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Monday, August 17, 2020

Guerilla Man

Anon, you'll forgive me for embarrassing you by quoting this comment in its entirety. I think it's right on and then some; he writes in response to the bestial, crazed, satanic Bolsheviks slaughtering the Tzar's children. Read on:

It’s endemic to the human condition to ‘other’ those ‘not like me’. Those ‘not like me’ aren’t human, they’re things. It may have originally started as family and tribal but the nation-state did no more than expand the classification a little.
I spent thirty odd years being involved with every conflict The UK was (officially and unofficially) involved in, and … I’ve seen just how common acts like this, and worse (you really don’t want my nightmares), really are. (Out of western first world countries this would probably be seen as ‘just another of those terrible, regrettable, but oh so common events’ …. even now. Don’t believe me? Go to any country in Asia, Africa or South America, get away from the city centres/tourist areas and see just what atrocities constitute ‘normal daily life’ there. We’re still living in tiny island of civilisation amidst seas of barbarity even now).
Why is it that western nations aren’t still this way? One word… Christianity. ‘Only’ Christianity demands that those ‘not like us’ be treated exactly as ‘like us’ (Oh, there are other faiths that suggest others not of the faith be treated reasonably, but … only as prospective members, and they’re still not really seen as equal. Yes, Christianity was interpreted otherwise for a period, whilst under brutal attack, but, even now, try being of a different faith in a majority Hindu, Buddhist or, worst of all, Islamic area).
The past is mirrored in the current ’political’ behaviour. Christians view those of other faiths as, at worst, uninformed/misinformed but genuine and worthy of respectful treatment. Islam, as the most blatant example, views those of other faiths as evil to be converted at the point of a sword, or wiped out. Marxism (and its current incarnation of socialism/progressivism) follows islams model.
Our societies, and the mores and laws which govern them are based, exclusively, on Judeo-Christian values. Which is why I despair – the very people who demand more and more rights (without all those icky responsibilities of course) are the very people attacking, tearing down, banning the fundamental, foundational basis for those very rights. I still can’t decide whether it is ignorance, malicious intent, blind wishful thinking, or a self-destructive mindset on their part to deliberately destroy that which protects, specifically them, from destruction (witness ‘defund the police’, ‘BLM’, Feminists and gays for islam, etc.).
The average person has little idea just how much they owe to the Anglosphere hegemony (Britain now The US) 'forcing' its values on the world. Imagine a world with where it was Belgian (think their behaviour in the Congo), Russian, Chinese or (Lord forbid) Islamic values were the norm. We, in our relatively safe, civilised nations look at this atrocity as just that. Others, elsewhere, see it as the same 'because' we insist they do. If China becomes Hegemon?

An ally and friend from the UK who blogs here said this, "If the US and the UK go down, we're finished. It's that simple." Well said.

Ride hard, guerrilla. The fight is by no means lost.



Thursday, August 6, 2020

Raise The Black Flag And Ride Hard

Was Colonel Quantrell Quantrill a psycho killer whose methods went too far, or just another States Rights loyalist? I'd argue a bit of both, but hey, your call.

In the meanwhile, we appear to be heading into some kind of corporate sponsored civil war. Where do you stand, with the transgender, globalist Maoists and their Blue Chip allies or with something else?

I vote Quantrill, but that's just me. Your call.

Deo Vindice,


Thursday, July 16, 2020


Can't hear the vid? Turn your peripheral speakers up or watch the silent movie. Both options are good. That in mind, the above was made in 2017, eerie prophecy or did something slip?

Thanks, Branston, for the tip.



Sunday, July 5, 2020

Jine The Cavalry

I can post this because I can, actually, ride hell for leather and twice as fast. Well, at least until a Mad Arab kicked me off her back a year ago tomorrow. 

But seriously, one of my best memories of the last decade is running a horse through a Texan field, right through the silvery light of the moon. One heckuvva thing, man and beast, at one, and fast as you like. 

Now, imagine that run in the face of fire. No small matter, and while I scorn historical re-enactors as curiously insane, "Look, crazy people!", I respect our forebears; dam straight. 

