Saturday, August 30, 2014

I Love Texas


Unlike our NWO overlords in Washington I won't lie, it's good to be back in Texas. For me, this means reconnecting with the people in the Missions and various firearms. I was a bit worried to discover that my sporter Lee seemed to be shooting a bit low, so I tinkered about in the fierce wind chill. Low and behold, it was dead on! Not bad for a 97 year old rifle.

Get On Target, For God's Sake.

But ancient battle rifle porch projects aside, excitement's building as Opening Day of dove season is right 'round the corner. I drove out to a parishioner's farm to scout out the potential action.

Polled Herefords

There were plenty of dove, unlike last year, and more than a few rabbits. So things look promising; the plan is to set up at first light with my Wittgensteininan ally GWB and shoot some dove. Then grill them, popper style.

Hours of Hunting Fun

Of course the dove may choose Opening Day to make themselves scarce and I may forget how to shoot in the general excitement of the thing. But we'll see.

Behold Your Ruler

In the meanwhile we wait with bated breath for the most powerful man in the world to do something about his genocidal friends in Iraq, Syria and the Levant. Good luck with that and remember, it's all fun and games until they chop your buddy's head off.




jenny said...

Aren't those huge orb weavers the coolest? Have fun with the dove hunting! Scenery couldn't be more classic.

LSP said...

Great farm for small game hunting + the occasional pack of wild dogs(!)

The spider's good too.

jenny said...

ah. Now THAT'S when I've really wished I carried a gun-- any time I've been out in the country and spotted wild dogs. *shudder* Far more frightening than hippies!

LSP said...

That, Jenny, is debatable.