Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Yellow Rose of Texas


Dam straight




LL said...

"My Yellow Rose of Texas,
The prettiest girl on Earth,
Her one eye points toward Dallas,
The other toward Fort Worth," etc.

I'm not messing with Texas. Who would dare?

Dad of Six said...

"Yellow Rose of Texas", along with "Shall we Gather at the River" shows up in a lot of John Ford westerns. I'm thinking particularly of the dancing prior to the wedding near the end of "The Searchers".

Wild, wild west said...

Jerry Jeff (R.I.P.) and Gary P. would like a word with all of y'all.


LSP said...

It would be a foolish move, LL, I agree.

LSP said...

Good call, DOS, I'll watch out for that.

LSP said...

Well that was outstanding, Wild! Nice one.