Sunday, October 20, 2019

Impending Doom!

I feel it's only right to post this important if frightening Health & Safety infographic. Parents, take note. Of course the damage is multiplied, if less poignant, when adults do it. They're heavier you see.

God bless,



LL said...

The liberals would only pay attention if the child was 'transitioning' one way or the other.

But if everyone transitioned, we'd be in the same place that we are today, wouldn't we, except that the plumbing would likely leak.

Fredd said...

We've been under liberal rule since Woodie Wilson. And certainly FDR's time in office did not swing the pendulum back the other way, it got way worse. And then along came JFK and LBJ, and the GOP forever compromising away our freedoms with these guys, we've been a liberal-ruled country for, well, perhaps 100 years.

Or more...

That info-graphic may have been more informative if rather than the cheese grater waiting for the precious child to slide over it, perhaps a buzz saw or maybe a food processor were photo-shopped into the slide.

Kid said...


LSP said...


One of the best things about the trans movement is wymyns' sports. Right?

LSP said...

Fredd, I'll get in touch with the art department and sort it out.