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Wednesday, June 24, 2020


We love Space Rock at the Compound, and hope you do too. Asgardia, uplifting in a high orbit Rhodesian kind of way. But of course Space is Deep, right?

Ad Astra,


Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Thanks for the photo, LL. Advance to contact?

Your Pal,


Lawyers Guns And Money

All I've been doing since Sunday is talking to lawyers and bankers. Why? Because a couple of local libs figured they could take a lot of cash out of one of our frozen bank accounts. You know, just take it, and then what, hole up on the Brazos, like no one would notice?

Their malfeasance, literal skulduggery and mutiny is back under control and calm, and cash, is back where it should be.

Libs, don't even think of trying it on again. 

Your Buddy,


Saturday, February 1, 2020

Europe And The Faith And Brexit

Hillaire Belloc famously wrote that "Europe is the Faith." He had a point, the ethics, philosophy and culture of Europe, its way of life, was shaped by Christianity. 

Enter the European Union, the continent's bold postwar attempt to reinvent itself as a pan-national superstate governed by... what? Certainly not Belloc's Faith, there's no mention, for example, of Christianity much less Catholicism in the EU Constitution.

Instead we find a utopian vision of unprecedented personal freedom seen in terms of radical autonomy, of Crowley's do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. The fulfillment, if you like, of the liberal project which takes the Enlightenment as its start line only to be ruled over, ironically enough, by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

No. 10

Of course there's no room for God in the above equation, how could there be? How dare a so-called deity set limits on my self-expression? And so we find ourselves faced with "bake the cake or go to jail" in the US or "better get trans or lose your job" in the UK. Tolerance, it seems, is a one way street and the Paris Statement makes the point. Read it here.

The UK voted against this, whether deliberately or not. It said no to the secularist, antichrist, false Europe and yes to national sovereignty. Will England realize this in a return to the Faith?

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

Probably not if the Church of England has anything to do with it; you see, they took the wrong step years ago. Let's pray something will fill the vacuum other than Islam.

Your Pal,


Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Come Back Weather Underground All Is Forgiven

Have you been following the Democratic Socialists of America? Come back, Weather Underground, all is forgiven. In the meanwhile there's Beto. He wants to be President of the most powerful country in the world, ever. But he's a furry.

Bombs in the cellar,


Monday, July 22, 2019

Turn Of The Screw

Turn of the screw, as in Epstein starts giving up Clinton state secrets and Comey sings under that good old Horowitz method? We wish, but no, it was all about driving to Waco to get staples out and x-rays on the hip to make sure everything was Trump Train according to plan.

Apparently it was, "Nothing crazy down there," observed an attractive radiologist before sending me upstairs to the staple shop. I grinned back, she was reassuring, and headed out to the next date with destiny.

A bored staple mechanic asked me to "stand over there," so I hopped over to a naugahyde examining couch and stood there, wondering what to do. "Look, I can't take them out if your shorts are in the way." I sorted that out, she set to with a handy pair of pliers and out they popped.

Then another medical professional swung by and gave me the run down. Nothing crazy down there, just three enormous screws holding my bone together. Start putting weight on the leg, exercise the muscles but listen to your body and sure, you can ride again if you're stupid. Do the screws go away? "No, you've bought them, they're yours."

I liked her for that and cleverly didn't say, "Yes, Ma'am, but aren't they a gift from Baylor to the Church?" And that was that. The Recruit wheeled me out of there and taxied us back to the Compound. 

And no, we didn't stop at Waco's fabled Silos. Why? Because they're overpriced rubbish. On a different and happier theme, the youngster ships out to Benning late August.

And that was troublesome to me, hurry up Army! But it's turned out for the best, as it goes. 

Stand firm against Satan's New World Order,


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Friday, March 22, 2019

Upside Down

The Russia probe's at an end, no indictments apparently. It has to hurt to be MSNBC. Don't say Maddow.

Your Pal,


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Behold The Grinning Satans

Check out these satans grinning it up as they sign their baby killing law into effect in New York. Just one of some 13 other states getting ready to advocate murdering a baby at the point of birth.

All in the name of what? Freedom, of course, the freedom to be absolute No Gods No Masters in control of yourself and your baby, which you've just murdered. Well you can't get much freer than that; state sanction to kill your kids and throw off the tyranny of biology. 

