Thursday, May 4, 2023

Space Reich?


A Space Reich, Nazis on the Moon, Leni Reistenthal and Hanna Reitsch. "What about that, darling, do you not love?" I asked an old and liberal friend of the family who religiously follows the science of NPR. "You do realize, old girl, that they were women, courageous women, perhaps you know that with your background in film."

She paused, "Yes," but perhaps, I suggested, "you scorn these women because they're somehow... right wing?" Uh huh, exactly. And my friend would gladly throw real women off the bus and onto the tracks of trans inclusivity.

Readers, they have eyes, notoriously, but do not see. Leni became an underwater photographer and Hanna went on, I think, to command the Ghanaian airforce. Respect.

Ultima Thule,



Wild, wild west said...

What part of NATIONAL SOCIALIST does she not understand?

LL said...

The women would find their homes in the American democrat party.

LSP said...

Wild, I did mention that but she chose to ignore it.

I tell you, if NPR told her to lay the foundation stones of Ravensbruck in the name of the rainbow she'd do it.

We managed not to scream and shout :)

LSP said...

They might, LL, but perhaps Hannah and Leni were cut from a different cloth?

Seriously, and especially Hannah.

I've been writing, pathetically slowly, a novel about her, Hitler's Ghost. Let's see where this opus ends up.