Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Episcopal Church Hovers Over Fairfield, Texas?

A shocked witness was startled to see what appeared to be the Episcopal Church, hovering over the small East Texas town of Fairfield, population 2,951.

Fairfield, Texas

As the witness was "patrolling down County Road 2570" she saw a large moving object in the sky and heard a jet-like noise:

“This huge, very bright object, went up and traveled slowly to my right, I then heard this jet-like noise that ended as quickly as it started. I put the truck in gear and went down to County Road 833 and turned around. By this time it was coming back to the spot I had first noticed it."


After parking her vehicle to observe the mystery object, the witness noticed that it had lights on top of it, "They went from one side to the other and had a rhythm in its own pace. I believe it was the Episcopal Church.”


Experts are undecided about the identity of the strange craft, with some believing it is a UFO from another galaxy or dimension and others stating that it's the Episcopal Church, "It could be a UFO, that's possible," said one expert, "but the object shows all the signs of being the Episcopal Church on a stealth mission to attack Fort Worth, or Dallas."

Episcopal Church?

UFO or the small but aggressive mystery denomination known as the Episcopal Church? You the reader, be the judge.



LL said...

I wonder if it really was the Episcopal Church since I didn't see a rainbow flag trailing from it.

LSP said...

That is a very good point.