Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Collapse of Empire


I'm no prude, not at all, but in case "you haven’t noticed, our culture has descended into the gutter." Via ZeroHedge:

In case you haven’t noticed, our culture has descended into the gutter, societal norms which kept the country relatively cohesive since its inception are being attacked and obliterated by deviants and degenerates, and any semblance of a unified vision of what America stands for is actively being destroyed by the globalist Davos crowd seeking to implement their Great Reset agenda of technocratic control over the lowly peasants, while they feast, plunder and pillage the planet – the true psychopath barbarian billionaire horde.

The perversion of normalcy into glorifying pedophiles, drag queens, transgender freaks, drug addict felons, race hustlers, and organizations promoting lawlessness, looting, and killing, while persecuting and prosecuting normal, hard-working, civilized white people has left the country on the brink of chaos. Technology has done nothing but make us dumber, distracted and easily manipulated by the Bernaysian masters of manipulation.

Multiple generations have now been socially indoctrinated by government schools to obey, emote, believe, and fear whatever (Covid) and whoever (Putin) they are commanded to fear. What they are not taught is how to think critically, question everything, and make their own decisions based upon actual facts. Test scores in reading, writing and math are at all-time lows. The solution is to continually lower the standards and never hold anyone accountable for results.

We are a nation of morons led by a cadre of psychopaths. Children are encouraged by their parents and doctors to cut off their breasts and penises due to peer pressure and deviants controlling the schools and media. Groomers make toddlers watch transgender freaks perform sex acts on stage. Library books for 8-year-olds describe anal sex, masturbation, and other perverted acts.

Statues portraying our history are torn down by mobs, while what passes for art and architecture today is perverted, frivolous and inconsequential. There are no masterpieces of literature created in our rotting society. The only thing that matters is monetizing content and number of eyeballs. Quality is non-existent, overridden by quantity and replaceability. Movies and television programs are created by untalented hacks, responding to focus groups, and required to insert the required racial and homosexually woke storylines into every program.

There are no Godfathers or Casablancas being produced. There are no novelists writing masterpieces on par with Steinbeck or Hemingway. But we do have Cardi B belting out her best-selling song WAP (acronym for Wet-Ass Pussy) and Sports Illustrated with transgender and obese swimsuit models. Based on TV commercials, 90% of Americans are either black, in an interracial relationship, gay, or transgender. We are an epically unserious society. Anyone observing America and most of the western world in an impartial manner would have to conclude we are already living in a new Dark Age of ignorance, superstition, and degradation, even before the final collapse of empire.


Such degradation, not least financial, leads to a collapse of empire, and great will be the fall of it. Oh, what a conspiracy theory! Said the person wearing rainbow socks who never looked at the national debt and couldn't be bothered to read history, ancient much less modern. 

Smart people on the other hand, are growing food, loading mags and cleaning weapons. And going to church, after all, it's the Feast of the Visitation.

Your Pal,



LindaG said...

Pretty sure readers of your blog already reached that conclusion, Parson.
You all be safe and God bless.

LL said...

I'm starting to see a push-back against the Swamp and their values. Let's see how far it goes.

Wild, wild west said...

And the band played on: The Return of the Gods by Jonathan Cahn

LSP said...

Linda, you drive an excellent point. Hey, it's fun to preach the converted. Bless you.

LSP said...

Right on, LL, perhaps rainbow pedophilia will rouse the sleeping giant? Hey, per you, let's see.

In the meanwhile, we've embarked on the Holy Month of Pride.

Buckle up, RHSM.

LSP said...

That looks right on point, Wild.

Fivrew said...

Re "We are a nation of morons led by a cadre of psychopaths"

It's actually a world of morons led by a cadre of psychopaths.

Perhaps the deeper question one should ask is WHY did it come to this terrible point in time, how did we end up here at this most fraudulent criminal global state of affairs? Because the recognition of the underlying cause(s) would be instructive in terms of HOW we should tackle it to potentially manifest real change.

The real WHOLE problem is of course NOT just a matter of having bad people "at the top" but is an "inconvenient truth" to nearly everyone else: (or

A problem can only get solved/cured if cause(s) are dealt with.

The ruling criminals pulled off the Covid Scam globally via its WHO institution because almost all nations belong to it. Sign the declaration at to exit the WHO

"We'll know our Disinformation Program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --- William Casey, a former CIA director=a leading psychopathic criminal of the genocidal US regime