Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Ascension & Skulduggery


The Christian life, when you think on it, is an ascension, a journey upwards to heaven in Christ. Our architecture proclaims the same, steeples, arches, windows soaring up to heaven like Chesterton's proverbial "flight of arrows."

That said, we particularize and focus the movement in tomorrow's Feast, celebrating Christ's being taken up into the heaven to sit in glory at the right hand of the Father. Yes indeed, our great High Priest who has entered the Holy of Holies in eternity. The veil is torn asunder.

buffoon, mountebank, corrupt, rainbow, malfeasant

Speaking of which, here's our top soldier in a camo mask, because nothing says warfighter leader like a camo mask. Thanks, LL, for the image and I'll resist the heady urge to say what a "mountebank buffoon." In related news, the US Navy's gone hot for a drag queen recruiter. Xi and Putin quake in their boots knowing diversity is our strength and their weakness. 

Do you remember the Ukrainian trans Unicorn Battalion? That did pretty well against, you know, pronoun ignoring weaponry. And go figure, a bullet doesn't care if your pronouns are satanically they/them. Perhaps there's a moral in that, if you care to draw it.

Sursum Corda,



LL said...

I can't imagine that Milley will do much ascending.

Dad of Six said...

Kyrie eleison!