Sunday, August 23, 2020

What Fresh Hell is This?

why are you wearing a stole on top of your rochet & chimere, buffoon

ACNA (Anglican Church in North America) Archbishop Foley Beach has called our nation to prayer in an August 19 open letter. In it he lists a series of calamities and says this:

Another senseless killing by a police officer of an unarmed black man, George Floyd.
Hundreds of thousands of people participating in peaceful protests.

What? Are you absolutely sure, Beach, that Floyd wasn't ripped on meth and fentanyl  while he was resisting arrest and went blue in the process? Are you sure the police killed him and not the massive amounts of drugs that were in his body?  The courts most certainly haven't decided, unlike you, Archbishop.

Bodycam footage shows Floyd having trouble breathing before he got out of the car, as if he was ODing on the massive amounts of heroin substitute found in his body. Word to the wise, don't do lots of smack or derivatives, it stops you breathing and you die. Just like George Floyd, the counterfeiter, druggy, violent thug.

And "another senseless killing of an unarmed black man," what? Like it happens all the time in the supercharged racist KKK States of America? You know the typical street scene, there's a couple of innocent angels playing rap music on a street corner when baam! a cop Tahoe rides up and blasts them.

No. Blacks commit some 85% of the violent crime in this country despite being 13% of the population. Unsurprisingly, they tangle with the police and some get shot. It's a miracle, to my mind, that only 14 unarmed blacks (according to the leftist Washington Post, 9 according to Rudy Giuliani) were shot in 2019, as opposed to 25 whites. This shows remarkable restraint on the part of the police in the face what amounts to off-the-hook savagery. Doubt me? Try living in the dindu ghetto.

Regardless; hundreds of thousands of people participating in peaceful protests? Why are you kowtowing to Marxist BLM agitprop, Beach? Have you forgotten that commies hate Christianity and want to destroy it? Have you forgotten how the Soviets weren't too keen on Christianity? Or maybe you've never bothered to read the BLM What We Believe page on their website. 

Peaceful protests. Wow. A corporate sponsored, Anarcho-Marxist coup, masquerading as a civil rights movement in an election year, and you're taken in by that? Go read Cardinal Vigano, you mountebank, and start standing up for the Gospel you say you represent.

If this is ACNA I want out.




Well Seasoned Fool said...

Clearly, no Rev. Mr. Black.


Sounds kind of like my Rabbi.

Nice guy, friendly, but a SJW loon.

I SOOOOO want to switch to the local Chabad - Orthodox, and pretty hard core. But my wife "tolerates" the Judaism now and I don't see her going along with that. :(

Anonymous said...

Amen, Reverend! Keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I'm not surprised. I have contended for quite a long time that ACNA stayed in ECUSA way too long, and when they left, they brought the virus with them.

Let me mention a story told to me by a Continuing Anglican Archbishop quite a few years ago, well before I was ordained. He explained that during the Consecration of a new bishop, when the three consecrators place their hands on the heard of the new bishop, what they are really doing is removing his backbone.

Fr. Sam+
ACC Priest

LL said...

These folks who preach the doctrines of marxism and collectivism, occasionally mingled with scripture, are a big part of the problem. I realize that reverends like Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, and Jeremiah Wright have an appeal to the progressive people who dump a lot of cash into the plate in exchange for them stirring up inner city people. But I suspect that the judgement may be harsh.

(don't fear the reaper, LSP)

Anonymous said...

There too?

I’ve joked that the CoE no longer actually believe in God, but the truth is apart from the African Church that may as well be the complete truth.

Whilst we’ve all noted the long march through education, the justice system, health care, social service, etc., etc., etc., the long march began in the church decades before.

Read any of the pronouncements of the Anglican hierarchy for the last 10, 20, 30 years and you could easily mistake them as the ravings of an sjw loon.

It’s not just the Anglicans though. You think the ‘paedo’ problems the RC church had were inherent, or were the result of allowing, encouraging, gay priests (notice not one of those abuses involved girls)?

What can be done about it? I have no idea, but I left the Anglican community (I only ended up there because … military) years ago, returning to my (familial) roots of Nonconformist ‘Welsh Chapel’ and The Presbyterian Church of Wales (where you still get the ‘fire and brimstone’, ‘spittle flying’ fervour and also, not incidentally packed attendances, whereas the average Anglican service is lucky to see a handful, not surprisingly).

I suspect (know) that part of the growth of gaia, global warming, antifa, etc. (not to mention drugs/drink problems, suicides and criminality) is precisely due to the deliberate destruction of the church. People left bereft, searching for something, anything to believe in (G. K. was right all along).

Adrienne said...

You could always swim the Tiber and join in our jolly little fight. I'll have to quote Sheed to you here (your fault, ya know?):

Speaking of the successors of Peter ((bishops and priests)

We rejoice in the evidently holy, we may be sad at others. But the power in which, by which we live is never theirs. It is always Christ's. It is Christ we join when we join the Church, not the men who at any given moment direct it here upon earth. The gifts come to us through them: but always from Him.
p 139 - Theology for Beginners

LSP said...

Corrected, WSF.

LSP said...

N, libs are a nightmare, not least "pastors."

Good luck!

PS. Great article for FC.

LSP said...

Anonymous, no surrender.

LSP said...

Sam, it's a good story and a true one.

Stand Firm.

LSP said...

LL, I'd have thought better of Beach. Apparently that was misguided.


LSP said...

Anon, the whole Western Church, with the exception of Vigano, has gone down and knelt before the Marxists.

Good Lord. What utter traitors, mountebanks and buffoons.

Oddly enough, my ex father in law was a freelance lumber jack/poacher in mid Wales, Long Ellis. "Long" because he was tall. I liked him a lot, old skool Methodist, with game hanging from the ceiling of his his freezingly cold farmhouse. What a good man.


And yes, when the Faith is removed people will believe pretty much anything, to paraphrase GKC.

LSP said...

Thanks, Anonymous, will do!

Brig said...

When our bishop put out a missive of compliance to an unlawful mandate, and the sheep here cheerfully went along with it, I was back to looking for a parish that was willing to fight.

LSP said...

Good for you, Brig, and there's more than a few who feel exactly the same as you do.

LSP said...

Adrienne, two of my former parishes went Ordinariate and I feel kind of cheated that I wasn't able to go with the last one, tbh. But... things got complicated and I had to fall back to Texas, which has been kind to me, so I can't complain.

I have no issue with Sheed!