Tuesday, May 30, 2023



Americans are pretty tolerant, they really are, but then the degenerate satanists went for our children. 

Perhaps it's time to take pride in our indigenous ancestry?

But here's the thing, Target stock's lost around 10BN in about as many days.

Keep it coming,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

How do you boycott a store your rarely patronize?

Old NFO said...

North Face is another one... sigh...

Adrienne said...

I'm confused why anyone would shop at Tar-gay. I haven't shopped there for at least 10 years - maybe longer. Over priced and lousy quality.

LSP said...

I get that, WSF. I don't shop at that wretched store either.

EVERYONE needs to follow our example.

In the meanwhile, 10BN stock loss and climbing, right on. Groom & Doom.

LSP said...

I know, NFO, and Ford, and everyone else.

Hearing that "off grid" music right about now.

LSP said...

Such an awful store, Adrienne, overpriced, depressing rubbish.

Haven't heard "Tar-gay" in ages. Nice one.