Monday, August 17, 2020

Guerilla Man

Anon, you'll forgive me for embarrassing you by quoting this comment in its entirety. I think it's right on and then some; he writes in response to the bestial, crazed, satanic Bolsheviks slaughtering the Tzar's children. Read on:

It’s endemic to the human condition to ‘other’ those ‘not like me’. Those ‘not like me’ aren’t human, they’re things. It may have originally started as family and tribal but the nation-state did no more than expand the classification a little.
I spent thirty odd years being involved with every conflict The UK was (officially and unofficially) involved in, and … I’ve seen just how common acts like this, and worse (you really don’t want my nightmares), really are. (Out of western first world countries this would probably be seen as ‘just another of those terrible, regrettable, but oh so common events’ …. even now. Don’t believe me? Go to any country in Asia, Africa or South America, get away from the city centres/tourist areas and see just what atrocities constitute ‘normal daily life’ there. We’re still living in tiny island of civilisation amidst seas of barbarity even now).
Why is it that western nations aren’t still this way? One word… Christianity. ‘Only’ Christianity demands that those ‘not like us’ be treated exactly as ‘like us’ (Oh, there are other faiths that suggest others not of the faith be treated reasonably, but … only as prospective members, and they’re still not really seen as equal. Yes, Christianity was interpreted otherwise for a period, whilst under brutal attack, but, even now, try being of a different faith in a majority Hindu, Buddhist or, worst of all, Islamic area).
The past is mirrored in the current ’political’ behaviour. Christians view those of other faiths as, at worst, uninformed/misinformed but genuine and worthy of respectful treatment. Islam, as the most blatant example, views those of other faiths as evil to be converted at the point of a sword, or wiped out. Marxism (and its current incarnation of socialism/progressivism) follows islams model.
Our societies, and the mores and laws which govern them are based, exclusively, on Judeo-Christian values. Which is why I despair – the very people who demand more and more rights (without all those icky responsibilities of course) are the very people attacking, tearing down, banning the fundamental, foundational basis for those very rights. I still can’t decide whether it is ignorance, malicious intent, blind wishful thinking, or a self-destructive mindset on their part to deliberately destroy that which protects, specifically them, from destruction (witness ‘defund the police’, ‘BLM’, Feminists and gays for islam, etc.).
The average person has little idea just how much they owe to the Anglosphere hegemony (Britain now The US) 'forcing' its values on the world. Imagine a world with where it was Belgian (think their behaviour in the Congo), Russian, Chinese or (Lord forbid) Islamic values were the norm. We, in our relatively safe, civilised nations look at this atrocity as just that. Others, elsewhere, see it as the same 'because' we insist they do. If China becomes Hegemon?

An ally and friend from the UK who blogs here said this, "If the US and the UK go down, we're finished. It's that simple." Well said.

Ride hard, guerrilla. The fight is by no means lost.




Undergroundpewster said...


Kid said...

Something tells me Anon could impart much wisdom.

Jules said...

Thank you - and I am right :) OBVS

Anonymous said...

As my dear husband can attest because he has had to listen to me, I have ranted about these exact facts for 20+ years. It is disheartening that so few people seem to understand this.

The barbarism is easily found on the internet now. Much of it occurs just to the south of us.(More border protection, please.) One site among many is leaked reality.

Bailey said...

As a Canadian, I am acutely aware of the importance that America has to the rest of the world. It is the last bastion of freedom left. This is not hyperbole. The other countries that shared similar values, in the case of the UK and Australia, have surrendered their freedoms in the name of 'equality' and 'inclusion'.
Here in Canada, we have never been free, and so really don't know what that is like.

The US, on the other hand, is in the fight now and it is going to be final. Whatever happens there will decide the fate of the West.

What is happening right now in America is the most important thing on earth. If She falls, we are lost.

God Bless America, and those who would stand with Her.

LSP said...

Pewster, I like Anon's comment A LOT.

LSP said...

You know, Kid, I get that feeling too.

LSP said...

Juliette, I wouldn't dare disagree!

LSP said...

Anon, the barbarians are well within the gates. But remember, "the gates of hell shall not prevail." Of course that rides on Peter's Confession. And, speaking of national boundaries, since when did it become somehow Fascist for a country to have a border?

LSP said...

