Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Clown Show

See how the smart and loyal dog goes for an evil clown. There's a moral in this short videographic tale, if you care to draw it.

Your Old Friend,



Anonymous said...

And you just know that somewhere the Anglican communion has a Clown Vicar - cos diversity.

Fredd said...

Clowns have lost their luster at least 40 years ago with the decline of Bozo. Once Bozo bit the dust, nothing but creepy clowns have followed (see Stephen King's 'It' and you'll be cured of clowns from that point on). The dog in the video has it right - there's no place for clowns in today's world.

Now Bozo, he was the bees knees, a class act. And of course Willard Scott's 'Ronald McDonald,' a clown you could trust.

But not any more. The trustiest clown out there these days is The Simpson's 'Krusty,' and that's not saying much.

Dick B said...

Cannot BS a Dog . . . a thing impossible.

I remember Emmett Kelly, the Classic hobo 'Wearie Willie' - greatest of the Circus clowns. I remember Leon Coffee, the King of Rodeo Clowns. Alas, none such today.

Kid said...

Dogs are much smarter than people on at least a 1000 to 1 basis. At least dogs know all statistics are made up on the spot - and they can diagnose lung cancer many moons before medical science can. They can do lots more too. I read today that a dog can smell it's owner from 11 miles away. Wow. Guess the wind has to be right.

Kid said...

Fredd, No One more boring that Stephen King. Oofda.

RHT447 said...

The Clowns have taken over Kalifornia. From another blog--

"Without further anticipation, here is the new legislation…. it is now illegal for a barber shop to advertise prices for men’s or women’s haircuts. It must be gender neutral pricing and priced according to short, medium or long hair. This is your tax dollars at work. To double your glee, CA also passed a law to create a gender neutral birth certificate, now legal in in Oregon, Washington, California, and New Jersey."

And today we have this--

How long before repair crews refuse to respond without a police escort?

The Klowns are laughing their collective a$$es off.

I need more range time (again).

LSP said...

Aon, that's another post again... OK, I'll do it.

LSP said...

Ah, Fredd. Are you saying that clownsmanship, sorry, clownpersonship has somehow declined? That today's Bozo's somehow more ridiculous and stupid that yesterday's Bozo?

Well hey, you've got a point, and a good one.

LSP said...

DB, my dog's constantly trying to "clown" me out of extra treats. Clever little beast.

LSP said...

RHT, we need to get out and shoot.

Nice link, btw.

Dick B said...

I have a Red Heeler . . . Treat Cheat if ever there was one; My elderly Catahoula has
values his dignity too much to beg

LSP said...

DB, my Heeler goes at treats like no tomorrow. Shameless.