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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Bridge of Sighs


Totally re-addicted to shooting now and guess what? Can't get any ammo because the commies have gone hog wild in a Dem electoral ploy. Thanks a lot, Bolsheviks. Bridge of sighs.

Speaking of which, I always used to like this song. Turn up the volume and listen to the electric wind blow. Breezy! 

In other news, Biden's Crack Pipe is shaping up to be a neat cartoon character.



Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Get a haircut, hippy

We'd been planning a shoot for some time but things kept getting in the way, broken femurs, a boy graduating Basic, climate change, a deadly Chinese plague, you name it, all conspired to keep us off the range. Until today.

RHT drove over from the DFW connurb and we headed off to J's place to try out some weaponry. All well and good, and then disaster! My rig sank into the sand of an ancient seabed on the way to our objective and had to be pulled out by a handy tractor. Obstacle overcome, we set up at 200 yards and shot.

J knows how to shoot

I went first with an Aero Precision AR10 firing 168 grain .308. Would it work and more to the point, would I remember how to shoot? 

Watch out kids, don't bet the monkey, but I did, just, and ended up with a decent group in the 10 ring, which should've been in the X. RHT followed up with a Hogue stocked .308 Howa and a Redfield scoped M1A. They shot well, very well.

Good Call

Now, all of the above were great to shoot and made considerably more accurate by RHT and J's hand loads. I don't reload or cast bullets, unlike these two very friendly competition shooters, and was struck by the difference. Wow. Speaking of which, RHT and J's Howas were X-Ring on the money for a ridiculously low price. I want one.

Do Not Scorn This

Then, after a quick remedial bout with .45s it was time for lunch at Los Verdes, which always serves excellent Mexican food. Did we discuss the satanic evil of Marxism, the wickedness of banksters and the importance of wine? Possibly. You be the judge.

Back at the range it was time for RHT to roll out an 1872 Remington .50-70 and an 1873 Trapdoor Springfield .45-70. For me, this was the high point of the shoot. There's something about firing these now exotic and antique firearms which appeals. Is it the history of the thing, their provenance, or the nature of the guns themselves? There they are, muskets turned into rifles.

Regardless, the Remington wasn't too keen to get on paper but the Springfield noisily got on a gong, in the appx. 10 ring in my hands and in J's it was hitting the bull. With iron sights. At 200 yards. All 1873 of it. We were amazed. This old rifle was outshooting... ahem. What a lot of fun.

RHT on his awesome M1A

We finished off with some AR action, J stealing the show with a series of X-Ring excellence. 3 shots, left to right touching on the X. A testament to Geissele, the barrel, Nightforce optics, the loads and the shooter himself. Seriously, a lot of people would've been pleased with that group at 50 yards with a .17 HMR. Good shooting.

Random LSP guns

And that was that. Huge enjoyment out in the clean air and big skies of Texas. And about time that this shooter actually got out and shot. Big thanks to RHT for getting the wheels rolling and thanks too to J for such warm hospitality, and a great range which goes out to 1000 yards.


Hmmm, can I shoot that far? Good question, perhaps it's time to learn. We'll see about that and calling the shot as this mission progresses.

In the meanwhile, thanks guys for a great day out, what a perfect result.

Shoot straight,


Saturday, September 26, 2020


Helpful don't you think?

Your Pal,


Lee Speed


You may scoff and wag your heads saying "Lsp is a fool," and that's as maybe, but I do have a liking for Lee Enfield rifles. That's partly nostalgia, they were a part of my youth, and partly because they're cool, especially the early sporter Lee Speeds.

Safari sights, elegant wood, hand checkering, the redoubtable and smooth as silk Lee action all combine together to make a beautiful weapon at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent Mauser. And guess what, the rifle has that Edwardian awesomeness we all love. God save the Tzar King. Result.

That in mind, I put in a call to a pal, "Hey, you're kinda in the business. Can you find me a Lee Speed? It must work, not interested in a wall hanger." Which brings us back to art philosophy.

Guns are works of art, good or bad, the Lee Speed being good. But their potential, as such, is only realized in their use, fulfilling the end or τέλος for which they were designed. Parse that as you will.

