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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Go On, Shoot Some Guns

To celebrate America's new dawn we loaded up the pickup with guns and headed out to the country. A few minutes later we were on a friend's farm, lining up against a burn pile with a .38 Special, a Glock 21 and an AR15.

Do you remember Hillary? She wanted to ban these guns but failed and fell into a pyschotic drunken rage, tearing at Mook and Podesta as the vote came down past midnight. Boom,  Witch, you lose. A doctor had to administer sedatives, just to calm her down.

The guns performed flawlessly in the searing heat of an autmnal Texan Fall. Take that, 5th Columnist water bottle, take that big time. Same applies to you, Jerrycan, and you too derelict license plate. 

Driving through this town's dystopic outlet mall after the shoot  you couldn't help but notice the legend, Guilt Free Shopping. Maybe that's because all the shops are shut, as in, gone bust. In Trump's America that's going to change, we hope.

After that it was fried pie and what can I say? Life is good.

Gun rights,


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Product Testing, Shoot The Fiver

The best thing about Great Britain's new currency is that it's indestructible. I know this because a friend from England drifted over to the Compound from Houston with some samples, two "Fivers." I looked at the shiny, holographic plastic currency and she made the pitch, "Look, LSP, this note's indestructible." I wasn't convinced, "Let's see about that. At the range."

Pin it Up

A few traditional range cheeseburgers later, the indestructible Fiver was pinned onto the head of a silhouette and we were ready to product test with a .38 Special snubby, a deadly assault rifle and a Ruger American .22. Would the Fiver live up to its marketing?

Your Old Pal

No. It didn't. In fact it failed dismally, taking rounds right through the paper right out of the gate from the .38. Not a monster round, right? But it did for the Fiver. So did the diminutive 5.56 from the banned-in-England carbine. Bang, right through the Fiver. Maybe that's why they're not allowed in England, who knows.

Banned in England

The lowly .22 did the trick too, sending tiny bullet after bullet right through the Indestructible. Fiver, you fail, but well done, JS, for winning the "knock the Fiver off the silhouette from 50 yards" competition. Good shooting.

Hand Out of Sun, Fool

In fairness to me, I was a bit of a bystander because of a badly burned hand. Keep it out of the blistering Fall sunlight, sort of thing. Still, I experienced it for myself; low caliber bullets go right through Great Britain's shiny, new, so-called indestructible currency. Go right ahead, put all the holographs you like on it but sorry, it's not going to win this FX speculation. The guns had it.

Go Short

Verdict? The new Fiver isn't indestructible. Go short.

With apologies to the great Winston Churchill and HRH EII.

Gun rights,


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Liturgical Dance Is Not Awesome

Some people think that liturgical dance is awesome.

They think it uplifts the spirit and expresses the ascent of the soul towards union with God Himself.

Deluded fools.

All for Texas.


Thursday, December 23, 2010


S&W .38 Spl

Wasn't able to ride this morning owing to a nasty case of bruised ribs but took the .38 out for a spin. Shot at 10 and 20 yards against an aggressive square of white paper and it's larger ally, a feed sack.

Did better at the longer range, oddly, then switched over to .22 to do deadly work among assorted cans and a hard to see cigarette box on a stick.

Where's the Target?

I love shooting and today reminded me that pistols are especially enjoyable. Why? Well, they certainly bring the explosive action up close, and I like that because it's exciting. They're also neat in themselves, as firearms - then again, I'm sympathetic to that. Not allowed to own them in England, unless you're a bad guy and have one anyway.

That reminds me of some man in a pub years ago who kept poking me in the ribs, saying:

Some Man: I've gotta '9'.
LSP: Pardon?
Some Man: I've gotta '9'!
LSP: Excuse me?
Some Man (poking vigorously): A '9', a '9'!!
LSP: Ah, a '9'. I'd like a pint of Stella, please, barman.

The '9' holder ran out of steam, fortunately; perhaps the fabled '9' was fictional.



Sunday, September 27, 2009

Well Done That Man!

After my final Mass of the day a parishioner gave me battered old brown briefcase. I said, "Thank you very much!" and took it home. Inside was a...

.38 Special and...

A box of ammo.

Result! As SBW used and might still say.

I love Texas, my Missions and their people.

Good shooting.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Thinking that the time has come to start .22 pistol shooting because I can't afford to take the .45 out half as often as I'd like. To remedy the situation I borrowed a friend's Iver Johnson, which hadn't been cleaned in several lifetimes and stripped it down. Looking forward to shooting it on Friday, but think I'd better invest in a Ruger .22 LR. Not too expensive and good.

Planning to try out this .38 Special too, which will be interesting for me because I'm new to revolvers. I think it wouldn't take much to persuade me of their great importance and worth...

Can't have too many guns.