day, and always wanted a ride. Never got one though. Thanks for jolting my memory!

LSP said...

I nearly didn't post that video, LL, but I did because it's awesome. Saying that, I've never had to do it... so.

And "Gory, Gory"! Haven't heard that in years. I understand the boy being "warry" (good) and wanting to qualify for jumping out of planes but maybe PsyOps would be a better route? He has a scoring DLab.

I'll put that to him on graduation (Passing Off The Square). In the meanwhile, thanks again for your counsel, means a lot.

And good work, kid, you've been working.

LSP said...

Kid, I LOVE the barrel roll.

Dick B said...

Ahhh, the memories. Once upon a time I rode with those guys! Spooky for a Grunt.

At Bragg, I rode with some NCNG guys, and when the mission was scrubbed, we went weed hopping doing recon on all the swimming pools and patios within range, targeting bikinis

"We were Soldiers once, and young" Boy, Howdy!

LSP said...

I thought it was a neat video, DB!