OK, discussion of matter, potential and act over, I won't be shooting majestic Lions or furious Cape Buffalo with my Speed, more's the pity. But exercising ballistic Edwardiana against paper's no bad thing either, to say nothing of unexpected targets of opportunity.

Don't brake for Communists, readers, all two of you.

Gun rights,


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Everything About This is Awesome


My brother, taking a break from Wales.

Destroy the leftist serpent, crush it underheel.

Gun rights,


Boy's Alright


Hadn't spoken with the Private for a while and Mama LSP was a bit worried, "How's he doing?!?" sort of thing. Probably well, I assured her, suggesting no news is good news. And so perhaps it is; the kid's doing fine, taking courses and getting the most out of the Army so far. Well done. Fit to fight.

Other children take a different course, they want to stick it to the Man because they're revolutionaries and hope to bring about an Anarcho-Communist utopia. It's a beautiful vision, playing out right now in real time in Kentucky. But what's gonna happen when push comes to shove?

I'll cut to the chase. One section of one one platoon would sort out our Marxist friends in about as many seconds as it'd take to say the Biden crime family's corrupt as hell. And don't think for a moment that the rank and file aren't ready to move from safe to fire.

Or do. Give it a go and find out. Regardless, the kid's enjoying S. Korea and levelling up. Well done.



Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sunday Sermon - Guns

After Mass #1 VCC (Veteran Crew Chief) asked, "D'you have a minute, LSP?" I did and we strolled over to his rig. "I'd like you to have these, if you want them. They're yours." I thanked VCC, who's famous for fighting in the EMUs, running motorcycle hippies out of his stock tank and being an all 'round good man. 

A Bolt

The weapons belonged to his brother, who I'd buried a short while ago and once had the opportunity to hunt dove with. He was a good man in the meeting, and I'll look after his A Bolt 300 Win Mag, O/U 12 and .22 WMR varminter, to say nothing of praying for his soul. Rest in peace.

Some kind of Italian 12

But is there a point to this short homily, beyond gunnish show and tell? A wider meaning, a helpful Gospel message? Yes, there is, and it's twofold.

Marlin .22 WMR

Sacrifice, along with generosity of heart and spirit covers a multitude of sin, and the second advisement is like unto it. A free citizen is able to defend themselves against tyranny. 

I'd say that's all pretty relevant, right about now.

Gun Rights,


Sunday, August 23, 2020

Just Some Lees

Back in the olden days, Great Britain had a firearms industry and produced the redoubtable Lee Enfield. I used to train on them when I was a kid, from about the age of 12 up, and shot alright, "marksman" and all of that.

 1917 my friend

Of course you can't buy them in the UK now because they're far too dangerous, but you can in Texas and I did, some 10 years ago, a No. 4 Mk. 1 from the Gold Nugget pawn. I think it cost around $200 and I've had a lot of fun shooting it, in a nostalgic kind of way. It seems a heavy beast now, though I didn't notice all those years ago.

 note Chesterton's St. Francis, which is awesome

But a #4 wasn't enough, apparently. Suburban Bushwacker persuaded me to go out and get a "project Lee," idea being to turn it into... something. So I did, a 1917 BSA SMLE for 100 bucks at Ray's in Dallas. The metal was painted black, probably due to a parade square refit in the 1950s, the forestock had been chopped, badly, but the serials matched and the bore was bright. So I got the gun.

history in the stamps

Some months later I'd stripped and reblued the metal, along with its cacophany of stampings, neat history if you want to go down the Lee rabbit hole, and replaced the forestock while keeping the butt. Why? Because I liked the Edwardian aesthetics; elegant, though not helpful with optics because the buttstock's too low to achieve cheek weld with a scope. Wasn't designed for it, you see.

Speaking of which, after inletting the receiver/barrel I spent a vast amount of time shaping and polishing the wood (Boyd's walnut -- cheap, semi inlet). No kidding, if you decide to do this be prepared to be patient. It's perhaps worth it because you can create a thing of beauty, a good in itself. But remember, people charge a lot of money for a good wood finish for a very good reason.

