Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Liturgical Dance Is Not Awesome

Some people think that liturgical dance is awesome.

They think it uplifts the spirit and expresses the ascent of the soul towards union with God Himself.

Deluded fools.

All for Texas.



jenny said...

I'm all for exuberant dancing.
I'm especially for high mass.
They don't belong together in the slightest.

simple solution: Get your dancing out at a different time. Best of all, do it in community with each other (the "church" is not confined to a building with a steeple).
It's more fun around a campfire anyway. Fewer pews to trip over. (I expect the folks dancing in mass have never tried it the REAL way. They're simply confused about what a good solution looks like!)

LSP said...

Me and dancing don't always see eye to eye but, good solution.

jenny said...

You don't teach line dancing classes at the missions?

Anonymous said...

There is a strict rule about this:

Liturgical dance is solely reserved for the Ethiopian Orthodox - its is something to do with Monophysitism and the soft shoe shuffle. Besides they have been around long enough and had enough practice to be good at it. Everyone else in Christendom trying Liturgical dance looks like their Dad at a disco.

Adrienne said...

That second picture looks like some sort of mosh pit. Ugh!

I'm afraid I would have to get up and leave if afflicted with such novelty.

LL said...

You could empty the bars in Texas and get them all into the church if you featured POLE DANCERS, had them offer lap dances and serve beer.

Of course, that's not what church is for - more to the point.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Liturgical dance is proof that Satan exists and wants our souls.

Anonymous said...

LL, regrettably, Jesus did not foresee his target audience preferring beer over red wine. As for pole dancing, the fact that LSP is not a dancer by nature would induce a crippling case of sacerdotophrenia