Tuesday, May 2, 2023

A Bit of This And a Bit of That


Do you get emotional at funerals? I do, despite officiating at hundreds or even thousands of them over the years. That said, you're no use to the grieving party if you're some kind of weepy emotional wreck, you have to be strong for them. And so it was this morning as we buried a friend and Christian brother at Mission #2. He died too young, at 61. Rest in peace and rise in glory.

That in mind, take note, all you pastors, you're no use if you're a teary-eyed nightmare. Sure, empathy and emotion are very fine things and we applaud your sensitivity. Well done, you have a heart. But what possible use in, say, the hospital room are you if the people you're there to console have to console you? None whatsoever. You're there to be a rock instead of a soggy mess of tofu and soy.

Judging by the current crop of hospital chaplains this isn't taught in seminary. Admonishment aside, the funeral went well and I drove to Dallas to check on Ma LSP, who's recovering well and should be home tomorrow.

not utterly corrupt, not for a second

In other news, Democrat mayors are all upset that Texas is sending them busloads of migrants, New York City's received some 57,000 over the last year and Eric Adams doesn't like it, at all. This "behavior (is) morally bankrupt and devoid of any concern for the well-being of asylum seekers," fulminated NYC's Eric Adams. NYC's mayor went on to accuse Abbott of racism because targeting "black run cities."

Uh huh. All the world thought your city was a sanctuary city for immigrants, Eric, so shouldn't you be welcoming them with open arms? Or are you so morally bankrupt as to be an utter, total, racist hypocrite. Ah, but what happens when Latinos move into areas like South Dallas? The blacks are driven out, notoriously.

so completely not corrupt

The Democrats, when you think on it for a second, have executed cruel calculus. Viz. We'll replace the failing, useless, unproductive, criminal black demographic, who we're aborting and gaoling, with immigrants from across the Rio Grande, all in the name of tolerance and, well, votes. Bad news for Eric Adams, Lightfoot and associates, your hold on power and money is about to be reset, by people who speak Spanish.

Bold LBJ call, DNC, immigrate your way to everlasting power. But here's the thing, do Spanish speaking people automatically vote Rainbow Communist? I leave you with Chile.

how very Latinx




LL said...

Biden is one of the few people who can eat an unlimited amount of ice cream and not suffer from brain freeze.

LindaG said...

Good news about Ma LSP, Parson. Praise the Lord.
You all be safe and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Like it LSP! I enjoy visiting your blog. And you are 100% right about the Spanish speaking world: most of them are very traditional and don't think much of the insanity that the Dems are pushing.

I wish your mother a speedy recovery, and pray that she gets back to normal soon. God is good!


Beans said...

I was taught to be stoic and solid during times of crisis, like at funerals. Breakdowns allowed in the quiet times when not having to maintain watch, do stuff, drive, function. You know, old school man-ways.

I may get wet eyed, but not to total boo-hoo levels of breakdown.

Just don't understand the professional mourners and the people, as one cop on "First 48" said, "Family's here" (because the people came into range of the cameras and then did the whole overacting wailing and screeching, but, of course, never provided info to the cops, of course.)

Agree with good news about Ma LSP. Seems we have to work hard to find good news these days.

Dad of Six said...

Pardon my ignorance but whose funeral was the top photo taken of?

LSP said...

It is, LL, his talent.

LSP said...

Bless you, Linda.

LSP said...

Thanks, John, I really appreciate it. And yes, God is good. All the time.

LSP said...

Beans, here's the thing. You go to the hospital as your mother, father, sister, brother, friend is dying. Pretty upsetting. Then up comes the priestess chaplainne, weeping, crying, breaking down. No dam use.

LSP said...

HRH ER II, DOS. What a striking image and what a beloved monarch.