Regardless, the rifle's done well enough despite it's, ahem, makeshift scope mount and's shot a bobcat, an auodad(!) and various varmints. No pigs though, annoyingly. I look at it and reflect; over a hundred years old and still going strong, maybe stronger even than it ever was.

 typical trigger scene

Well, you can't have too much of a good thing, so I went out and bought another Lee, an old sporterized #4, with a view to turning it into a scout rifle, Cooper style. And hey, it's got the components, 10 round magazine, bolt action, BUIS, tried and true rugged, etc. 

Have I done anything with it? No, I haven't, shamefacedly. But when I do... it'll be along the lines of shortening the barrel, a new front site, a forward mounted optic and new wood, obviously. I say wood instead of plastic because this is a Lee.

look, put the safety on, so-called "LSP"

And Lees are all about wood and steel.

Shoot straight,


Friday, August 21, 2020

Random Guns

One of the many themes of this widely read international mind blog is God. That in mind, I was going to post a photo of an evil cryptid caught in a game cam followed by allusion to the current antics of the Anglican Non-Communion. But no, here's some random black gun pics instead. 

The 5.56 carbine started off life as a CMMG LE something or other and's gone through several upgrades. It's a handy little heater, light, reliable, plenty of red dot accuracy (Ballistic Advantage barrel, Hypertouch Enhanced Duty trigger), and just a lot of fun to shoot.

My old Mossberg Ultimag 12's seen plenty action too and it's been a workhorse since I bought it a decade ago, second hand at a gunshow for 200 bucks. Birds, rabbits, clay/skeet and various varminting, armed walkabouts. Well done, gun. Probably time for an upgrade though, as its ejection's getting a bit unreliable, despite replacing the ejectors, polishing the chamber etc.

And what's wrong with an Aero Precision 7.62 AR? Nothing at all, though they're heavy and who wants an exercise in weight lifting when you've got other things to think about? 

Still, it shoots like a champ with the easy recoil of a 20 gauge; zeroed at 200 yards for 165 grain ammo. I've only shot targets with the thing but my eldest boy's taken down a few hogs with it. Take that, tuskers. But what gun post's complete without a pistol?

Here's one, a kitchen drawer Glock 21 which stands ready and waiting put down tried and true .45 ACP if the occasion demands, or if it doesn't. I've had 1000s of rounds of gratuitous enjoyment putting this piece of Austrian engineering through it's paces against paper, steel, kettles, scrap iron, rocks, concrete, melons, stuffed toys and whatever else. Are Glocks the best of their kind? I don't know, I'm no expert, but I do like mine. 

Remember this, a free citizen is able to defend himself, a slave isn't.

Gun rights,


Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Weapons Hot Or Not So Hot?

It's 11.30 pm in North Central South Dallas. 3 shots were just fired close to the house, and there's sporadic gunfire in the distance. Choppers constant. Probably some Mexicans celebrating Wednesday; this is, after all, south of the river. Whatever, weapons hot. Or are they?

Comsymps and self-loathing, bend-the-knee libs think they aren't. Get rid of guns and you'll get rid of violence and everywhere will be Sweden, a veritable Ikean utopia. Unless you're one of the Swedish women who's recovering from being raped by a military age, Moslem refugee. 

Sweden aside, what makes you think a disarmed populace has nothing to fear from criminals who notoriously don't obey the law? By the time those three shots are slamming into your house or a gang of joggaz are running at you with 2x4s it's too late, right?

Point being, you don't need to be armed until you do, and if you're at that point without a weapon it's pretty much too late.

That we've come to the point where I feel that it's necessary to guard my Mother's house with a gun(s) is abhorrent to me. But there it is, humanity's fallen and pretending otherwise doesn't cut it.

In the meanwhile, gunfire's stopped for now, chopper overwatch continues.

Weapons hot,


Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Gonna Go Roof?

As ACNA clergy wailed and wept over their racism and the Episcopal bishop figure of Washington DC raged about the President holding a Bible, I drove to Dallas to check on Ma LSP.

You may have heard that things have been a little unsettled in the metrosprawl lately, and while I wasn't expecting trouble it doesn't hurt to be prepared. That in mind, I called up the White Wolf Mine for tactical advice.

"Mr. Wolf?"
"This is LSP, calling from Dallas HQ. I know you're above the fray but what's the score?"
"Simple, you need to become an honorary Korean, an honorary Rooftop Korean."

