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Monday, October 19, 2020

Walk Like an Egyptian? Grill Like a Chieftain

Like an Egyptian? Well, not really but the catchy jingle ran through my head as I passed the jolly old Meth Shack. It's empty now, sadly, and sits disconsolate, waiting for new tenants. I kept walking.

Meth Shack

All the way to the early voting station, where I stood in line waiting to cast my vote with all the other patriots. Or Bolsheviks. Were there any? Hard to tell but I haven't seen this kind of enthusiasm for an early vote ever.

Typical voters

Speaking of which, early voting data shows a large surge for 45, not least in Texas, and no wonder. The corporate sponsored Democrat Communists have made the killer virus that hardly kills anyone part of their platform. 

Whoa... I think I need one

So guess what, all their people are too scared to get out and vote, the virus will kill us!  And on the other hand, they can't be bothered to go to the polls because the Biden/Kamala ticket's so incredibly rubbish. Who wants to vote for that? Then there's the hugely popular riots. Yeah, what a winner.


Good electoral strategy, guys. Seriously, who's responsible for the K Street genius PR firm? That in mind, I stood in line and cast my vote against Marxism and the corrupt, opportunist crime families who push this odious ideology.


Then it was back to the Compound and its grill. Smoke ensued, meat was added to heat and all was well with the world. Burgers were close to perfect, too.

Gator or would that be Caiman?

Your friendly Old Pal,


Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Just Strolling About in The Plague Year

Blue picked up a Shadow Wolf on the way to the Pick 'n Steal this morning. A ferocious beast and I'm glad he's an ally.

And I wasn't complaining about the trees either, takes the edge right off the heat.

Not that it matters at First Methodist because they're shut, for fear the Bat Bug will kill them all. Which it hasn't, fortunately.

Blue enjoys his spot at the PNS, where he sits tethered to the always empty Star Telegram box. Why is it empty? Because no one wanted to buy the rubbish newspaper so the order wasn't kept up, but the box remains, a dusty, dystopic warning to the "press."

Behold the misbegotten debris of the modern age!

And needless to say, First Baptist decided to make war on their ancient enemy, the trees. And now a once leafy boulevard sits baking under a harsh Texan sun. Good work, guys. Get rid of all the shade.

We detoured around the Meth Shack to visit Genius Patrol. GP are two dogs who live in someone's back yard and bark insanely at anything which goes by. Sometimes I talk to them, they bark back.

Then it was back to the Compound, mission accomplished. And that, fellow boulevardiers, is the story of that.

God bless,


Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Those of you who know, know that it's a big thing, rain at the end of July in Texas. I took a break from editing articles, supplying infographics and the high powered beast which is Indesign to have a look.

Beautiful. Silver rain was falling down upon the olde streets of Texas towne. Hey, don't get me wrong, Texas is awesome and a great state, a Republic in itself, but it does get a little warm. So rain was welcome, and so too was a cool breeze blowing in from the north.

Less welcome were reports of the predictable Democrat freakout in the House today as AG Barr attempted to testify before Congress. His crime? Being a FASCIST, obviously, and sending Federal police to defend Federal buildings in Democrat cities. How very totally Nazi.

Of course the shrieking demons are hoping for Kent State 2.0 and it hasn't happened. I'd say that shows remarkable restraint on the part of Law Enforcement. 

Let's see how the nation supports gangs of bomb-throwing ACAB hippies in November.



Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Go For A Drive And Visit The Flock

In the old days you'd walk around the parish and visit people, now you climb into the rig and head out to the county. But I'm not complaining, it's good to drive around Hill County on a spring day, everything's green, the sun shines and all seems well with the world in its central Texan aspect.


I passed through Eureka on the back route to Itasca, which was settled after the Civil War and was never very large; now it's smaller, being pretty much a cemetery and some grain bins. The cemetery's on ground owned by the same family since the 1870s, curiously. Then on through the rural Itascan dystopia.


Saying that, Itasca does have Karen's and a great new Amish(?) deli, as well as the usual falling down warehouses and boarded up shops. But there's a number of towns here that aren't much more than an historical marker or cemetery; the people, businesses and industry moved on along with the use of the land itself. 


Sometimes I'll stop to explore an abandoned house that's returning to nature and I did today, in what was once Blanton. It's eerie, looking at the abandonment, but don't get lost in the thought of the thing and step on a snake, that'd be an error.

 A Dwarf Surfboard?

Blanton prospered in the 1880s and '90s, boasting 150 residents, a school, two doctors, a mason,  blacksmith, shopkeepers, numerous churches, a cotton gin, gristmills and a cemetery. 

Sic Transit

Then the Texas and Brazos Valley Railway bypassed the town in the early 1900s and the place declined. There's little left now.


Still, it's a tranquil place to gaze out on the countryside from the tailgate with one of Karen's bean and brisket burritos but not today, no bean and brisket because of the Lenten fast. Well, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and after a short no burrito stopover in bucolic Blanton I drove to Whitney via 934/933, enjoying the countryside.

Only to end back at the County Seat and the Tractor Supply Company, where they're selling chicks. Scientists, who are experts, tell us that these are the descendants of mighty dinosaurs. 

Unfazed by this, people buy the fluffy little birds for backyard chicken operations, so there'll be no shortage of eggs here come the Eschaton.

God bless,


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Wash Out!

My youngest son, who's visiting from Canada, wanted to go for a shoot today and who can blame him. It sounded good to me too and the plan was to load up on clays, shotgun ammo, some .45 and head out into the wilderness for fun and adventure. Then it started to rain and didn't stop, it was like Wales, maybe Aberystwyth.

