Friday, May 19, 2023



typical Texas street scene

Changes, I won't link to the Bowie song, but that's what this small aspect of rural North Central Texas is all about. Yep, changes. For example, the hideous yellow Queen Anne house is no longer yellow, its siding's been ripped off and new and remarkably ugly plastic windows face the public from its historic visage. 

why is this even called "Queen Anne"?

Hey, maybe this is better than the crack house it's been for the last 15 years, likewise our old favorite, the Meth Shack. Alas, the Meth Shack's no longer home to tack-heads in their underwear, wife beaters and pajama bottoms lolling around onna porch with lotto tickets and heads fulla meth.

Meth Shack

No, it's been bought by Jose, who's fixing the place up, well done. But who will buy the Disciples of Christ? Good question, ask the realtor; I liked that little congregation and it's sad to see it go down. But what can we say, so many little conventicles within a several block radius, all of them in competition.

for sale, alas

I tell you, if this town had been set up by Christians its central monument and focus would have been a collegiate church, surrounded by cafes, restaurants, fountains, gun shops, bakers, Confederate monuments and everything civilized. But no, we put up a courthouse.  There, in the very center of town lies a monument to secularism. Reflect, drill down on such wickedness.

pick 'n steal

Too harsh? Perhaps, but even so, it speaks to the hierarchy of Law and Faith in our country. The former clearly pulls rank on the latter. Westphalia aside, look at the result, Faith is trampled on by secular Law.

the Compound

But not at the Compound, and some things don't change. The Pick 'n Steal stands steady in the ferocious crosswinds of our present culture war and so does the Manse. Yes, accidents may very well change but substance remains the same.

It's raining now, a storm's blown in, we thank God for that.

Your Friend,



Prodigal Son said...

I grieve that I have not lived in a culture where God is truly honored and intentionally placed at the center of it all. For all the "America is a Christian nation" talk through the decades, I see this nation holding to a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof.

I truly believe that we who name the Name of Christ, we who seek His Truth, can have a confident hope that in the future we and all who enter His Presence in the next life will experience the Almighty at the center of everything.

The currents and gyres and eddies of history, filled to overflowing with the sins of humanity and the abuses and heresies and schisms lived out, may have moved us away from a mighty Cathedral in the center of our towns and cities.

BUT still we pray that all things would be "on earth as they are in heaven."

LindaG said...

The Disciples of Christ church looks quite sad.
If the "Queen Anne" question was not rhetorical, I think it was a style of construction?

Your rain will become ours soon.

You all be safe and God bless.

Wild, wild west said...

The apostasy will continue until morale improves.

Yeah, it used to be people remembered the law came from God, not government, and understood the distinction. Nowadays, not so much. "Modern times require modern solutions" and we sho nuff need us some solutions these days. Meanwhile, be the remnant, praise The Lord, and pass the ammunition.

Old NFO said...

Enjoy the 'renovations' and the rain. Trust in the faith and stay strong. Times are changing.

LSP said...

Right on, Prodigal.

And it's a thing: If the people who founded the country really believed, above all things, they'd have put churches at the center of the community. But they put Law instead, albeit with Wild's proviso.

LSP said...

It is, Linda, but I'm not sure why it refs Queen Anne.

Bless you.

LSP said...

I think, Wild, that the Faith in its various aspects will have to be driven into a corner before it unites and mounts meaningful opposition. But hey, what do I know. And yes, solutions.

LSP said...

Thanks, NFO, stand steady. The rain, thunder and lightning was awesome, btw.

Joe Wooten said...


Are you in or near a town whose school plays 6 man football? I know of several in N Central Texas within spitting distance of Hillsboro, Bynum, Covington, Abbot, Blum, Gholson, Milford, and Gholson.

LSP said...

Jim, I'm right in that zone.