Friday, May 26, 2023



Do you remember Nimrod's operation on the plains of Shinar (Iraq), where his people in their conceited pride disobeyed God and built a tower to heaven, exalting themselves as Gods? Well, if you don't, it's in Genesis 11: 1-9. Such impious pride and God didn't stand for it, he confounded their language and divided them. Operation Tower over, ENDEX.

And so to today. Babel, the apotheosis, self-divinization of persynkind continues apace, in fact it gathers steam. "Look at us," we announce to the Divine Power we don't believe in, "We are as gods, Masters of the Universe."

Yes indeed, why rely or obey some remote deity, a patriarchal oppressor to boot, when you can do it all DIY? Why believe in God, runs the logic when you can map the human genome and construct a dishwasher with built-in obsolesence?

Why not indeed, but with apologies to Leni Reisenthal, we find ourselves confounded at the very moment we should be celebrating the Triumph of Godless Human Will. Per Babel, our language is confounded and becomes unintelligible, dominant cultural orthodoxy speaks gibberish, the language of Hell.

"I am," says a 19 year old with unfortunately dyed hair, "They/Them." Leaving aside "I am Legion for we are many," this doesn't make any sense, not unlike "I've got my truth, you've got yours." Utter nonsense. On point, Raytheon's marketing department trumpeted its latest anti ship munition as "the greenest munition ever." Wow. And on, ad naus.

This is insane. It makes no sense. It's Babel, a babble of incoherent, competing, unintelligible voices vying for supremacy. A competing pantheon of Gods if you like, but a pantheon inhabited by satanic pygmies instead of the warring gods of Olympus. Heathendom, my friends, has devolved.

Against this arrives the Holy Spirit. The spirit of Truth, Love, and Freedom. The spirit of life Himself, of God. This Spirit cannot be defeated, it is reality itself, and woe betide those who stand against it not least while invoking it. 

They will be relentlessly destroyed. See Bud Lite.




RHT447 said...

Well said, sir. Lord of the Flies, at the speed of the internet.

Green munitions, on rusty ships, with woke crews.

Yeah, I just ain't got the words.

Old NFO said...

And Target... The Tower of Babel was doomed then, and is doomed now.

UK reader said...


LSP said...

Outrageous, RHT.

LSP said...

Stock's plumetting, NFO. Let it continue.

LSP said...

I was on a tear, Anon.