Thursday, February 1, 2024

Those Pesky Farmers


It's weird and perverse, all these people who grow our food don't want to be taxed into oblivion and shut down by our beloved rulers so that their farms can be bought up for pfennigs in the Euro. What's wrong with them, don't they know their ludicrous "farming" efforts are destroying our climate and the profits of our Green Overlords?

Apparently not, which is why they're revolting all over Garden Europa. France, Brussels, Germany, you name it, there's all these people in tractors blockading cities, airports, highways and government buildings saying enough is enough.

Who can blame them and it's reminiscent of the truckers' drive on Ottawa, which prompted the loathed Premier of Canada to throw the truckers in gaol, confiscate their bank accounts and declare an unconstitutional national state of emergency so he could hold onto the power he so apparently craves.

You despicable little bankster mountebank

Maybe Brussels will react in the same way, along with its member states because rainbow climate freedom and tolerance. Who knows, and I call good luck with that. In the meanwhile, Petit Roi Macron dines with monarchy in Sweden as the Rainbow Stasi fires rubber bullets against farmers in Brussels.

Hey, it's all OK as long as we pay our Weather Tax, get vaxxed, and trans our kids in the nearest rainbow Mengele clinic, do that and everything's just fine. No more farms for you, proles, or meat, or gender. No, you will be sexless drones of the Rainbow UberHive and think yourselves lucky while you're at it. After all, you've saved fragile Mother Gaia by making our rulers even richer than they already are.

Word to the wise, don't piss off the farmers, they make your food.




Wild, wild west said...

Whell you know, it was the King in the comic strip Wizard of ID who when informed that "the peasants are revolting" said "You can say that again."

LSP said...

Quite, Wild.

Let's see how this latest disturbance in the Rainbow Force works out.

I wager the monkey on bad outcomes all 'round.

Paul M said...

Read a piece that asserted that Britain's greatest Englishman, Jeremy Clarkson, has been their inspiration with his showcasing the insane over-regulation of farming that results in "Diddly Squat" (his farms name) earnings at year end. How to kill farming and ranching by the backdoor to...wait for it..."save the planet". Some is being done overtly, other parts are being done subversively, like "wolf reintroduction" here in Colorado. New rules have $100K fines for shooting one...on your property killing your livestock (aka your income). This is being done by urban centers yet the wolves were imported from Idaho (the bad hombre ones) and let loose on the western slope far from the activist proponents backyards, otherwise Fifi would disappear off the back deck in a heartbeat. Same difference as farmers being told they are [effectively] no longer allowed to farm.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My money is on the farmers. They, not Bill Gates, know how to grow food and husband livestock. Cows don't milk themselves.

Mike_C said...

I’m beginning to see all this as a clash of not civilizations, but of something even deeper and more fundamental. We (and I fully acknowledge the irony of a Chinaman saying “we” in this context) were meant to be, made to be, creators, and growers of things, and explorers. People who found meaning and purpose in Doing, and in imagining, creating and shaping Things. But we allowed ourselves to be taken over by people who deal in Constructs, in imaginary things assigned arbitrary value initially by linguistic trickery and capitalizing on wishful thinking and greed, and now by fiat backed by force of law.

We should be a civilization of and by farmers and makers, thinkers and industrialists. But “our” civilization is now nearly completely financialized wherein everything has a price tag but nothing has value.

How do we get on the right track? I don’t know. But I’m increasingly thinking this is the core problem.

Paul M said...

@Mike_C…THAT fully encapsulates the dilemma and solution. Spot on.

There are doers and there are takers (also the same as those living off the doers), and there are the chaos types (also the same as those wishing the doers harm). When you are a doer there can be no meeting in the middle with the other two groups…because they don’t want to, or simply won’t, because it destroys their world view construct…which has nothing to do with “love thy neighbor as yourself”.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

This is a development that you won't see covered on the "news." Nope. Doesn't fit the narrative.

Sadly, I expect this revolt to be crushed as ruthlessly as can be.

LSP said...

Paul, Clarkson is a HERO. Apparently local gov keeps trying to shut his operation down with endless regulatory strikes but haven't, yet, succeeded. Good luck to him. He was cool in Top Gear too.

If it's any consolation, our latter day fuhrer bureaucracy will surely be its own undoing. Still, not easy to watch our beloved rulers wage war ON OUR FOOD.

LSP said...

I think I'm with you, WSF. Don't mess with farmers is a pretty good call.

LSP said...

