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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Fish? No. Boat? Yes

Thanks to some good friends I got on a boat today. It was awesome, we went out on the lake in search of fish, even though it was freezing.

Lures, slabs, spoons, you name it, all went in. No shortage of effort on our part. But were the fish biting? Good question.

No, they were not. Should've brought a box of worms. Still, big fun to zoom about on the lake which used to be the Brazos before it was dammed. And there's no harm whatsoever in getting outside instead of staring in weird consternation at the still unrolling coup attempt against our President.

So much for democratic process. But of course the Left has never been about this and it isn't now, they want power, total power by any means necessary. This, they think, will bring about a utopia in which the reign of The Man is at last brought to an end.

To be replaced by what, exactly? Images of Millionaire Socialist Nancy Pelosi (MSNP) getting a blow dry while ordering hair salons shut spring to mind. Hey, all pigs are created equal but some more Viking fridge equal than others.



Thursday, September 3, 2020


Hair? Well yes, especially if you're legendary Millionaire Socialist Nancy Pelosi. She needed a special treatment from her stylist and got it, despite hair salons being shut down by Democrat edict in the Golden State. One rule for our ruling #MillSoc elite and another for all the serfs, eh?

But before you can say stunning hypocrisy and all pigs are created equal but some pigs are more equal than others, Savage Angel Kayleigh was on it, on loop:

Tucker wasn't off the X-Ring either:

Note how Pelosi, caught red-handed in skulduggery, malfeasance and outright appalling optics went straight on the offence, accusing the salon owner of "setting her up." She, Nancy, the actual criminal, is the victim and the wicked hairdresser's the aggressor.

Whoa, Nancy, ten out of ten for sheer, brazen, talons-out aggression. Do we see a pattern emerging in the Democrat playbook? Commit a crime, get accused of it and then furiously transfer blame to the innocent party. In this case hairdressers, in others, the police or President. 

It's probably in Alinsky's Rules For Radicals, if you care to read it. Whatever the case, word to the wise. 

Speaker of the House, think twice before you tangle with hairdressers, they have weird and dangerous power. That's why I use barbers, if you can find them these days, which isn't easy. And stay tuned for a red flip in California come November.

Off topic but should Kayleigh McEnany become Honourary Colonel of everything? After Melania, obviously.



Saturday, April 18, 2020

Nancy Subzero Pelosi

You know what's going on because you read Adrienne's Corner. You know that Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi featured on CBS in front of two Subzero fridges worth $24k talking about the emotional value of $13 a tub ice cream. 

All this when her party's blocking American businesses from getting loans to retain workers. What does it mean? Obviously that she has subzero respect or affinity with working people. Here's Adrienne:

Just as my heart started to return to normal I stumble on fake Catholic Pelosi standing in front of her very expensive refrigerator touting how she soothes herself with ice cream that costs $13.00 a pint.  Hey, not to worry dirt people - you can have it delivered for about $19.00.
Is it possible to be anymore arrogant and tone deaf?  I doubt it.  Over 22 million people are out of work wondering how they're going to pay their mortgage or rent, put food on the table, and care for their families and this arrogant multi-millionaire is telling them to buy ice cream?

Pelosi's net worth is a nifty $140 million, not bad on a congressional salary. But how did Nancy get so rich? By being a MARKET SEER who, for example, bought $5 million in Amazon stock just before retailers were forced to shut. That stock's risen from from 1.6k to over 2k, earning the Pelosis over a million dollars in just 10 weeks.

Nice money, right? For a Socialist. 

Seriously, does the corruption of our rulers know no bounds? Pitchforks and Torches down the Mall.



Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Russia Hoax

Well, well, as all the world knows, Nancy Pelosi's decided that impeaching Trump isn't such a good idea because "he's not worth it." Or, roughly translated, because she knows the entire Russian collusion story was just that, a faked up pack of lies. And what a story it's been.