But the living room was dry, fortunately, and we looked out of its windows at the watery apocalypse. "Son, this isn't shooting weather." He agreed and I nodded grimly as the varied detritus of modern life flowed past the Compound, "That's an excellent point. Let's go to Karen's and get some food."

So we hydroplaned to Karen's Authentic Mexican Food in Itasca and bought a bag of bean and brisket burritos. Then we hydroplaned back and ate those bad boys like they were going out of fashion, which they're not because they're so tasty. Good work, Karen, you did it again.

The guns got a look-in too. Sure, maybe you don't want to shoot in the deluge but you can always clean the little blasters, which is what I did. Meanwhile, boy and dog amused themselves while the rain poured down.

They say, interestingly, that enough rain falls in Texas to keep the average house in water for a year. Of course this figure might be skewed by the population boom in the Lone Star Sate as people flee Illinois, California and associated workers' paradises for our sunny southern weather.

Gun rights,


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ghost Town

This place has become a Ghost Town

We do not know when the mist will lift or what it holds.

Smart people are saying their Rosaries and blessing Holy Water.

Be safe.


Monday, December 18, 2017

Light It Up

This small farming community's all lit up, literally and figuratively; I know this because I've seen it. And you know what? I like it.

So don't be a sad puritan killjoy, light up the town instead and get ready to celebrate the Nativity. Just don't jump the gun and detract from the enjoyment of the Feast. This should be maximal.

With that in mind I drive around the town at night enjoying the lights. It's uplifting and given that Baptists weren't to keen on Christmas, 25 December not being in the Bible and Roman Catholics do it, encouraging. We've moved on and up in this shiny buckle of the Bible Belt.

So light it up.

God bless,


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Unicorn Hunting

I can't remember a time when I haven't hunted unicorns but some times stand out, such as today. 

Consider the options. Stare, slack-jawed at the computer as it records Manafort's fall from grace or get out in the field, after the noble unicorn.

Thanks to Compound News, I chose the latter option. And you know what they say, better outdoors.

All the colors of the rainbow,


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Coyote Moon

We hunkered down quietly at a clear point in the brush and listened to the Texan dusk. No cars, trains or people, just the undulating sound of locusts, crickets and cicadas gradually filling the soon to be night air. And there it was, the first howl.

No, not the fearsome White Wolf but its prey, a coyote. The howl was joined by a chorus of other howls, yips and barks; an eerie, unearthly, wild sound as the pack went into action in the nearby woods.

A White Wolf

In the absence of wolves, so the experts tell us, coyotes have multiplied beyond reason and become a menace, like laws on a DC statute book. Some people, especially in greater Los Angeles, foolishly feed them and then wonder in baffled consternation when the hungry creatures make off with their children.

Get A New Shotgun LSP

Here in Texas that doesn't happen and people hunt them but we were just in it for the sound of the wild dogs baying at the moon. Still, I had a shotgun close to hand in case a target of opportunity presented itself.

After a time the howls quieted down and the coyotes moved off. We did too, through the thick brush, heading for the truck and burgers at the Compound.

It's good to get out for an armed stroll in the country air as the moon rises, and the dogs remind you that the wilderness isn't that far away.

God bless,


Thursday, July 20, 2017


By 11.30 am I'd driven 100 miles to visit two people, and that's the way it is in a country that's decided to be a road. Still, I'm not complaining, the drive through the Texan countryside was alright, I35 less so, but whatever. 

More importantly, the person I saw in hospital had complained the week before of being "whupped like a dog." She was a whole lot better today and I said, "Your spirit has returned," and so it had. Praise God for that.

Giles Fraser

Back at the Compound I reflected on pastoralia in the missions and what I'd been trained for in England, before the hideous onslaught of womyn priests, trans naming ceremonies and the craven capitulation of Cursitor Doom and associated comshill leftist clergypersons to Islamism. 

Back then it was about walking around the parish, flying the flag and visiting shut-ins who just remembered the last Boer War, well, WWI anyway. "It was all horses and guns, Father," they'd say, cheerily. May they rest in peace and Rule Britannia.

These days it's about climbing into the rig and putting miles on the clock and you know what, it's not time wasted.

God bless,


Thursday, July 13, 2017

This Town's On The Up

For something like a year now, our lying, corrupt, elite, mendacious, venal, smug, cheating, rude mainstream media has worked around the clock to prove Moscow altered the course of history and won Trump the 2016 election. 

Of course they haven't uncovered any evidence, apart from a lawyer who was allowed into the country by the Obama DOJ, and the Church of England which was filmed disappearing into a portal.

Texas Yeti

Still, it pays to be prepared for any eventuality and, as a prepper, I took Blue Vigilant along with me to the Pick 'n Steal this morning, just in case we were attacked by marauding Kremlins. Blue Semper Paratus stood guard while I bought some strong coffee. Did it go into a Texas Yeti? Yes, it did.

This made the coffee taste all the better and I reflected on that as we patrolled back to the Compound. You see, it's not just the coffee that seems to be on the uptick, the town itself is revitalizing. Seriously.

Putting America Back to Work

Houses are being fixed up, two new restaurants have opened on the town square, a pub is about to open and so is a coffee shop. Even the venerable Compound's about to get a facelift, if the Mexican painting crew ever shows up.

Long story short, people are investing in this small Texan farming community. Maybe we should thank Russia for making sure Mr. Trump won the election.