Btw, Lspboro raised a Cav Brigade in the war against Northern aggression, Parson's Brigade, no foolin. 

Down with the Eagle, up with the Cross.

Deo Vindice,


Thursday, April 30, 2020

A Confederate Speaks

You will notice the General speaks in similar tones, albeit colonial, as the Queen. Therein lies an edifying sermon, but listen to this man who fought in the War of Northern Aggression. 

Note "probably fortunate, maybe unfortunate... we charged them." And "right in the midst of the sermon..." and more. Now think of this. When Julius was a boy, his Grandparents most certainly remembered 1776.

Here's the thing, State's Rights. For some of us that may well be a Communist dictatorship. Michigan, apparently, is of that kind. CW2?

Your Old Friend,


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Deo Vindice

Perhaps you wonder where the Compound stands on states rights and freedom. Flatten the curve.

Deo Vindice,


Saturday, May 18, 2019

Civil War

Everyone's asking the question, are we heading for civil war? And you can see why, the country's aggressively polarized, partly thanks to the descendants of the 19th century radicals, today's cultural Marxists who press hard to destroy the societal values of the West.

"We will make the West so corrupt it stinks," declaimed Munzenberg, and the long march through the institutions has done just that. Religion, family, once-given codes of right and wrong, ethics, have been eroded and attacked to the point at which we now think that a mother killing her child in the womb is somehow normal, or that a chemically altered man is a woman.

Past generations would have been appalled and were. They overthrew the 1919 Marxist rebellion in Hungary, not least because Catholics objected to Lukacs' radical sex-ed. Likewise Spain, which didn't want to be ruled by a murderous crew of god-hating Anarcho-Marxists. 

Russia herself, epicenter of the revolution, finally had enough and kicked their red rulers out of power, now they're building 1000 and more churches a year. Action led to reaction, which brings us to now.

People are starting to wake up and say no; trans bathroom privileges, catering to 0.6% of the population at best, aren't the "greatest civil rights issue of our time," thank you, Biden. 

And neither are hundreds of thousands of immigrants somehow helpful to the American working class. Abortion at the point of birth isn't healthcare, more like murdercare, and people get it.

This leads to fightback. On the one hand, revolutionary nihilists working to destroy a culture they despise and hate, and on the other, people who believe in the values and ethics of Western civilization. Like, mothers, don't kill your babies.

So conflict's inevitable and we're seeing it now, but civil war? A shooting war between right and left, between trads and revolutionaries? 

The rhetoric's there, for sure, so are diametrically opposed ideologies and all the fervor therein. But actual fighting? Good question and who'd do it, Antifa v. Proud Boys? Hardly. A grass roots leftist ghetto rebellion? Try not to laugh. But what about this.

USGOV runs out of money because it's TRILLIONS of dollars in debt and then, lo and behold, it can't pay the Army. What happens then. 

See 5th Century Rome.

Your Buddy,


Monday, May 6, 2019

In The Caring Hands Of USGOV

The phone rang, it was a call from Calgary, "Hey dad, it's John, I want to go to Texas and join the Army." I thought about this for a second, "That's great, son, but I thought you wanted to be in a Scandinavian Death Metal band?" No, apparently that laudable ambition had palled.

Just Say No To Death Metal, Or Not, Your Call

The Cadet duly got in touch with a recruiter in Dallas, explaining that he was fed up with being what he called "a hippy" and two months later, last Wednesday, flew through thunder and lightning into the Metrosprawl. 

Boy Needs A Day On The Lake

I drove him over to the recruiters the next day, strike while the iron's hot sort of thing, and all went well. The various Sergeants were pleased to work with a kid who had a high ASVAB score, and sorted out dates for a D-Lab test (linguistic aptitude) and MEPS.

A Typical Church BBQ

So, after a whirlwind weekend of church BBQs and Mass in the rural haven of Hill County, I delivered an apprehensive Cadet into the tender hands of USGOV. Let the selection process begin! 

