Saturday, August 29, 2020

Authorities Track Down Last White Man

In the meanwhile, commies have set up an autonomous zone in Mayor Wheeler's condo. Well, even a broken clock can be right twice a day.

And note, the kid who shot three lowlife, criminal, thug, pedo, rapist, robbing goons has got 5 star legal representation. Good, he'll need it. Of course the left celebrates and idolizes the people he shot. But note, they're sanctifying violent felons. Same old, same old, see George Floyd, Michael Brown, Blake and all the rest.


Kyle, by contrast, wasn't a criminal ghetto thug, just a patriotic kid trying to stand against the disorder of the nihilist Left trying to tear down Kenosha in particular and America in general. They attacked him, he fought back. He shot three of them, including the commie who stupidly brought a skateboard to a gunfight. 

Does Kyle deserve a medal? In my opinion, yes. Should he have been there in the first place? No, and I'm glad neither of my boys, about the same age, were up and in it. And that's just it. How dare Mayors and Governors allow this UTTER BS to continue and catch up our young people, to say nothing of everyone else, in an attempted vote-serving, electioneering racket.

take note commies

They, our elected civic leaders, disgust me. They have, at the risk of repetition, blood on their hands. Kyle, you get a total pass, young man. 

Prayers up for Lin and the legal team.

Crush the NWO Marxist serpent underheel,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Decent kid. Immediately reported to the police. He should prevail in a court of law regardless of the court of public opinion.

Tomandanitas34 said... Support him here. Even if he has great legal protection, he and his family will need round the clock physical protection. There are currently several death threats against him and his family.

Always On Watch said...

Kyle Rittenhouse has a Dream Team Defense Team. I just worry about the judge -- so many bleeding-heart judges.

BTW, LSP, I will have a post about Kyle Rittenhouse tomorrow (Monday).

Jim said...

Agreed. He should have been there and he's learning a hard lesson because of it. I do hope it goes well for him legally. From what I saw he was justified and the first degree murder charges are an political overreach reminiscent of the Martin business.

Anonymous said...

I’m conflicted. I agree unequivocally, and yet … it isn’t all.

Are these marxist scum in positions of power (Mayors, DA’s, Police Chiefs, Media) a blight that needs excising root and branch? Not only yes, but Hell yes. (and we really need to address the corrupt voting practices that gets them elected too, although I honestly believe the biggest mistake western democracies ever made was … universal suffrage. If you have no ‘skin in the game’ you vote for ‘more free stuff’ and whoever promises you most of that, especially if the consequences and costs never fall on you).

But … we’ve both had numerous parades and protests by the usual (low-information marxist indoctrinated) suspects and they’ve passed almost without remark/unnoticed as the ravings of a tiny minority (who by rights should be on a mental health hold). It is ‘only’ when those ‘protests’ become a cause/excuse for the black (there)/muslim (here) or both ‘communities’ that they become full scale riots. Is antifa a mostly upper-class white phenomenon? Yes, and they’d be irrelevant and laughed at for their paltry turn-out without the rabid support of, not just BLM (similarly insignificant), but the average black.

But it’s not all, or even most, blacks we hear cried. Really? If your son/daughter was rioting would you not decry their actions, censure them or at least try to persuade them not to? Yet the black ‘community’ is silent, because very like ‘it’s not all muslims’ the supposed ‘moderates’ are more than happy for, and actively support, the ‘radicals’ (their own sons/daughters) committing these acts. Except for, literally, a handful of exceptional black conservatives who’ve condemned this, the vast majority either commit, support or at the very least condone this behaviour.

Are there good, honest and hard-working blacks out there? Of course, but much like the immigration crisis, for every one of those there are ten thousand welfare spongers, criminals and degenerates. (notice how common these behaviours have become even when there’s no ‘excuse’, knock-out game, flash-mobs, etc.).

The saddest part is that blacks are/have been played by the leftists. Incited, encouraged, supported and excused. They honestly believe not only that they’re ‘in the right’ and ‘due’ all this, they actually believe the rest of us will either allow this indefinitely, or will simply lose to them in what ‘will’ come. The backlash when it comes, because of the barbarity they’ve shown, will be … terrible (and I’ll be surprised if there’s a ‘black community’ left afterwards).

They’ve just upped the anti, and redefined the ROE:

Be aware, and act accordingly.

Any factor which will identify you as 'the enemy' and they will attack without warning, and then dance in the street to celebrate your death. 'That' is who these people are!

Seriously people, watch your backs.

LSP said...

WSF, he's been so overcharged that I don't see how he won't walk. But hey, what do I know. If he does, expect the usual "burn it down!"

LSP said...

Thanks for the link, T. Noted.

LSP said...

Will check, AOW. Forgive long radio silence!

LSP said...

Sure looks that way to me, Jim. He was attacked, shot back, took out three bad crims who would've killed him. What was he supposed to do, allow them to beat him to death? Sorry, commies. Doesn't work that way.

LSP said...

Anon, I saw and posted, via link, the execution after I wrote this. They really, really don't want to do this. The end result will be hideous, not least for the 13%. I say that as a Padre and a Christian.

But I won't bang on. Hope you had good worship in the Welsh chapels. I have a lot of time for that, btw, sacramentalchurchman that I am.


LSP said...

And Anon, "Seriously people, watch your backs."

Won't argue with that for a second.

Kid said...

I won't engage those unable to think unless I have to which strictly means self-defense in the castle or on the road Not looking for trouble. Too many entry points in the castle though.
I might need an old Indian, Sandra Locke, Clint, and a few extras to survive if and when.

LSP said...

Kid, I'm pretty much with you there. But hey, I'm lucky enough to live somewhere safe. No one's about to rip down our War Memorial. If they do, different story.