Bailey, I love Canada, despite her faults. But yes, the old Anglo axis -- UK, Australia, New Zealand and on has pretty much fallen to the Left. How strange that those nations would vote in leaders who hate their countries, traditions and people. That said, there'll be a reaction and I'd say we're seeing the beginning of it. Witness the rage of the Left at Trump and Boris Johnson, his lesser ally. Obviously over the target, eh?

In the meanwhile, "What is happening right now in America is the most important thing on earth. If She falls, we are lost.

"God Bless America, and those who would stand with Her."


LL said...

Freedom requires that you be armed (if you decide to do so) but the option should be yours, not the governments. In the British series, "Harry Potter" children are armed and are taught to defend themselves or to attack as necessary. Yes, I know that it's couched in a "wand" but substitute a handgun for real world dueling or blasting evil.

At least that's how I see it.

Anonymous said...


I couldn’t agree more!

I believe, it is the only reason The US constitution is superior to the (now non-existent/murdered) millennia developed system of The Common Law, The Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta. It explicitly states that which ours only implicitly understood. Ours were gradually developed and written over centuries, paid for in blood, at a time no one could conceive of such basic, fundamental concepts such as self-defence and the right to contest tyranny as ‘ever’ being questioned, let alone removed.

Ours was never enshrined codified in a single, defensible document and so fell victim to a piecemeal degradation and destruction no ‘right-minded’ Britain could conceive as ever happening. Your founding fathers foresaw precisely such a possibility and thus enshrined those, and other rights, in the fundamental, foundational document of your nation. Very, smart guys.

I used to watch The US mainly to view issues and problems as they invariably pointed to exactly the same here, it’s easier to see such when you’re not so ‘involved’. You could do the same with us as exemplar.

So, how exactly were we disarmed? Firearm ownership was never as ‘public’ here, as there, but it was common and there was a thriving shooting culture, just not as widespread as there. As a right it had been, for decades, made more and more difficult, more and more stringent licencing laws and limitations put in place, but it hung on. Then there were three ‘incidents’ Dunblane, Hungerford and later Whitehaven. In each case known mentally ill men weren’t just allowed firearms (conveniently, despite those supposedly stringent licencing laws) but, when local police officers questioned these people being armed (and in one case actually removed these weapons) the Chief Constables, Judges and politicians ‘forced’ the return of the weapons then used to kill women and children. (The press never questioned this, or even mentioned it, and coincidentally each Chief Constable received a knighthood). In one fell, knee-jerk (but obviously well-planned and prepared for), sweep we were completely disarmed because of three men, deliberately allowed (even facilitated) to commit murder.

Much like the destruction of our firearms industry. Enfield, The Royal Armoury, produced weapons for over a century. The development of SA80, bullpup rifle, was deliberately hampered (constantly changed requirements, forcing ‘eight’ complete changes to the design team, demands it be fielded before fully developed, etc.). Why? Because when, the inevitable, ‘teething’ problems arose they could vilify the company and destroy it (notice how the bureaucrats, and management involved in this debacle ‘all’ coincidentally had nice, well-paid jobs with BAE systems who got to buy the company cheap?).

So? They not only will do the same to you (creeping legislation limiting rights, and false flag ‘events’) they have been, and are doing it to you.

We went from a country where every gentleman had rifles, and a least one pistol. Where firearms crime was so non-existent the police when, in the vanishingly rare event, they needed to be armed, borrowed one from a local resident. To a country where carrying anything (specifically ‘for’ self defence, be it a pencil) is illegal, and where carrying ‘without a specific, legitimate reason’ anything more ‘offensive’ than a blunt crayon is an arrestable offence (except, of course, unless you are ‘ethnic’ and are allowed to carry your ‘cultural’ machete anywhere you want – I kid you not). Where ‘gun crime’ is rampant, where robbery, assault, rape and murder is so common in the inner cities as not to warrant more than a paragraph in the press.

Please don’t misunderstand me, partly this is due to the changing culture (all those ‘diverse’ immigrants) but we went from ‘The Shire’ to ‘Mordor’ in a single generation, precisely because ‘we’ (the low-information, believe anything the press prints as long as it claims to be ‘for the children’, I don’t shoot, why should you be allowed to, voters) allowed them to disarm us.

Don’t let them do the same to you!

LSP said...

I think, Anon, and I know LL agrees, that we're not about to go silently into the night. BTW, you both might have a few things in common. Check out if you haven't already.

Free men can defend themselves. History's clear on this to say nothing reason itself.

Sic semper.