States Rights

We'll know by Tuesday if MI's the immediate way forward or, failing that, Signals. Then, all things being equal, he should be sworn in Wednesday afternoon and have a date to report for Basic. It's a big step for the young 'un and I respect it, LL even composed a moving poem in the style of a haiku to mark the occasion:

Concentrated mist.
A clear jewel on a leaf.
The river begins.

Let's see. In the meanwhile, well done John, 10 out 10 for good effort in the right direction. Stay tuned for the next installment.

God bless,


Friday, April 26, 2019

Fly The Flag

It seemed right to upgrade the flags at the compound and that's exactly what happened, prompting one noted nature theologian to comment:

#porch #MAGA
Like, make America great again... by giving back to the STATES their rightful SOVEREIGNTY.
I'm looking at you, "Biden" and Bootyjugjug.

Sounds like a Cause, eh?

States Rights,


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Guns & Flags

Another typical night at the Compound, cleaning shotguns, sharpening knives and ordering Confederate flags off the information superhighway. 

Yes, you can still buy them, oddly, and you don't even have to download a Tor browser and a company of undercover Feds to do so. But what flags?

Good question. The Bonnie Blue, obviously, and the First National. They come in "superknit nylon", 3'x5', and promise to set off the front porch in a patriotic, civic pride kind of way.

In related news, plans are afoot to create subdued Bonnie Blue velcro hook cap patches. Put 'em on your cap, your coat, wherever, totally up to you. Should be ready in a week or so.



Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Pounds Texas Coast Statues Remain

Hurricane Harvey has pounded the Texas coast bringing flooding, destruction, injury and death to the Lone Star State. Houston was badly hit, with widespread flooding that looks set to increase in severity this week. 

Houston has not removed its Confederate statues.


New Orleans, by contrast, has taken down its Confederate statues and has so far been spared the fury of the hurricane. According to one meteorlogical expert, this was a matter of "math."

"New Orleans tore their statues down and guess what? No hurricane. You do the math."

Houston's Spirit Of The Confederacy Before The Hurricane

Hurricane Harvey has been downgraded to a tropical storm but is set to deluge southeastern Texas with rain and flooding. The National Weather Service has called the event "unprecedented."

A Typical Confederate Statue

Confederate statues still remain in Houston, albeit submerged for now under the waves of a turbulent and destructive sea.

Divine Judgement Falls Upon The Galleria

Here at the Compound, rain lashes down with primal, intense fury. The Confederate war memorial still stands, resolute, in the town square, facing North East.

Dixie Forever,


Monday, March 7, 2016

Blue Genius

If there's one thing that Blue Genius enjoys it's chasing after a tennis ball, so I lob them into the church hall from my kitchen workstation.

It makes a break from reading trenchant analysis of little Rubio's rat claw hands, Hillary's perfidy and the latest salvos in the war against Christian bakers.

Bake That Cake!

But here's the thing. If the Church of England is buried beneath the sands of the Red Planet, how much will it cost to excavate it and who will own it when it's dug up? Some say this implies a lawsuit.

Regardless, I'm off to hunt down some Confederate dinner plates and try some bank fishing on lake Whitney. You never know, I might even catch something.

This is a Tennis Ball in my Mouth, Not Marco Rubio



Friday, August 21, 2015

Go For a Ride

After Morning Prayer and walking the dog I went for a ride, but first I got some coffee at H-Donuts. H-Donuts is run by Vietnamese, I think, and helps make up the rich tapestry of ethnic diversity that is our small farming community. Their coffee was strong.

Blue had fun playing with the other dogs while I caught a house and saddled up. The animal's an Arabian and stands pretty firmly for States Rights, which explains the saddle blanket.

We walked, trotted and did some reining exercises, and that was all good. Then I hosed the horse down and drove back to the cultural melting pot of the Compound, where a Mexican appeared and gave me some tamales; a dozen of them, cheese and jalapeno. Maybe he was illegal, maybe he wasn't, but I do know that the tamales hit the spot after an hour or so of horsing around.

I've resolved to ride every week, That is my plan.

Stay on the horse,