Tuesday, February 6, 2024

A Fourth There Shall Never Be


Moscow, the Third Rome, a fourth there shall never be. Now look, I get the Cold War animosity, I even remember it, and I get geopolitical rivalry, but surely Christians should band together against the heathen? Then, it was the godless Soviets. Today it's the demonic transnational elite against everyone, not least you.

They hate you, they doubtless hate themselves, and they hate Christ. Russia turned its back on this Bolshevik evil, we, on the other hand, have embraced it with usury. Here's a video by way of antidote:

With a tip of the biretta to Seamus. Are these people not our brothers? Shouldn't we be aligned with them towards the creation of a Christian commonwealth, in which everyone flourishes, freed from the banksters' greed? Call it Pax Americana or something like that, but no, we're at war. 

We must thank God, literally, that the war is proxy, unless you're a conscript in the actual fight.

Your Pal,



Anonymous said...

Anime mockery of the concept. https://sun9-44.userapi.com/impg/Er9p6pvWnj32stpodqCoW4rXV0EYwwAFTQxaZA/FNkFiC4PHnE.jpg?size=807x581&quality=96&sign=b2c6990319226e030fc06013d0c8dbac&c_uniq_tag=AW_PJApxvomdmh_457KZ_QsH1H_8Nk41PGvDg54kUQo&type=album

LL said...

I wouldn't go quite that far. It's not as though there's much virtue in the Russian police state.

Mike_C said...

There’s lots of people who understand this better than me (frankly it all sounds insane to me), but is not Rome also Edom? (Symbolically.) Which is weird viz Russia, because is not the US the modern Rome?

As to heathens: There’s heathens, then there’s Heathens. Those who want to be left alone, and are willing to return the courtesy, hows about leaving them alone. The problem are the Heathens who hate you and everything you stand for. Further, I’d suggest that the open foe is not as bad as the one that pretends to be your brother, that hyphenates himself (first, yet!) onto your ethics and culture*, but despises you and sees you as a Thing to be used as both a sword and a shield against THEIR enemies. (Half of whom should not be OUR enemies, except that Brother Wars are Their specialty.)

* in terms of ethics, morals and laws, our antecedents are Hellas, Rome, and Germanic tribes, with Christianity on top of that tripartite foundation.

GenX Crit said...

Absolutely agree. The war is proxy. But I'll go further to say the cold war was a bit over-milked (still is, but in a different dressed-up-animal). Military industry, big biz... We had a Russian student in public school, and took Russian studies, friends that visited Moscow. There's no reason not to love people and our fellow children of Christ. Communism, atheism, those that hate God, that's the enemy. Oh, that's right, Tucker visiting too. HA!

LSP said...

Nice one, Anon. All kinds of anime running around right about now.

LSP said...

Or our own, LL, but you make a good point.

I'm inclined towards their police state because it:

i. Imprisons and whips Pussy Riot (well done)

ii. Bans rainbow agitprop (triple tick)

iii. Literally builds the Church (wow)

iv. Has immigration control (far out)

v. A flat tax (unimaginable heresy)

Would I want to be on the receiving end of being in opposition to Putin? Not so much. Hmmmm.

LSP said...

Ah, Mike!

Moscow's the lineal descendant of Constantinople, obvs, which makes them the literal successor of Romanitas. Mind you, the Pope might differ. But yes, America's the modern analogue without, currently, the virtus of the pagan Roman State, Res Publica.

"There’s heathens, then there’s Heathens." Yes indeed, I recall Virgil getting a positive vote in that Italian novel :) As for "brother wars" -- it sickens me.

PS. Have you read into the Germanic tribes? Not easy to disentangle, but interesting. Theoderic, btw, state funded the last restoration of the public monuments in Rome in the 5th C. Huh.

LSP said...

Gen-X, that we're in a virtual war with these people disgusts me.

There's a lot of blood on the hands of people like Nuland and, imo, you can see it in her face.

Heh, Tucker... rock on.