Thursday, September 10, 2020

Fish? No. Boat? Yes

Thanks to some good friends I got on a boat today. It was awesome, we went out on the lake in search of fish, even though it was freezing.

Lures, slabs, spoons, you name it, all went in. No shortage of effort on our part. But were the fish biting? Good question.

No, they were not. Should've brought a box of worms. Still, big fun to zoom about on the lake which used to be the Brazos before it was dammed. And there's no harm whatsoever in getting outside instead of staring in weird consternation at the still unrolling coup attempt against our President.

So much for democratic process. But of course the Left has never been about this and it isn't now, they want power, total power by any means necessary. This, they think, will bring about a utopia in which the reign of The Man is at last brought to an end.

To be replaced by what, exactly? Images of Millionaire Socialist Nancy Pelosi (MSNP) getting a blow dry while ordering hair salons shut spring to mind. Hey, all pigs are created equal but some more Viking fridge equal than others.




LL said...

The DLC needs a boat - better a yacht, but I don't want to be picky. I'm sure that a DLC boat would have had better luck.

LSP said...

Whoa! The answer to all of this, RHSM, is YES.

One of the best things about the DLC is our superb track record in catching fish. We obviously need a boat that's fit for purpose.

Maybe a yacht with ribs?

PS. The YACHT is obvs old school with Edwardian lines and interior but has an EXTREME power plant. Just my thoughts, you may disagree.

LL said...

When I suggest a yacht, It's more of a live-aboard setting as a mother ship for DLC operations. It doesn't have to be a motor-gunboat, or a PT boat. Nor does it have to be one of those mega-yachts that Arab sheiks bob around on the Med on. Maybe a compromise between the two.

John Wayne used to cruise around on the Wild Goose (a converted mine-sweeper). That would do.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was imagining (would’ve expected anyway) you with something more along the lines of:

(I know of ‘someone’ with an Oerlikon or two available to replace the cannon if you’re interested lol)

Or possibly:

One never knows when one may be required to assault a beach (when the fish aren't biting) you know.

Just a thought.

LSP said...

LL, a converted mine sweeper? I like that a lot. And yes, we can't be floating about like a gang of corrupt Arabs or Epsteins.

I almost suggested we take a Navy LCS, but thought better of it.

LSP said...

And what a good thought, Anon!

FPB? Yes, tempting, along with an LCU. Both useful in their various capacities. So yes, good call.

But here's the thing. Per LL, it has to be a "live-aboard mothership" for ops. FPBs, Ribs, LCUs come with it, obviously.

Dammit, now look what you've done, I'm planning a flotilla... hmmmmm