Go on then, break the chains of oppression, wimmyn, but what will you say when the child you've killed looks you in the face in the timeless instant of eternity? Bad second of forever, but take heart.

Remember the repentant thief and throw the first stone, then go away and sin no more.

Sermon aside, what's with the Dems boosting full Moloch all of a sudden. Is this strategy or Satan overplaying his hand? Serious question.

Your friend,


Sunday, October 28, 2018

Shouldn't Do That

Crazies comin' outta the woodwork, migrant invasion barreling down the pike on flatbeds and Gab's down. Message? OBEY your corporate Illuminati overlords, serfs. And right before the midterms, they must be worried. What can we say?

Shouldn't do that, you're getting nowhere.

Your Foot Tapping Friend,


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Geraldo Owned By Angels

Well, well, here's the awesome Geraldo peddling his wares with the Hell's Angels back in the '70s. He was super awesome then, super awesome now. Don't say owned.

But make of it what you will, in the meanwhile, here's a helpful tune.

Alright kids, get behind the movement and exterminate the libs at the polls.

That is all,


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Assault And Battery White Wolf Remix

This one's for the White Wolf Mine and LL. I won't won't comment further except to say that a RAMPART needs a TOWER and we're all looking forward to the PLANE, which is important.

Fields of Fire and lock her up,


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Bikers For Trump

Donald Trump, our President, met with bikers at some golf club he built in New Jersey. Members of the lying, slick, venal, mendacious mainstream media were there too and got a telling off. 

Apparently they're ganging together or "colluding" to bring the the President down. Media leftists don't want a president who puts America first.

They hate that, they think it's Nazi. A bit like borders which, if left open, have the potential to give them millions of votes.  Nice, right? Imagine this scenario.

Anyone can come to the United States but, and here's the kicker, they can't claim benefits!

Oh my, what an electoral disaster.

Your best friend,


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Cooking With LSP, Korhai Al Mexicani

"What?" you splutter indignantly, "You can't cook with LSP, that's totally absurd." Not so fast, High Tories, you can cook with LSP and here's how.

Chop up an inch or so of ginger and throw it in a korhai, or a pot, with appx 4 tbls of vegetable oil. Then add 3 minced garlic cloves and stir it about. 

Don't burn the garlic like some kind of fool. Enjoy the aroma and add 1/2 tsp of turmeric, 1 tsp coriander, 1 tsp cumin, as much chili powder as you like and salt and pepper to taste. 

Squeeze in some lemon, stir and if needs be add a little water to stop everything grinding to a burning, sticking halt. Keep stirring for a short while and if this starts to get boring, look at your gun, safe in the knowledge you're protected against dangerous ingredients.

Satisfied with your culinary genius, add a couple of chicken breasts, cut into chunks. Fry 'em up until they're white all over. Then add two diced whole tomatoes, skin on, along with a couple of jalapenos (I recommend 2 or your Al Mexicani curry will taste too Mexicani) and simmer until the tomatoes dissolve.

Let it simmer for around an hour, adding water if the beast threatens to dry up, which it shouldn't. While you're doing that, don't listen to Motorhead, or Werewolves of LondonAnd when it's done?

Eat your scoff like a warrior. And don't fear the reaper,


Monday, June 4, 2018

Justin Trudeau Ready To Rumble!

Canada's manly Premiere, Justin Trudeau, has told the world and Trump's America in particular that Canada's not going to be pushed around.


Canada, according to it's virile Suprema, is like an even tempered moose as opposed to the US elephant.


Does this mean Trudeau's getting ready to rumble?


We're quaking in our boots, Justin.



Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Lord Of Light

Normally the Compound isn't decorated for Christmas because all of the energy goes into Dallas HQ but this year's different because there's a rumour of children. So I slung up some lights to get the team in the mood for our Lord's birthday.

Typical Ladbroke Grove Street Scene

It was appreciated, "That looks really good, dad!" Well, just wait 'til you delve deep into the stocking and find a lump of anthracite. "Hey, Merry Christmas. And here's some boot polish, these sturdy brogues aren't going to clean themselves!"

Let's Have This Back

In other news, a church in Kingston on Thames is busy celebrating the birth of Mohammad for Advent and the Diocese of London has elected some Judy as its bishop figure.

Some Kind of Joke?

Good call, CofE, you took the wrong step years ago.

Rock on,