Very well said, Mike. To your point, we could perhaps rephrase the opening sentence as a "clash of civilization and anti-civilization." This, for me, is the issue. On the one hand you have doers, people who create. On the other, people who live as parasites in the host they inevitably tear down and destroy in their lust for wealth and power, all the while masquerading as the producing, living power.

Per Charles Williams in War in Heaven: "They build, we destroy." Williams in mind, maybe "dark v. light" and "good v. evil" aren't empty platitudes.

Or something, well, I am a padre. Could you come back with thoughts on financialization and fiat? I feel that's right on target.

Thanks in advance.

LSP said...

Right on, Paul.

LSP said...

Mr. Infidel, I'd be shocked if they didn't give it a college DEI try.

On topic, just look at the jail sentence Trudeau and his sidekick got for illegally declaring a state of emergency and persecuting the truckers. Huh. Good luck with that.

Last I saw he was still wearing his nasty little socks.

Mike_C said...

I’m going to disappoint here because these topics are way out of my areas of expertise. But from my mostly STEM/academic perspective it seems that financialization is about siphoning value out of the real and tangible and transferring it into mental constructs that are not only opaque to normal people, but also (and more importantly) inaccessible to normal people except through a cadre of intermediaries. And this cadre distorts or outright conceals information from the general populace, and skims off wealth no matter the outcome for the petitioner, er, financial services client.

Financialization transfers wealth and therefore power into a tiny subset of the population, increases wealth (power) inequality, and likely (this means I’m guessing because I’m an academic physician and not one of the finance cadre) makes the economy more brittle and prone to crises if not outright collapse.

But our vampire overlords don’t care. They’re about power, resentment-driven “revenge,” oneupmanship (vs each other, money is just a tally), and finally just plain meanness. It’s not a good look that the powerful in finance are not “representative of the population as a whole.” Let’s agree to interpret this as “it’s a outrage that negroes are not 13% of the top people in finance.” Noticing who actually squat atop the Western financial scene would be Hate Think. (So don’t you do it!)

An anecdote. A friend of mine founded and runs a tech company. She’s brilliant but somewhat “on the spectrum” and rather terrible to people she thinks are “stupid” — which is nearly everyone. (And worse, she defines “smart” based on a narrow set of technical criteria.) My friend is easily worth a nontrivial fraction of a billion USD based on the IP value of her company, but some months the tens of millions payroll is a challenge. You get the idea. (Hmm that was a bit of a sidetrack … but not totally.)

Anyway, my friend has taken to repeating to herself, “As CEO, my mission is to maximize return to the stockholder,” as some sort of verbal talisman. Now bear in mind I’m basically “a thousandaire” 😉 so whadda I know, but that seems completely screwed up. From my impoverished (monetarily, not intellectually), redneck, rayciss, anti-vampyritic perspective, the purposes of a business enterprise are:
1. Provide good products/services to the customer;
2. Create a decent working environment for the employees, wherein workers (blue or white collar) are, and generally feel, that they are properly valued fairly compensated;
3. Generate profits for shareholders;
4. Do right (definition of “right” is complicated, I know; this is 10k foot view stuff) by the community and the nation as a whole.
In That Order.

That sounds “socialist” to some people, I’m sure. It might even sound “National Socialistic”. If people feel that way, I’m sorry to hear it. But I can’t (and don’t want to) control how they feel. (Compare and contrast with the flip side of our vampyr finance overlords, who are their academic, Hollywood, and public policy cousins. They want to control EVERYTHING you feel or think.)

I’ll end with this. Suppose that Smith Enterprises is a manufacturing company in, say, Dayton Ohio. It employs 200 people in the local area. But 90% of the stock is held by a dozen mainland Chinese. Should Smith prioritize cash return to a handful of Chinamen thousands of miles away, or prioritize the long-term well being of the 200 employees and their families? To me at least, it clearly should be the employees, their families and Dayton. Okay. If you’re (y’all) are with me on that, wherein Americans are prioritized over a few high-IQ ethnosupremacist persons from an ancient culture who view all outsiders as subhumans, then ask yourselves this. If the high-IQ, ethnosupremacists live not in Beijing and Shanghai, but in Manhattan and Scarsdale, is the situation really any different?

LSP said...

Mike -- give me time to reflect on this.

First off -- Yes.

Second thought -- interest on non-productive loans is wicked.

Maybe your comment is a "post and discuss" post. Whatev, I feel you're on target. Thx.