We talked this over, what would it take, a special ceremony on the roof? Picture the scene. A brazier,  Korean BBQ, maybe some kimchi, but that comes after you've been sworn in and awarded a Seoul bandana. Then you're ready to go.

What you don't do is sally forth with a sword and fail to take out the invaders. "Hell, I'd have chopped them to pieces," said the Wolf, "Maybe I'd have used a pole axe or just a kukri, a kukri'd probably do it." I agreed and silently kicked myself for leaving the kukri back at the Compound.

Cold steel aside and a delicious dinner of grilled lamb chops later, all seemed peaceful enough, thank God. Then, round about 11.30 pm, the sound of choppers overhead grew to constant and sure enough, reports started coming in of a large crew of mutineers coming over the Margaret Hunt Bridge into South Dallas. Not too far away.

They found themselves boxed in and arrested by LE and the Guard who showed remarkable restraint; not one insurrectionist was thrown off the bridge into the Trinity. And that was that, no need to go roof. Let's see how tonight pans out. 

In the meanwhile, weapons hot. 



Sunday, May 10, 2020

Thug Got Shot

Country boy survival aside, was Ahmaud Arbery a tragic victim or just another ghetto lowlife who got himself shot while ripping up the neighborhood?

After listening to WSF's wisdom I'd now say the vote's out on the above.

Black Guns Matter,


Saturday, April 4, 2020

Cantique de Jean Racine

Gentlemen and women, you might want to rent a blue tooth speaker for the Cantique because this version's sound challenged. Still, appropriate for the time, d'ye not think?

Some of you may be thinking muh flu, deepstate hoax. I'd urge you to go here, here and here.

Whatever the case, mourn the death of Western Christendom, what's left of her. Strive to rebuild. And remember.

An armed citizen is a citizen. Not a slave.

Your best Pal,


Thursday, April 2, 2020

Arm Up You Fools

A lot of people lost all their firearms and ammo in boating accidents over the last year, and that's a tragedy. Maybe now's  a good time to hire SCUBA teams to salvage?

Just a thought, as looting and two-bit lawlessness starts to break out here and there. To be succinct, in the words of one of our London correspondents, "Junkies are fighting outside my window." The supply chain's diminished, you see.

In other news, the Pelosi/Schumer combine have started a new impeachment drive because they can't kick the habit, viz. junkies, and 45's announced war on the cartels. Meghan Markle, on the other hand, has made a stunning debut on Disney.

Coal Burner?

Whatever. Message to market. Arm up, be prepared. It's simple math and you've lost nothing for following it. Heck, you can always shoot the rounds later if they're not needed. 

As it is, they might be.

God bless,


Sunday, March 15, 2020


Brainiac boffins believe time travel may be possible thanks to "quantum entanglement," and shocking new evidence seems to prove them right. 

Nineteenth century pictures of a Confederate firing line show a bearded soldier calmly reloading his musket in the face of a Yankee charge. 

Amazingly, a photo has emerged of the same soldier in central Texas in the 21st century, a leap of over 100 years.

Is time travel now a possibility or are objects in the mirror more right wing than at first appears? As always, you, the reader, be the judge.

Deo Vind.


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Buckle Up

Hope you're all prepped up and ready to "bug-in" or go "innawoods" because it's staring to get nasty, in a small way. 

People are getting robbed of their TP in parking lots in Washington state and the UK, so WA shoppers are going armed to the supermarket. UK people aren't because they're not allowed to defend themselves. Find the cost of freedom, eh?

Here in Hill County Texas, a big fight broke out at Walmart as pastoral people set to scrapping over frozen pizzas, bottled water and Ramen noodles. I missed the fight, annoyingly, but you could see the tension building before Noon.

Over in Aberystwyth the shelves were bare of pasta, "Andrex," and assorted everything else. Calgary, as of today, had run out of milk.

Message to market? Bring the supply chain home. Have a month's supply of food so you don't have to get into a fight at Walmart. Don't hoard loo-roll, the Bat Bug isn't dysentery. Don't hoard water, the Kung Flu isn't Cholera. And on. 

Above all, STAND STEADY. You're no use to man nor beast if you don't. Go armed to Walmart if you aren't already. And on a spiritual note, pray for our country tomorrow, it's a National Day of Prayer. Do not ever downplay the efficacy of that.

God bless,