Friday, August 28, 2020

Kent State 2.0

All of us have defining moments in life, momentous events that shape our vision of reality, for good or ill. For some, and for example, it was World War II, for others it was Vietnam or one of the wars that followed, and we're still fighting. For others again it was Woodstock and the civil rights movement.

Let's cut to the chase. Today's Left are trying to emulate and relive the antics of their forebears. They want another Kent State. They want the forces of law and order to shoot them so they can say abolish the law because it's against the law. Yes, Satan is incoherent, but here's the thing. 

There is no grassroots proletarian revolution, there hardly ever was. There is a movement of privileged, corporate sponsored radicals who, for whatever reason, wish to destroy everything. In other words, this uprising like its Marxist forerunners is nihilist astroturf, it cares nothing for working people.

In the meanwhile, our LE has shown superhuman restraint by not opening up and solving this nasty little gordian knot in the very few minutes it'd take. 

Can you imagine, punters, all those undercover feds "friends" suddenly not being so friendly. I know, bizarre. Good luck BLM/ANTIFA. 

Crush the NWO serpent underheel,

Your Friend,



Anonymous said...

I fear, to an extent you're both right, and completely underestimating the problem.

I once had a discussion with a local police Inspector in rural UK city (pop. 110K, and centre of a mostly rural/village county pop. 500K). There is/was constant ‘low level’ crime (drunk and disorderly, burglaries, criminal damage, etc.) and a small, but significant higher level (rape, assault, etc.). He opined that, from his >20 year career, almost all of both types of crime (>90%) was committed by approximately, and only, 500 individuals.

It’s the same in these instances (look at the populations of these cities, then count/estimate the actual numbers of rioters … they’re proportionally tiny).

If, in one jurisdiction, there was an incident that caused the ‘mass’ of those rioting to be detained (or otherwise dealt with) it would suddenly reduce such rioting across multiple States.

Why? Because these rioters are a tiny, insignificant, minority, organised, paid and ‘bussed’ to ‘events’ as needed. Check the videos of multiple riots and you’ll see just how many people just ‘coincidentally’ seem to attend them all.

There appear to be three aspects to these rioters though. The outside agitators, the local equivalent of the 500 scum and, the mass of ‘others’. Both of the former are easily dealt with (assuming the political will, and lack of corruption). The ‘others’ issue you have is that the actual majority of ‘a certain demographic’ use such events as an excuse to riot, loot, assault, rape and murder is … more problematic and, I fear, may ultimately be catastrophic.

It is exactly the same here, view riots in London, Manchester, Birmingham, etc., there are bussed in agitators but the absolute mass of rioters is ‘always’ from two specific ‘ethnic communities’ who often could care less what the ‘event’ is ostensibly ‘about’, but use it as an excuse.

I have no idea what the, or even if there is a, solution to this is, but I fear that unless one is found we may end up (both there and here) with something that will make Bosnia look like amateur hour (as Tam is wont to warn “Europe has a zero to jackboot time measured in minutes” and the Anglosphere didn’t end up ruling most of the world out of the goodness of our hearts, but by being the nastiest, most pragmatic, practitioners of ‘industrial slaughter’ ever imagined).

I served in Bosnia (Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, SA, ....), I really, really don’t want to see it replayed here (there).

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Before the sayings was, "Comes the revolution........" Now? "Comes the election........."

LSP said...

I was only reflecting on the leftist/revolutionary minority, Anon, and not very deeply at that. But, to be fair, they're desperate to recreate '68 and that dog won't hunt, imo.

You raise the big issue. Here in the States some 6% of a certain demographic are responsible for what, 85% of all violent crime? Something like that.

Houston, we have a problem, and tearing down statues while looting flatscreens isn't going to fix it.

Of course the UK/Europe has a religion of peace issue.

Both sits could spiral out of control. Let's pray that doesn't happen.

In the meanwhile, have you read GKC' Man who was Thursday? All the anarchist bomb plotters turn out to undercover detectives. Heh.

LSP said...

Let's see how that plays out, WSF.I'm not expecting the riots to go away if 45 becomes 46, or even if he doesn't. Hope I'm wrong...

Ed Bonderenka said...

"they're desperate to recreate '68 "
But they have, and the results will be similar.
Nixon rode an unprecedented landslide victory on Law and Order.
Trump will also.

Anonymous said...


I haven’t, but I shall now have to add that to my ever growing reading list. Whilst reality isn't quite 'that' bad it certainly rhymes.

I was Det during ‘the troubles’ and we knew, not only, every member, associate and active supporter of PIRA (we'd penetrated them that badly), but where they were and what they were doing most of the time. If we’d ever been given the green light there simply wouldn’t have been any left after 24hrs (and only that long as everybody needs lunch, tea and bathroom breaks). And that was then (and remember all the attacks that occurred were 'allowed' in one way or another by our 'superiors' /spit).

