Saturday, February 10, 2024

Tucker Interviews Putin


Did you  watch the historic interview between America's last journalist and Russian strong man, Vladimir Putin? I did, after Mass, and was immediately struck by one thing. Viz. Putin knows history and can speak coherently, without notes, for two hours and then some.

Can you imagine any one, any one of our 2024 presidential candidates doing such a thing? I can't. Wow, a world leader who actually knows history. Far out.  Here in the States we got rid of history a long time ago. Look at us now.

That in mind, it was good to see a journalist doing journalism and it certainly doesn't hurt to hear Putin's point of view, not least this: Russia strove for decades to find a constructive commonality with Europe and the West, only to be lied to and attacked. Feel free to disagree but I'd say he has a point.

Here's another thing. Granted our beloved Inside-The-Beltway rulers have millions, perhaps billions of dollars invested in the Ukraine adventure,  what was in it for BoJo? What did Boris Johnson stand to gain by derailing the Istanbul peace accord? For that matter, what did he stand to lose by not doing so.

Regardless, the floppy haired ex-Prime Minister's accused Tucker of "treason." Huh. Perhaps BoJo will send what's left of the Royal Navy to seize Mr. Carlson and carry him off to the Tower for due punishment. Watch out, Tucker, like no fooling. And note, Putin's an accelerationist with a belief in soul.




LL said...

I watched the entire interview and found the justification for the invasion of Ukraine a little thin. Also, the "willing withdrawal" from Kiev... sure, in the name of some greater humanitarian good? The interview was worth watching and it about as good as you're ever going to get from Putin.

The weird part was the reaction from the press. Let the interview stand on its own merits. Putin scored points on BoJo and others and USGOV has a definite interest in continuing the war - in the same way we did in Afghanistan.

LSP said...

I'm inclined to agree with you on the justification aspect, LL, and I think the drive on Kiev was a gamble that failed. Granted, a bold gamble, but still.

Of course our honest-as-the-day's-long press can be relied upon to report the news objectively. That's what I like about it, honest, free, truthful, objective reporting.

The Boris thing's curious. Why did he and the UK, then and now, beat the war drum so furiously? For goodness sake, it's not as though the Sceptered Isle's anything like a military force which could somehow threaten Portugal, much less Russia. I say that as a loyal subject of the Crown and a onetime Gloster.

In the meanwhile, Putin scored points on BoJo and our corruptocracy and BoJo predictably melts down without providing any evidence contradicting the historian in the Kremlin.

Good Afghan call. Lest we forget.

Dad of Six said...

Are we ever going to have a Margaret Thatcher again?

I have not watched the interview, but the wifey did and enjoyed it. Good for Tucker doing the job that our 'free' press should be doing.

Anonymous said...

Blimey. LL, that lapdog, is finally questioning the LSP narrative. That’s a first. Not to mention the general narrative that initiating a globally disruptive infantry war in the 21st century is incomprehensibly backward.

The man must be die-hard in his fear and hatred of the Supreme-Soviet. Very 1980’s. Makes me a bit nostalgic.

LSP said...

Give it a watch, DOS, long but good, imo. Hope Tucker has security.

LSP said...

I'm confused, Anon.

LL's never taken a Putinist line, unlike me, who sees an echo of Constantine in the Russian leader. Incomprehensibly backward? Russia's economy's grown, to say nothing of its military and its international suite of alliances has too. See BRICS and de-dollarisation. In the meanwhile, US vassal states in Europe aren't doing so well. How many, for example, have the industrial base to actually produce ammunition in quantity. Hey, they wanted to go green and now it seems they have to, unless their farmers take matters into their own tractor driven hands.

LL, whom you should apologize to for being rude, makes the point elsewhere that Putin was goaded into this action and mistakenly took the bait. That may well be true and I'd argue the reverse applies too. Time will tell.

In the meanwhile, a lot of people are dead. I abhor that.

Wild, wild west said...

Rough week at work and a long one, with this week shaping up to lather, rinse and repeat the festivities, so I'm not catching up very well.

What did Mr. KGB say about where does everyone go from here?

LSP said...

Forgive the late reply, Wild.

It seemed to me that Putin was making a case for peace and a negotiated settlement, albeit on Russia's terms.