Tuesday, September 29, 2020



Yes, the Rising Sun didn't look too bright but that's because it was rising over the waters of the lake as we went in search of Stripers.

Yes, a BOAT

Stripers are predatory, voracious beasts and they love live shad. And that's what we were armed with as we headed into the waters of the dammed Brazos, Lake Whitney.


OK, that's all very poetic in a very minor key kind of way, (really? Ed.) but how do you catch the fierce Stripers, what's the method? First off, have a Guide who knows what he's doing.

Looks boring, isn't

We chose Pat because he's good at every level. Friendly and helpful as opposed to sneering because you're not a Guide and, most importantly, gets you on the fish.

Good Guide

Which is what happened, we got on the fish and then some, limiting out in about 45 minutes. Big Striper action, rod goes double once, twice, hookset! Then reel that monster in. Big fun.

Look at that Leviathan on the left!

That done, we headed back to the ramp, mission accomplished. And now there's fish in the freezer for the next few weeks or so.  But seriously, if you want a good Striper Guide on Lake Whitney, go for Pat. He'll get you on the fish.

Fish on,



drjim said...

How much did The Big One weigh-in at?

Fredd said...

I approve of fishing in a boat. As long as that boat belongs to someone else.

You stand around while the other guy backs his boat down the ramp, pulls the truck and trailer out and parks the rig. Then the other guy comes back and gets the boat warmed up and ready to go fishing. You get in, go fishing, catch lots of srtipers (that one on the left is YOOGE), come back to the dock, get off the boat, and not worry a bit about what the boat owner has yet to do with HIS boat.

Yes, that is the way to go boat fishing.


Point of contention: fish are cannibals only if they eat their own species.

Me, being specific.

LSP said...

You're quite right, N!

Thanks for the correction.

LSP said...

Fredd, a guided striper expedition isn't cheap but it seems a lot less expensive than owning a boat. And the guide gets you on the fish. Another plus.

The lefty was a MONSTER. Fun to catch.

LSP said...

We didn't weigh, drjim, which was foolish, but it measured 33".

Big fish and full of fight.

Jules said...

WOW! That’s you eating for a month! You could even feed a Harpy Eagle!

LSP said...

Juliette, the Harpy Eagle is most terrifying!

Brig said...

Yay! That one on the left is a lunker!!
The best "guide" on the upper Columbia is my BIL and his deck hand my SIL is awesome as well. Come west and go fishing with us!

BillB said...

Does Pat do fly fishermen? I wanna take some on a fly rod. Lake Whitney is a long trek from here in Bandera County but might be worth the fun of catching a limit of strippers.

Charlie Foster said...

Immensely helpful!! Thank you for this. I am in the midst of this very "search" and you certainly raised some things I hadn't considered.
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