Monday, February 5, 2024

Branded Burger

Do you go out for dinner? I don't, hardly ever, but tonight a kind churchman invited, "We'll be in town this evening where we can do our business. Why not join us for dinner afterwards?" What, dinner in the NCTEZ (North Central Texas Exclusion Zone)? Terrifying prospect, but it can be done, at Branded Burger.

Branded Burger is a family owned Midlothian restaurant which has expanded into a few neighboring towns and their slogan is, "Where The Locals Eat." Their signature is a burger in a bun which has been branded with their... brand and stabbed through with a black plastic knife.

As in, take that, burger, I forgot my Benchmade or Opinel, so here's this plastic knife statement. Marketing aside, the Branded Burger is pretty dam good, coming in seared and quick at around 7 bucks. The patty? Close to an inch thick and properly medium rare. Yes, this is a good burger and I devoured mine like a hungry wolf.

Verdict: If you're lucky enough to travel through our storied lands, stop at Branded Burger, they're alright.

Boodles Forever,



Anonymous said...

As memorialized by JSBach in his famous concertos.

Sorry, I was just leaving….

Anonymous said...

Crusty Old TV Tech here. Looks like an excellent burger joint. Always nice to hear of local joints done good, and especially when the price is reasonable. Glad the name is not Brandon Burger, which I saw when first glancing at the name...

LSP said...

Almost choked on m'claret, Anon!

LSP said...

I was impressed, Tech. Great burger, decent price, good location. I'll go back.

Mind you, I mostly hate eating out because it's such a rip-off, but still, I like this little family deal.

Heh, Brandon.

Wild, wild west said...

I patronize fambly owned joints as much as possible and even still mourn a few that did not survive the bat flu scam or various flood/fire disasters.

Couple-three of my current fav's for burgers are Lottaburger in Tulsa, The World Bar in Northeast Loozy-anna just off I-20 at the first exit going west as you cross over The Crick from Miz-sippi (or the last exit going east, whatever) and Frosto's in Crowley, Loozy-anna. They've all been there since the memory of man runneth not to the contrary.

Don't get me started on where else to go in Acadiana. We'll be here all day and part of tomorrow.

LL said...

I think that I went there with you and Bitty Woo. Same place?