Now tell me that your intelligence services don’t know who is a member (of BLM, Antifa, etc.), what they’re planning, who is organising, funding, supplying logistics, etc. for these ‘spontaneous’ riots (NSA will have a database of their preferred breakfast cereal and inside leg measurements).

They use encryption, cell structures, pseudonyms, proxies, etc. but I’m an individual, doing that and (much) more and … I’ve read copies of my own emails that were collected (for some reason they keep tabs on people like me – go figure).

The point? Whilst there isn’t a pre-crime unit (thankfully) there is no reason every single person involved in these riots from the thugs on up to the planners/financiers couldn’t be arrested and charged … right now. Except for politics (and that’s why even saying that word leaves a bad taste in my mouth).

I hope they’re simply gathering evidence, but suspect (because a surprising number of the senior positions are held by leftists, but very few at the coal face … amazingly) they’ll ‘misplace’ or simply ignore it, leaving them in place, even should it fail this time, to attempt coup again.

As to our ROP problems, that has, to an extent, been contained (into the majority ROP areas). Not by the police, courts or politicians but by 'awareness', 'surveillance' and strongly urged ... erm 'encouragement' by the citizenry. There have been sizeable number of ROP residents over time here, yet almost all have moved away to majority ROP city districts. It may not be technically lawful but since every area 'they' become even a sizeable minority becomes dangerous for anyone else (especially other minorities and women) I'd argue it is both just and moral. I suspect this 'behind the scenes', deniable, grassroot behaviour will be occurring to 'segregate' others soon (if it fails it may go loud and that I hope against hope that doesn't occur).

Adrienne said...

Kent state was the very first time anyone used the "Prudence is a virtue" shtick on me (I was 23 yo then.) My ex-husband (RIP) turned to me and said, "If you ride your bike through the middle of riot, don't be surprised if you're shot." It did make me sit back and think about it. Should those kids have been shot? No! But the ex's message stuck with me.

And you're absolutely right about the left wanting to see another Kent state to undermine Trump, but he's too damn smart for them and is not falling for it.

RHT447 said...

"They want another Kent State.".


I think they want it with desperation that increases daily. Why? Because they know the election is already lost to them. They must force the government to act before the election in order to de-legitimize the election. President Trump knows this too, and as he always has, is playing his cards very close.

Young Rittenhouse showed them that .gov is the least of there worries.

LSP said...

It's weird, Anon, but segregation seems all the rage here because, apparently, it stops racism. Well, whoever said the infernal logic of the Pit was reasonable?

Viz. Det -- I've lost count of the people who've told me the same story as you. Unconscionable and the word "traitors" springs to mind. It must've been frustrating for you and the team.

Of course the Army of God has its highly placed 5th Column too. More than a few are bishops.


LSP said...

Adrienne, your husband's message was right to the point, then and now. I just remember the '68/9 riots in Milwaukee, of all places. We lived by UWM and my mother took me on a tour one day, clouds of tear gas and shrieking, shirtless hippies. One, I recall, was on a stage shouting something and wearing an old fashioned "doughboy" helmet, painted stars and stripes, and topped off by two gold wings. I wanted one!

And yes, they badly want the police/guard to open fire and spark a real conflagration. Well done, 45, not falling for that old ruse.

LSP said...

Ed, I'd argue it's an ersatz facsimile, but perhaps the original was too. Like Marxism itself, divorced from reality. But whatev, the effect's certainly similar. Nixon got reelected and I'd be surprised if Trump isn't too.

I mean, c'mon guys. Burning down Dem run cities, blocking roads and making a general menace of yourself, to say nothing of turning criminal thugs into fake saints while telling Americans how evil they are isn't a very good platform to campaign on. To put it politely.

LSP said...

I totally agree, RHT. And good luck to the kid, he's got an excellent legal team, than God, and's been bizarrely overcharged.

Watch for a spasm of burn it down rage if and when he's acquitted.

Kid said...

No solution to rabid dogs but to put them down, but too early for that. Let them wear themselves and their communities completely out first.

I predict in a year or two, the blacks will be rioting because one of theirs was shot to death after killing an officer who hesitated. The rallying cry will be But he only kilt one of em !"

Once you're off the rails, there is no halfway sane place to go. You end up with dementia running for the White House saying things like "C'mon Man! I'm Joe Biden's wife - Joe Biden". And the audience cheered.

LSP said...

"Once you're off the rails, there is no halfway sane place to go."

Kid, there's wisdom in that.