I won't bore you with details. Fraudulent FISA warrants, wanton lies, at least one murder, the phony dossier, Ukrainian power politics, MI6, Australia, lies and yet more lies, money, DNC criminality and the ongoing $30+ million Mueller investigation itself. And far, far more, what a seething mass of corruption in pursuit of power even if that meant reinventing the Cold War.

That said, you have to hand it to the Democrats and their media clown show, Goebbels would be proud. Admit it, what a bold call, claiming without a shred of evidence that the US President is a Kremlin agent. That's right, a Russian spy.

You'd think there'd be something to impeach in that. Apparently not.

Vodka all 'round!


Saturday, January 19, 2019

Government Shutdown - The Poetry Continues

As the government shutdown continues so too does its poetry. Yes, the Muse has not been idle, far from it, as readers capture the joy, the tragedy, the soul of this moment in time. 

Call it poetry from the trenches, call it what you like, here at the Compound we're delighted to bring you these lines.

Existenz From GWB:

I have come! I have come! I may not abide.
I have come e'er the dawn, O beloved, my shutdown to hide
In your gospelling glooms - to be
As a McConnell in heaven, the shutdown
MY shutdown, and the sea MY sea.

The Egyptian strikes:

There was an old witch from DC
Who had it in her mind to flee
From responsibilities she deemed to trite
When on the bus she did see to her fright
The fury of the great maga so bright
To end her flight in disgust
And be thrown under the bus
and Shiff for brains did alight
With his eyes popping out of his head.

And Ed cuts to the chase:

Of the two furloughed I know
One is an FAA inspector/manager
The other a forensics investigator
Not a good sample of the type to RIF.

Then there's this, from Manhattan Infidel. Is the best wine saved 'til last?

Something there is that doesn't love a wall.
That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it,
Pelosi's botox face.

And this:

A shudder in the loins engenders there 
The beautiful wall, the burning roof and tower 
And Agamemnon dead. 
Being so caught up, 
So mastered by the brute blood of the air, 
Did Pelosi put on his knowledge with his power 
Before the indifferent beak could let her drop?

So moving! Here's a closing haiku.

Build a great big WALL
Make it of concrete and steel
Gillette is banned.

Will the shutdown continue, as a harbinger of the Age of Aquarius, filling our hearts with joy and uplifting the soul to transcendence? That remains to be seen. In the meanwhile, Pelosi's still flying commercial.

Thank you, Mr. President,


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

You Millionaire Socialist Hypocrite

How rich is Nancy Pelosi, regular rich or MillSoc (Millionaire Socialist) rich? MillSoc rich of course, with an estimated net worth of $100,643,521, making her the wealthiest woman in Congress.

Perhaps that's why she's campaigning for higher taxes while dodging them on her million dollar mansions. But so what, some pigs are more equal than others; don't say brazen hypocrite.

In the meanwhile, the long march towards serfdom continues but don't be surprised, Beltway Elite, if the peasants revolt.

Your Friend,


Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday, A Warning

Behold the Cross

I wish you all a blessed and holy Good Friday, and to compound the penance, here's a picture of Nancy Pelosi with the "Andrus", at an Episcopalien water ritual somewhere in California.

Pelosi with the Andrus. Dangerous Space Creatures.

Pelosi and the "Andrus" are well-known, off-world, NWO shills. At all costs, do not let them into your house and be sure to do the exact opposite of anything they say. Failure to take this advice seriously has and will have disastrous consequences.

Be Careful,


Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reptilian New Year

Its long been suspected that things are not quite as they seem behind the privileged doors of '815', The Episcopal Church's (TEC) spiffy Manhattan H.Q. Above Top Secret reports on the latest round of Ecumenical discussions endorsed by the numbers-small but money-rich denomination:

"Independent sources have claimed an on-going set of face-to-face meetings between U.S. military Episcopal Church officials and extraterrestrial life.

The sources reveal that senior U.S. Navy officers Episcopal Bishops have played a leading role in an inter-services intra-denominational working group responsible for the meetings, and that different extraterrestrial groups are allegedly involved.

