Monday, February 19, 2024

A Shoot - In Texas


Do you even remember how to shoot, so-called LSP? Good question and I loaded up some guns in the rig and drove out to the range with Fr. C to find out. There we were, out in the field with a collection of guns, a few old pumps, a CZ SxS, a single shot 20, a no name Italian O/U and a collection of Rugers.

OK, all these guns, awesome, but could we shoot them? Sure enough we could, with C opening up handily with his Ruger .357 Mag revolver against steel plates. Bang. Watch those plates swing. Then it was onto shotguns.

C kicked off with his older Remington 870, which worked flawlessly, then I followed on with a Mossberg 835 Ultimag, smoke those skeet! Big fun and it was good to see the  old workhorse doing its thing, that gun's shot a lot of dove. Then my Remington 870, which worked well enough but has a rough cycle, it's newer than C's and not as good.

Next up, my CZ .20 SxS and C's 20 single shot 20, I think it's Turkish. The single worked just fine in C's capable hands and knocked our biodegradable enemy outta the sky every time. The CZ was great too, though you have to remember to sight right down the barrel, if you see the rib you'll miss.

Great result and as always, remember kids, it's important to actually aim your shotgun, firing in general direction, whilst enjoyable, tends not to hit the target. There is, perhaps, a moral in that. A box of White Flyer down, we finished off with Rugers, a .22 American, a Mk. IV 22/45 and a .357 Mag revolver.

The latter two belonged to C and I'm jealous, I want those pistols, even though I didn't shoot the Mark IV particularly well. Obviously need one to get more practice in. And it was all plinking enjoyment from thereon in, nice one.

So there you have it. Yes, both of us remembered how to shoot and shot pretty well, see those skeet smoke and explode like Focke Wulfs over the Oder. Great result, what a boost to get out and shoot, just you, the guns and the country of the great state of Texas. It clears the head, I tell you.




LL said...

That's quite a shoot lay-out at the parade grounds and rifle range. So it's dry, not sogged out from the rain?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Envy. With macular degeneration in my shooting eye it is wasting ammo.

Seamus1962 said...

Looks like a blast!
The best clay shooting advice I have received is to “pretend” you are pointing the shotgun in the same way one points their index finger toward a flying bird. You can also extend your index finger on the fore grip to make this solid and actual.
This works best for “sporting clays” - or hunting - as the targets are far more erratic. Yes, a bit of aim over the ribbing is needed for trap and skeet.

I am envious of the good conversation amongst clergy that assuredly took place as the targets were made holy! (Yes, I said it)

LSP said...

It wasn't too bad, LL, though there was some standing water near the entrance to the thing. And right, quite bang for the buck shotgun throw down. Fun.

LSP said...

Sorry, WSF, my eyes aren't quite what they were either. Can still shoot though and must do so more often, good medicine.

LSP said...

That's sound advice, Seamus, and for sure, great to have a fraternal. It does help and I probably don't get as much of it as I should. Then again, splendid isolation in the country's pretty good too!

Dr. Swankenstein said...

That looks like a insurrectionist starter arsenal, nobody needs these weapons of WAR! Report yourself to your local Kommissar/Stazi/FBI office!

LSP said...

Dammit, Swankenstein, you caught me out once again. I reserve the top bunk.