Sunday, May 21, 2023



Are you fortunate enough to go to Satan's Vatican, Harvard, or it's wicked sister, Yale? Well now, count your debt at interest. Maybe apprenticeships, guilds and all of that might be a better solution compared to the current Mammon. 

Here's Newman:

And this is the sense of the word "grammar" which our inaccurate student detests, and this is the sense of the word which every sensible tutor will maintain. His maxim is "a little, but well"; that is, really know what you say you know: know what you know and what you do not know; get one thing well before you go on to a second; try to ascertain what your words mean; when you read a sentence, picture it before your mind as a whole, take in the truth or information contained in it, express it in your own words, and, if it be important, commit it to the faithful memory. Again, compare one idea with another; adjust truths and facts; form them into one whole, or notice the obstacles which occur in doing so. This is the way to make progress; this is the way to arrive at results; not to swallow knowledge, but (according to the figure sometimes used) to masticate and digest it.

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Dad of Six said...

Went to my niece's high school graduation. She along with 16 of her other classmates are going directly into the workplace. That's about 1/4 of the class. The rest are heading off to higher education. A good chunk of those will be attending the nearby community college which does have good two year programs from CADD to Nursing. Only a few will be attending our 'elite' Michigan universities. I pray that they don't lose their souls in the process.

drjim said...

Or as my Dad used to say, "You have to know a lot about a little, and a little about a lot".

LSP said...

DOS, the pattern seems to be "go to junior college for a few years then go to big college to finish off." I think that saves on the huge and disastrous fees charged by the latter.

My eldest's getting a Comp Sci degree on Uncle Sam's ticket, fair play, he's serving, but the youngest hasn't settled yet. He doesn't want to get into debt, understandably.

And what a good prayer.

LSP said...

Your Father, drjim, was wise!