One source claims that the contact involves extraterrestrial groups known as Reptilians, and a siliconbased life form dubbed ‘the Conformers’. Another source claims the extraterrestrials are called Ebens from the Zeta Reticuli star system, but known colloquially as the Grays.

TEC Bishop

A third source claims that human looking extraterrestrials representing an association of star nations are liaising with military officials. Two of the sources have been interviewed by this writer who has been aware of their claims for more than a year, and finds them credible."

Thanks, ATS, for for revealing the sinister links between TEC and the Off-World takeover of our planet. Remember, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

God Bless and Happy New Year.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

1st Church of Space Pelosi

Rare LSP Bullseye

After a hearty but probably unhealthy lunch of bacon and dove my mind veered towards religion and the civil war that's going on in North American Anglicanism. What's happening is that traditional dioceses and parishes are leaving TEC (The Episcopal Church) and TECis suing them for their property and assets.

That would be fine except that TEC doesn't have any laws in place (Canons) prohibiting dioceses from leaving, which isn't surprising because its a voluntary association - at diocesan level. A judge realised this yesterday in Texas and you can read his comments here, and detailed commentary here. But the question is, why would TEC appeal to their laws, or 'Canons', when they're silent on the subject?

Some think its because they've made the fundamental mistake of believing their own marketing, other experts posit a different reason. Its because they're 'pelosian' space aliens; you see, they just don't think as we do.

Well, time and the Courts will tell. I'm for the Diocese of Fort Worth and the other seccessionists; why should they be forced to be part of a Union run by creatures from another planet? Check out Black Widow's blog for a similar argument.

In similar vein, you'll notice that the People's Republic of Camden has banned Christianity. Lets hope that doesn't happen here in the U.S.; next thing you know they'll ban prayer in school and start issuing Moslem postage stamps. Just you wait and see.



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Space Creature

I thought it was just Episcopal Church 'decision makers', and Nancy Pelosi of course.
No, its deeper than that.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Churches I Don't Like

I try to avoid religious polemic on this blog, apart from the odd playful dig at His Grace, The Lord Archdruid of Canterbury, his waspish boybishop sidekick, Katherine Schori and, of course, the slaver proponents of The Religion of Peace. But sometimes enough is enough and you have to speak out against churches like Holy Trinity, Wall Street. Why? Because of their **y Clown Eucharist. I don't like that church; I think its its a right mockery. Unfortunately its paradigmatic of the The Episcopal Church as a whole - wealthier than a truckload of Nazi Gold, and as risable as a gang of clowns. Chances are they're not even humans beneath the clown masks; no, they're probably Aliens, or robots, like Nancy Pelosi. With that in mind, I award Holy Trinity Wall Street a sturdy 9 out of 10 LSP Rubbish Church points. A high score, by anyone's reckoning.

After dwelling on that for an unwholesome ten minutes, I hoisted a Texan Flag outside the Parsonage. Uplifting.

Hang Out More Flags

Have a blessed Sunday, remember to shoot safe, stay on the horse and beware of sinister clowns, ecclesial or otherwise.



PS. Thanks to Texanglican for the unsettling clown picture.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alien Invasion!

People are undecided about Nancy Pelosi. Is she a robot or a space alien?

I thought it was just TEC (The Episcopal Church) that had been taken over by Aliens, but I was naive, myopic even. They're here in far greater force than at first I thought. Here's what Mind Stew has to say on the subject:

"Is Nancy Pelosi some kind of robot or is she an alien? One thing is for sure. There is no way in hell she is human.

Physical Observations:

Skin. It looks as though she has some sort of synthetic skin covering. It could be some kind of bio-mechanical material draped over a mechanical or extraterrestrial skeleton.

Eyes. Always open to the point it looks insane, her eyes are simply creepy. In addition, her eyes never blink. This has people all over begging the question “What the ***k?”

Face. Varies greatly in shape and structure from the human species. Again, this appears to be made of some plastic or synthetic material. Definitely not carbon based."

You can read the whole analysis here, but I'm afraid its not just Nancy. No, there's plenty more candidates and, just think, they're running the country.

Yours contra Alien menace,